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This page describes the drag-and-drop functionality in Confluence, and the browser configurations needed to support that functionality.

Overview of the drag-and-drop features

Confluence supports these forms of drag-and-drop:

  • Drag-and-drop within the editor. Working inside the editor panel, you can drag an image or a macro and drop it into a different location on the page.

  • Drag-and-drop for external images and files. You can drag a file from a location outside Confluence, and drop it directly into the editor. For example, try it with images, video files, audio files, Office documents, and PDF files. The contents of the file will be embedded into the page or blog post.

Drag-and-drop within the editor

Working within the editor panel, you can drag an image or a macro from one location on the page and drop it into a different location on the page. Hover your cursor over the image or the macro placeholder. The cursor changes to a drag-and-drop icon  and you can click the image or macro and drag it to a new location.

If you want to abandon the drag-and-drop action, press Escape. The image/macro will return to its original position.

Requirements for internal drag-and-drop

For the drag-and-drop of images and macros in the editor, Confluence supports the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 9. (Drag and drop in the editor does not work in Internet Explorer 8.)

On this page:

Related pages:

Drag-and-drop for external images and files

You can drag files from your computer or file system onto your browser and attach them to your Confluence pages or blog posts. You can drag and drop:

When you drag and drop files onto the different Confluence views, you get the following results:

Confluence View



Files are attached


Files are attached


Files are attached, and embedded at the cursor position

Requirements for external drag-and-drop

  • For dragging files from your computer or file system onto your browser, your browser must support the drag-and-drop functionality of HTML5. Browsers such as Firefox 3.5, Safari 4 and Internet Explorer 9 offer limited HTML5 functionality and don't support drag-and-drop.


Note about supported web browsers: Please ensure that you are using one of the web browsers supported by Confluence. If you are using an unsupported browser or browser version, some features may not work correctly. Check the Supported Platforms page to find the list of supported web browsers and browser versions on this page.

  • Some older Confluence themes do not support Confluence's drag-and-drop feature.

    • Themes that are not supported: Left Navigation theme, Clickr theme. You cannot drag and drop attachments into spaces that use these themes.

Disabling drag-and-drop for external files

  • If you wish to disable the drag-and-drop feature, you can disable the entire Confluence Drag and Drop Plugin. See Disabling and enabling add-ons.
  • You can also disable the drop zone that appears on the 'Attachments' view or the image dialog box, by disabling the View Attachments Drop Zone or Image Dialog Drop Zone modules of the above plugin. This will remove these drop zones while retaining Confluence's drag-and-drop functionality.
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  1. Anonymous

    Google Gears is currently not compatible with Firefox 3.6 - so drag'n'drop doesn't work either in this Browser.

    1. Because of this issue, I have downgraded Firefox to 3.5 again following the instructions here:

      All add-on, setting of firefox was maintained and drag and drop works again. I hope to upgrade to latest and greatest again when gears is working.

  2. Support for Gears in Firefox (including 3.6, which will be supported shortly) and Internet Explorer will continue.

    Google Gears API Blog

  3. After installing Google Gears, resetting layout to default Confluence theme and what not, this function still only works on two instances: in the insert graphic dialogue and with MS Office docs into the rich text editor. In all other instances, the file is opened in the browser. We have submitted support issues, but while waiting for feedback on these I am curious if there are other users out there that are experiencing the same thing.



  4. Anonymous

    So if you're using IE8 and are unable to install Google Gears (because of corporate policy restrictions) then there is no way to use the drag 'n drop facility?

    1. Indeed, this will require Google Gears to work. If you are keen, keep an eye on CONF-19508 for request to move to HTML5

  5. Anonymous

    Google is no longer supporting Gears for Safari and will not continue supporting it for Firefox. 

  6. Anonymous

    It's very stange... On my installation, drag and drop works only with left navigation theme, and not with default shipped theme, even on a newly created space...

    Does anyone know what can happen ?

  7. Anonymous

    It GG still used in confluence 3.2 and above? From this post: it's fixed but this post: lists 3.2 as an affected version so just wanted to clarify....

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      Yes, Drag-and-drop is still supported in Confluence 3.2, and above.

      CONF-19508 is a feature request to change the underlining technology that is used by Drag-and-drop, when we do implement CONF-19508 drag-and-drop will still work.

  8. Anonymous

    What about GG "crash-reporting" features: Does it report personal data to Google if it is used in Confluence inside an Intranet?

    I also see no way to disable the statistics as mentioned in GG privacy policy:

    This seems to be a security issue for me.

  9. Anonymous

    Atlassian needs to provide a Drag&Drop feature that would not depend on third-party plugins which can not or should not be used in intranet settings or where security is an issue.

    I hope Atlassian would provide an alternate solution to this much-wanted functionality.

  10. Anonymous

    Deactivating drag'n'drop does not seem to be possible for Confluence 3.4.6. I cannot find the plugin entry mentioned above. Unfortunately, we need to deactivate the functionality since it does work with Firefox 3.6.8.

  11. I just upgraded my browser to Firefox 4. I found that this initially did not work with drag and drop due to the WebDav addon not being supported, however, I then found a webdav addon that does work with Firefox 4. It is installed but drag and drop still isn't working. Is there another issue with Firefox 4 preventing it from working with this functionality?

    1. You may be interested to try Atlassian Drag and Drop Firefox plugin. This plugin (which only works with Firefox) provides most of the features offered by Confluence's official drag-and-drop feature.

      1. Hi Hanis, tried the add-on you mentioned. It won't install with the message that its not compatible with Firefox 4.0.1...

  12. We could really use this plugin for Internet Explorer users. It would making attaching large numbers of attachments a great deal more smooth. Alternately does anyone have any suggestions on how to attach mutlitple attachments to one page quickly? We are sharing PDF files via our Wiki but usually wind up adding about a dozen per week to each page.

  13. Anonymous

    What does it mean when I see the error message "No valid pageID or draftType specified for this action"? I have Confluence 3.5.5. and I'm using IE 7 with Google Gears installed.

    1. you found a solution for your problem? I have the same issue... And I couldn't find my mistake

      1. Anonymous

        I haven't been able to figure anything out yet. I want to meet with our administrator early next week about the possibility of finding what sub-folder on our web server these attachments are being saved in when they are attached using the normal Wiki attachments. I wonder if I could just copy new files into this folder.


        Chris Mears

  14. Anonymous

    Google has now decided that Gears will be made defunct as of December 2011.  Hence they are not supporting any further browsers such as Firefox (which is now 7.01) & IE9.  I tried to use the Atlassian version on Firefox 7.01 which tells me that it is not supported.

    Any idea when Atlassian can, if at all possible, get drag and drop working for new versions of Firefox & IE.  It's a shame not to be able to use a functionality which is being advertised as possible and was a big draw for my company in purchasing Confluence in the first place.

    1. Agreed. I have created a support call for this issue.

  15. Anonymous

    Agreed, this is a great feature but I can't advertise it to my users because of the Google Gears situation and the fact that newer browsers aren't supported. Please, please work on this. 

  16. Anonymous

    Is there a future possibility to use the drag-and-drop feature without Google Gears, perhaps with HTML5? I don't know if that's a core feature that should be implemented for new browser releases or if it's only nice to have. Or perhaps there are reasons not to implement it in browsers, like security reasons or something like that.

  17. Anonymous

    The hyperlink to Googles "How to install" Google gears is not working. This is a broken link! Please update the page.

  18. Anonymous

    In Firefox 9 (and 8, I've had this issue for a while), if I drag files (e.g. JPGs, PDFs) onto the drop area, the browser just opens those files. Which is normal... but not what I expected.

  19. Anonymous

    So my takeaway from reading through all the comments is:

    • Drag-and-drop doesn't work for the current version of Firefox 10 (on a Mac), with or without third-party plug-ins.
    • The documentation on this page is completely out-of-date, but strangely hasn't been updated...

    Any news on when all this might be working?

  20. Hi All,

    The page will be updated shortly but just to answer a couple of the queries:

    • Google have killed off Gears. See their post here, Stopping the Gears.
    • Our implementation of Drag & Drop already uses HTML5, Google Gears was just for browsers which didn't support it.
    • No current IE versions will work, IE10 should work when it's released based on what's been announced so far.
    • FF10 works (Anonymous poster above what versions are you using? I just tested this on FF10 with Confluence 4.1 and it was working).
    • Safari 5 works.


    1. Anonymous

      We are currently trying to get Drag & Drop to work on Windows 7 with Confluence 4.1.6 (over HTTPS).

      These Browsers did NOT work (nothing happens when dropping the file on the designated area):

      • IE 9.0.8112.16421
      • Chrome 17.0.963.83
      • Firefox 10.0
      • Firefox 11.0
      • Safari 5.1.4 (7534.54.16)

      It really is painful to try all these options and find that none work.

      1. Anonymous

        What DID work (on the very same instance of Confluence as specified above), but only on Windows XP and Mac OS 10.7:

        • Firefox 11.0
        • Chrome 17.0.963.83
    2. Anonymous

      John "The page will be updated shortly" which page? It was nice you took the time to interact with the forum but from what you listed it seems Atlassian is clearly an Apple house.  There are a ton of other Confluence users that use Firefox, Chrome, IE on Windows that would like to use the drag-and-drop capability but sadly we are being let down here quite badly.


    3. Just to clarify, you are saying that it DOES work with FF10 and Safari 5?

      We are using Firefox 13 and the latest Chrome version as of July 5, 2012.However, Drag and Drop does NOT work in Confluence 4.0.4 for us....and we would very much like it to!



  21. Anonymous

    Can we expect any improvement on this problem with Confluence 4.2?  We are getting ready to upgrade, and are running 4.1.7 on our test system now.  We cannot drag and drop with IE8 or IE9, and we were not prompted to download Google Gears either.  It just didn't work.  This is such a wonderful feature for our users, if it would work in 4.2 we would be willing to wait for it.  I have not been able to find anything in 4.2's notes about this.

  22. Anonymous

    So, what should I do if I want to use Drag & Drop with IE9 and Windows 7?

  23. For Confluence 3.5, the release notes state that drag and drop works with Firefox 3.6, but we can't get it to work with Firefox 13.1 on Win XP.  FireFox 3.6 is hard to get hold of and seems to auto-update. What available version of Firefox does Atlassian advise for Confluence 3.5?


  24. We noticed it no longer works in Win7, FF 13, Chrome 20, or IE9.. It did work with previous versions of browsers.

  25. When I go to download Google Gears - I am told that it's no longer available (and that I was warned that this would happen).  So how can I drag/drop without Google Gears?


  26. 2012-Aug-07 : Sadly, D&D upload stopped working in Confluence 3.5.9 for Safari 6 too. (sad)

  27. Anonymous

    I am using FF v 14, Chrome v 21.0 with confluence 4.1. I can see drag and drop box but its not working. Is there any alternative to google gears to make it functional?

  28. Same here... Confluence 4.0 with Easy Reader. Tested with Chrome 21.0.1180.60 m, Firefox 14.0.1 and Opera 12.01 on Windows 7 64bit. 

    Please update or implement a bulk-upload for folders. 
    Thanks in advance

    EDIT: UUUuh and FUUUuu! Indeed Apple House.
    I've tried Safari (win) 5.1.7 and it worked for me! 

  29. Based on a support case and the multiple comments here I've raised the following bug report:  CONF-26401 - Drag & Drop does not work for IE8 / IE9 / FF14 and Chrome 21 for users running Windows 7 Resolved

    1. Anonymous

      sWe upgraded to 2010 and I've tried using IE9 and FF11 and I can't get either to work!  So frustrating!

  30. Hi,

    I normaly use a FireFox Plugin that allowa to open a link in a new Tab just bei dragging the link to the side. Inside Confluence and JIRA this doesn't work, any wa to make it work?

  31. Anonymous


    Is there a way of dragging files out of confluence, say into an email? Currently it just copies a link.


    1. Anonymous

      I would love to know if this is possible, confluence is not used a lot because of this functionality

      We store the latest version of manuals/flyers/... in confluence, but when we want to send it out, we need to download the files locally and then send it, that's why everybody keeps copies locally...

      Would help us a lot...

  32. Anonymous

    It doesn't work using IE 10.

    Please give us a plugin for drag-and-drop or make sure another solution

    1. Drag and drop should be working in IE10.

      If you are having problems, then it may be something specific to your instance or environment, and you can raise a support ticket to investigate this.