Documentation for Confluence 5.8 (Server).
Documentation for Confluence Cloud and earlier versions of Confluence is available too.

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Status Updates are going away in Confluence 5.9.
Read more about this change.

You can set your 'user status' to let other Confluence users know what you're thinking about right now, or to broadcast any other short message (as long as it's less than 140 characters). Other users can see your status in recent activity stream on the dashboard, or on their network page if they're following you in Confluence.

Your current status message appears on the profile popup that appears when people hover over your username or profile photo in Confluence.

Setting or updating your status

To set or update your status:

  1. Choose your profile picture at top right of the screen, then choose Update Status (the 'What are you working on' dialog will open)
  2. Enter a short message (140 characters maximum)
  3. Choose Update 

  Mention another person in your status update

You can include another person's Confluence username in your status update, using square brackets and the tilde sign in the format [~username]. Confluence will send that person an email message with your status update.

Note: Mentions in status updates don't appear as notifications in the Confluence workbox.

Viewing status updates

Your 'Status Updates' view shows a history your status updates. To view your status updates, choose your profile picture at top right of the screen, then choose Status Updates. View another user's status by going to their profile.

You can also clear your latest status update, or delete older updates from this view.

Enabling and disabling status updates

The status update functionality is provided by a plugin called 'User Status'. To remove the status updates functionality from your site, you can disable the plugin.

You can also set the Confluence site permissions to determine which users can use status updates. By default, users will not have permission to use this feature. See Global Permissions Overview.

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  1. I'm looking for a way of getting the "What are you working on?" window or macro to show above the status update flow in the dashboard to promote user status utilization and tap in on a "facebook" or "linkedin" like behaviour with the users. Can anyone give me some pointers? 


  2. It would be great to link my user profile with my twitter profile so that my tweets could automatically show in my status. Right now I have to manually cut and paste a tweet into my wiki status or a wiki status post to twitter.... 

    Any plans for confluence to add this feature in the future 


  3. Using Confluence 4.2.4

    Plugin is enabled, permissions in Global Permissions are granted.

    But I can't find a button or a command "Update Status".

    By the way the Status Updates tab appeared after enabling the plugin.


    Does this feature really work?

  4. Anonymous

    I am having the same problem, I have checked the plugin and it is enabled but can't see the update status button...bug perhaps?

  5. Have you activated the global permission "Update User Status" for the group this user belongs too?

  6. You know what would be awesome?
    To be able to "like" a user status. Or "share/retweet" or so.
    Promotes the social function on Conf 

  7. I also cant find the "Update Status" button.

    Using Confluence onDemand 5.5. Global Permission for Group on Update User Status is Enable. For User Status Plug-ins, I cant modify anything. Any advice?

    1. Hi Wijaya, you can find Update Status at the very top of the profile menu.  

      If the Update user status global permission is enabled you should be able to see it.    The User Status plugin, that provides the status functionality should be enabled by deafult in OnDemand - if it is not enabled, contact Support as something has gone wrong and may need to be manually enabled. 

  8. Hi Rachel, I found it! Sorry was a mistake, maybe from starring too long on the screen. Thanks (smile)