Documentation for Confluence 5.8 (Server).
Documentation for Confluence Cloud and earlier versions of Confluence is available too.

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The Confluence editor is what you'll use to create and edit Confluence pages, blog posts, and comments. You can enter content as you would in a Word document, apply formatting, and embed other content and files on the page.

Note: To edit a page, you need the 'Add Pages' permission for the space. See space permissions. Someone may also apply page restrictions that prevent you from editing the page.

Edit a page or blog post

You'll be taken to the editor whenever you create a new page or blog post, or add a comment. To edit an existing page or blog post, choose Edit at the top of a page or press E on your keyboard.

Confluence automatically saves drafts of your page as you work. If another user begins editing the same page as you, Confluence will display a message and will try to merge the changes when you save your page. To see changes between different versions of the page, look at the history of the page.

The editor 

The editor allows you to enter or change the title of your page; insert content including text, images, and links; and format your content using the toolbar.

If you're renaming your page, there are some things you should take into account.

Screenshot: The Confluence editor

Editor toolbar

The editor toolbar is where you format your page layout and text, and add links, tables, images, attachments and macros. You can also perform a find and replace, or get help using the editor by choosing the help icon .

Screenshot: The editor toolbar

The Insert menu

The Insert menu is particularly useful. Use the Insert menu to include any of the following content types on your page:

You can also use keyboard shortcuts to insert links, images, and macros.  Try out the shortcuts listed below:

  • Type [ (square bracket) to insert a link.
  • Type ! (exclamation mark) to insert an image or other media.
  • Type { (curly bracket) to insert a macro.

Typing any of the above shortcuts will trigger the autocomplete functionality, prompting you with a list of suggestions to finish off the entry. For more shortcuts, click the help icon  on the editor toolbar.

Restrictions, labels, and notifications

When editing a page, you may want to set restrictions on who can view or edit the page, or add labels to the page to make it easily searchable.

Once you're ready to save, you can enter change comments to let others know what you've changed, and, if you like, send an email notification to anyone watching the page.

Things to help you work faster


You can type Confluence wiki markup directly into the editor to have Confluence auto-format your text as you type. To learn more, choose help icon  in the toolbar, then choose Editor Autoformatting.

When you paste certain URLs into Confluence, the editor will analyse what you're pasting and automatically convert it into something that will display well in Confluence. Examples include:

  • YouTube videos
  • JIRA issue queries
  • Google Maps
  • Confluence pages, blog posts, comments, user statuses, user profiles.
  • Shared screenshot links from Skitch
  • And more.

Drag-and-drop for external images and files

You can drag files, like images, multimedia, Office files and PDFs, from your computer and drop them directly into the editor. The contents of the file will be embedded into the page or blog post. 

Drag-and-drop within the editor

In the editor panel, you can drag an image or a macro from one location to another on the page. Hover your cursor over the image or the macro placeholder and your cursor changes to a drag-and-drop icon  . Click the image or macro and drag it to a new location. 

Note: For the drag-and-drop of images and macros in the editor, Confluence supports the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 10 (desktop mode).

Keyboard shortcuts

To view the available keyboard shortcuts, choose the help icon  in the editor toolbar.

Find and replace text

Click the  icon on the toolbar, or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F (Windows) or Cmd+F (Mac OS).

Search matches are highlighted in yellow. You can step through the results one by one, replace the matching text strings one by one, or replace all matching strings at once. Find and replace works only within the current page.

Record change comments and notify watchers

When you finish editing a page, you can add a comment to let others know what you changed. Type a short message in the change comments field in the footer. The comment will be visible in the page history.

If you want to send a notification to people watching the page, select Notify watchers. The change comment will be included in the notification email.  The Notify watchers checkbox remembers your last selection, so if you choose not to notify people, the checkbox will be deselected for you next time.  


  1. Guys:

    How do you either paste an Excel or Google Spreadsheet range into a wiki page?  This would seem to be base functionality.  Using | doesn't work either (unless I was willing to type it all by hand).  OR, there is not a commant that'll take text and format as table (based on tabs, for instance).


    1. We want this as well. The content source could be anywhere, having to type again is painful. At least now JIRA has JEdit, but I don't find a way to do the same for Confluence.

      1. Hi Jack,

        With the current version of Confluence, you are able to copy and paste from a spreadsheet into a page.

        1. Hi Giles,

          I double checked again, and yes you're right it is working and I can paste the tables now.


  2. Anonymous

    Is there a way to not start "find an replace" when I press Ctrl+F (Windows) or Cmd+F (Mac OS)? I'd like to use my browsers feature to find the word I'm looking for. Chrome for example immediately jumps to the first find spot with the word I'm searching while I'm still typing. This is much faster than the finding-feature offered by the confluence-editor. I'd like to use both: the fast way for just "finding" using my browser when I press Ctrl + F and the comfortabel "find and replace" using the editor, for example by pressing the find button on the toolbar. But I don't want confluence to override Ctrl+F which is my browser's find shortcut. Is there a way for doing this?

    1. Hallo there Anonymous

      As far as I know, there's no way to disable those short cuts. (See this doc, which states that you can't disable editor shortcuts.)

      However, what I do is to click down at the bottom of the page, outside the editor panel, to change the browser focus. Then the usual browser shortcut keys work, instead of the editor keys. A nuisance, but better than nothing. (smile)

      I hope this helps!

      Cheers, Sarah

      1. Hi Sarah

        Thanks for the tip, but how about disabling the 'find' option all together? It's not currently working correctly, jumping about on the page without highlighting the search-term and Chrome does a much better job of searching.

        BTW: There is a typo in this article tag: find-repace (wink)

        Cheers, Jacob

        1. Hi Jacob,

          Unfortunately there's no way to disable the built-in find and replace, but I'd suggest you watch and comment on the following issue to add any details you've observed.

          CONF-35928 - Find and replace doesn't jump to the correct place in the editor (Chrome) Resolved

          I've also fixed the typo in the page label. (smile)

  3. Anonymous

    I used to be able to cut and paste wiki markup from one confluence space to another - and did it all the time. Now it looks like I can't do that anymore, cause I can't figure out how to even see the underlying markup.

    1. Hallo there

      You're right – it's difficult to copy and paste the underlying markup. This page may help: Confluence Storage Format – it describes the options open to you.

      I hope this helps!

      Cheers, Sarah

  4. Hi everyone

    Is there any way to extend the number of named styles? Eg if we use a custom CSS, can we define classes (or something ... I'm not our CSS programmer!) and have them appear in the styles dropdown? If we're going to use Confluence, we need more named styles and non-programmers need to be able to use them.


  5. Hi, 

    We've just moved to Confluence 5 and we're having alignment trouble in the editor. The formatting options aren't in alignment, and neither are the Preview and Save buttons.

    Any idea on how to fix this? I've tried zooming in and out, which has no effect.

    Screenshot here.



    1. Hallo Beth

      That's interesting! I'll ask one of the Confluence product managers to take a look, in case they've seen something similar. Stay tuned. (smile)

      Cheers, Sarah

    2. Hey Beth, strange one as the Header is also messed up. Seems like some CSS resources aren't being loaded but I'm not sure why that would be the case. 

      If it always happens could be a stale cache issue, doing a forced refresh with shift-f5 (or cmd-shift-r) might help.

      If it doesn't, it will be fastest to raise a case with and let them know what browser you're using, whether you have any custom themes or CSS, and whether you see this anywhere else outside of the editor and how repeatable it is (eg: always happens, sometimes happens).

      1. Hi John,

        No luck with the forced refresh or removing the CSS, I'm afraid. I've raised it with support - thanks for your help, and for getting back to me so quickly!


        1. Hi Beth Aitman,

          Any news about the alignment issue ?

          I'm evaluating confluence 5.1.2 and I'm facing the same issue as you.



          1. Hi Sebastien,

            For us, it turned out to be the custom CSS and HTML that we'd put in place on confluence 4. There was some CSS in another location that I wasn't aware of when I wrote the comments above! Removing a whole load of that sorted the problem out for us.

            Have you customised the look and feel of your confluence instance? Does it sound like it might be the same problem?



            1. Hi Beth,

              We don't have any CSS and HTML customisation...

              hmm very strange, I'll open a ticket to the support, because I really don't understand...

              Anyway, thanks for your feedback.

              Best Regards


  6. Anonymous

    Hi guys, I'm new to Confluence so I may have missed it, but is there a way to save your updates in the editor without closing the page? If not, it would be great to see a "Save without Closing" button added to the text editor. As a technical writer I make a lot of changes and save them often during the editing of a single page so this would be a great good feature to have. Let me know if there's currently a way to do this. thanks!

    1. Hallo Anonymous

      The Confluence UI doesn't offer an explicit way to save drafts. Confluence does auto-save drafts at regular intervals as you work. Hint: To force the saving of a draft, preview the page.

      Here's the documentation on drafts: Working with Drafts

      I hope this helps!

      Cheers, Sarah

  7. Thanks for the tip Sarah.  I'd like to +1 a way of more easily saving work in progress.  A 'save draft' button from the UI would be a great addition, or a 'Save and Close'.  Its quite easy currently to inadvertently lose work.  I've hit Cancel after a Draft has been saved assuming that would just close the editor - it did but also deleted my draft! (sad) 



  8. Anonymous

    How do you make headers in tables sortable? I see it work in the demonstration space, but I cannot find the option in the editor. The page Working with tables says it's possible but does not show how to do it?

    I marked the header with the Heading row and even set the text to header (see example below) but no sort option

    ContentIn Progress
    DesignIn Progress
    ContentIn Progress
    1. Do you mean making them sortable inside of the editor? Currently you can't sort them in the editor, only on the view page.

      Or do you mean that you can't sort them even in view mode (I can sort the one in your comment right now as an example). 

      1. Anonymous

        Would love to be able to sort in editor mode and have the resulting order saved on submit.  Just think, if you have an alphabetical list in a table you presently have to create it in alphabetical order and manually add rows above and below to maintain it.  Otherwise you have to hope people are smart enough to sort alphabetically (or by whatever value) each time they view the page.  Thanks.  penland at paynearme dot com

        1. Thanks, I've raised a request for this here:  CONF-28787 - Add the ability to sort table contents inside the editor Open

  9. Anonymous


    Is there a way to search and replace whitespace. After migrating to Confluence 4, we have loads of white space between numbered lists.


  10. Anonymous

    Hello there,

    where can I edit existing Balsamiq Mockups? I can't find it anymore on Confluence 5.1...

    Thanks & Cheers

  11. Finding and replacing text

    How can I replace normal text to emoticon?

    For example, I want to replace OK with (tick).

    But result is just



  12. I'm having an issue where Confluence displays a small vertical scroll-bar on the top 3 inches of the blank space.  I cannot add or edit anything below the scroll-bar, even though the page is blank.  Is there a setting that I incidentally changed?  


    (updated) - this only occurs in Chrome.  



    1. This is a problem introduced by the latest version of Chrome.

      For more details, and a workaround, see this ticket: CONF-28415 - Editor is not full height Resolved

  13. Anonymous

    I am curious to know if you developed this editor from scratch or is it a third-party editor that was then customized?

    1. Hallo there Anonymous

      The Confluence editor is based on TinyMCE.

      Cheers, Sarah

      1. Hi Sarah, 

        I guess we should submit bugs/suggestions regarding the editor directly to you anyway, shouldn't we. So you yourselves can identify whether it's an issue in your customization or the original editor.

        Cheers, James

        1. Hi Jakub, you are welcome to submit editor suggestions and bugs here You might want to have a search to see if there is an existing issue you can watch. 


  14. Hello. How can I extend the editor with some jquery? I want to add my own web-item in the editor (is it possible?) and execute some javascript on the editor elements when it is clicked.

    Thanks in advance

  15. Hi, 

    We are currently planning an upgrade of our 3.5.16 version of Confluence to the latest one (5.2). Should we anticipate any improvements in editor in terms of table  column resizing?  I understand this issue was under discussion from 2009, but cannot find any references to the documentation, where improvement actually have been stated.
    Number of users currently using our system experiencing difficulties in  resizing columns of already created tables and our only advice for now is to recreate the table from scratch with desired size. Will be great to believe that with new version (5.2), this issue will be fixed. 


    1. Table columns resize based on the amount of content in each cell. There is no Confluence editor button or control to set a specific or fixed column width.  

      1. Is this something that is going to be improved? Also, is there any plug-ins you can recommend to integrate with Confluence to work the issue out?

        1. You might want to ask your question over at Answers. I'm sure there will be users from the community who have suggestions and recommendations for plugins. 

  16. the feature is fatastic , but I have a question that the new confluence can't layout the level 

    in the old version when you choose  head2 layout html code is like this 



    but when update the new version,it became


    I am wondering if there is any place for me to custom it ? can you help me ?

  17. I am keeping a personal project log - nothing fancy, just one page with a TOC by date. The page is lengthy now and if I'm at the bottom of the page and I want to edit, I have to go to the top of the page to hit Edit then all the way back down to the bottom of the page to do the editing. Is there some way while at the bottom of a page to go into Edit mode? Thanks!

    1. The shortcut key e should help you out.  No need to hit ctrl / cmd  just the letter e on your keyboard and you will go straight to edit mode (you'll be at the top of the page, but it will have saved one long scroll). 

  18. After I hit "e" for edit, I then ctrl-end to go straight to the bottom of the page to pick back up on my editing. No scrolling!


  19. We upgraded over the weekend and now have Distraction Free Editing mode. I thought it was first. If I have to add on to an incomplete sentence at the very end of my document, the bottom toolbar (Preview, Save, Cancel, etc.) keeps popping up every time I try to place my cursor. I have to place my cursor in the line above and arrow the cursor down to where I want it. Is it possible to make the top of the page DFE but not the bottom toolbar?

  20. The source view button ( < > )does not appear on my editor toolbar. Is there an administrative setting to enable this button?

    1. You're referring to the Confluence Source Editor. It doesn't automatically come with Confluence but must be installed.

      You can get it here:

      It's unsupported. But I'm using Confluence 5.5.2 and it works wonderfully.

      1. Thanks R Donato! Why in the world is this not enabled by default???

    2. Hi Daniel, sorry for leading you astray.  I've fixed the screenshot above so that the Source Editor button does not appear.  As D points out, its an unsupported add-on for Confluence that you can use to make edits to the storage format of a page (with some limitations). 

      I'm not aware of any plans for this add-on to be bundled with the product. 

      1. Thanks for the update and confirmation Rachel.

  21. Hi, many of the icon images on this page appear to be broken. Sorry if this isn't the correct way to report this. (The Report a Bug button took me to an odd JIRA Kanban board for Confluence 4.1.x Bug Fixing. So I'm not sure if that's right either...)

    1. Hi Luke, thanks for letting us know about this.  Seems we were caught out by the 'file is attached to a page other people don't have permission to see' problem!  I've fixed up the images now (may take a little while for you to see the change because of the caching). 

      Thanks also for the info about the JIRA link. I've just seen the same behaviour (but it took me to my Kanban board), and think it might be because of feature discovery for some new JIRA Agile features.  I'll raise this with the JIRA team as it's very confusing. 

      1. Cool. Thanks for the reply. I run into that same problem, too. (smile) I've gotten into the habit of logging out of Confluence and viewing the content I create as an anonymous user. Then my broken images pop out to me. (Of course, this only works for spaces where we give anonymous users view permissions.)

  22. Hi, I need some advise on using Confluence. While editing content in WIki, the tool panel displays some pre-defined icons. How can I include more icons in the Tool panel for better usability. Clickinh '+' and then adding a macro is a laborious task. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Sidartha, there's no way to customise the buttons on the editor toolbar, but you can use the autocomplete keyboard shortcuts to add macros to your page.  Type { followed by the name of the macro.  There's more info on this page Using Autocomplete

  23. Please create a page about Formatting text and link it here.

    1. Hi Christopher,

      We've made a decision as a writing team that we're not going to have a page on formatting text. Our thinking is that people are very familiar with formatting text as it's pretty standard across a lot of applications, and it's straightforward in the Confluence editor.

      Whenever there's an opportunity to point out a useful shortcut we'll mention it in the regular docs, but we don't see a need for a dedicated page on formatting text.

      1. The command Clear formatting clears formatting on the whole line to which the current selection belongs.  How is that standard?  or straightforward?

        It is undocumented that you can use the Paragraph command put text within or without a paragraph in a table cell:

        a paragraph

        in-line text
  24. How can I use clipboard with Confluence?  Please describe the buttons PREVIEW and SAVE and the link Cancel.  The buttons used to be documented earlier.