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A space category is a label that you can apply to a space for the purpose of grouping your spaces in the the space directory, and in the recent activity area of the dashboard.

For example, if you have a space for each of your projects, you can add a category of 'project' to each of those spaces. It'll mean they're easy to find if your Confluence site has a lot of spaces, which are a mix of project, team, personal, and other spaces.

Add as many space categories as you think you need; it's just like adding labels to a page or blog post.

You need to be an administrator of the space to add categories to it.

Categorise a space

  1. Go to the space and choose Space tools > Overview from the bottom of the sidebar
  2. Choose Edit next to Space Categories
  3. Under Space Categories, enter your category name and choose Add
    Alternatively, choose a category in the list of 'Suggested Space Categories
  4. Choose Done

On this page:

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 Is your space using the Documentation theme?

If your space is using the Documentation theme:

  1. Choose Browse > Space Admin from the header

    Note: The Space Admin option appears only if you have space admin permissions, or if you're part of the 'confluence-administrators' group.

  2. Choose Space Labels in the space administration options
  3. Under Space Categories, enter your category name and choose Add
    Alternatively, choose a category in the list of Suggested Space Categories.
  4. Choose Done

Categories in the space directory

Once you've categorised some spaces, you can view your categories by choosing SpacesSpace directory in the Confluence header, then choosing one of your categories from the list on the left.

You can also view spaces by category in the Space Categories tab of the recent activity section on the dashboard, or embed the Spaces List Macro on any page and allow filtering by category.

Remove a space from a category 

To remove a space from a category, follow the above steps to add a space category but, instead of adding a new category, choose the x next to the space category you want to remove. If you remove all spaces from a category, the category will also be removed.

Screenshot: Space categories


  1. This new category system for Confluence 3.5 looks awesome. However, I'd like to point out one potential improvement.

    It would be useful if a user could mark certain categories as favorite, giving those categories their own tabs in the space list and recently-updated list.

    This would make it faster to browse updates within certain favorite categories. As the feature is currently implemented, you have to first choose the category tab and then choose the category from a (potentially long) drop-down list.

    The end result would then be that for the space list, you could have the following tab layout:

    • All
    • Favourite
    • [Favorite Category A]
    • [Favorite Category B]
    • Categories (other)

    And for the recently-updated list:

    • All
    • Favourite Spaces
    • [Favorite Category A]
    • [Favorite Category B]
    • Categories (other)
  2. Hi 

    I was wondering if I can somehow display the spaces in a category other than alphabetically. Is there a way to change this setting?


    1. I would like this capability too.  Please vote for CONF-23587!

      1. Voted! This would be tremendously useful.

  3. Would be great to know the roadmap/timeline for working with categories via the Remote API.

  4. If I use a label as a space category is there any reason why I wouldn't also make it a space label? I can see why you wouldn't want to go the other way (copy all your space labels into space categories also), but what difference would it make to have category as a space label also?

  5. Anonymous

    I wish, confluence had a powerful label concept like mediawiki, which underlies every label with its own page. This allows to have persons responsible for a category including watch and notify functionality.

  6. Interesting concept of a watch page for labels. I wrote a plugin once that "listened" for label changes for pages and alerted me whenever "for_tcolson" label was used. I'm fairly certain a plugin similar to that could be created to give the label-page you describe, and more.

    See and com/atlassian/confluence/event/events/ConfluenceEvent

  7. Can one use escape characters so that labels with spaces are not broken into two separate lables? 

    1. Right, I found no way to escape a space category lable, e.g. we need something like "IT Departement" which is translated to "It Departement". Labels should be case sensitive for display.

    2. I was able to do this with a non-breaking space, Alt+255

      1. This hack with Alt+255 worked for me but man does that feel like a hack.. Really, the labels should be case sensitive and allow spaces

  8. Anonymous

    Removing Space Labels makes it impossible to use the contentByLabel macro to create lists of Spaces by category.  None of the other macros allow one to create a simple list either.  the Spaces List presents the tabbed interface and there's no way to force the category drop down to a specific category.

  9. Anonymous

    I'd like to second the comment made by Anonymous (not me). By taking away space labels (and thereby neutering the contentByLabel macro), we no longer have a function to display a simple list of spaces (that is, a list of spaces that doesn't have tabs and doesn't require clicking anything). To replace the functionality you removed, you should change the contentByLabel macro so it can repot on categories, i.e., make it a contentByCategory macro. Thanks.

  10. I cannot believe you changed this functionality from working to not existant. As the to commenters right before me already mentioned, space-categories (or whatever you like to name them) should be accessible via macro.

  11. Space categories would be especially useful if accessible from the blog-posts macro. As it stands I have to maintain every news list manually. If I could list blog posts by space category, simply adding a space into that category would update the associated news feeds. Highly useful.

    The same applies to the recently-updated macro!