Documentation for Confluence 5.4.
Documentation for Confluence OnDemand and earlier versions of Confluence is available too.

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Quick guide to viewing spaces:

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Viewing spaces on the dashboard

The Confluence dashboard displays a list of spaces that you have permission to view. Remember to log in, so that you can see the complete list of spaces based on your username's permissions.

The Spaces tab displays all the global spaces on the site that you have permission to view, and the spaces you have marked as your favourites.

To see the spaces on the dashboard:

  1. Choose the site logo at the top left of your Confluence screen.
  2. Scroll down and choose the Spaces tab.

Screenshot: Viewing spaces on the dashboard

Viewing spaces in the space directory

The space directory displays a list of site and personal spaces that you have permission to view. Remember to log in, so that you can see the complete list of spaces based on your permissions.

To view all spaces: 

  1. Choose Spaces > Space directory on the header.
  2. All the spaces that you have permission to view will appear. 

If you have a large number of spaces in your site, you can filter the list.

To filter the list of spaces:

  • Enter part of the space name or description in the Filter field, or
  • Choose a pre-defined filter or category.

Only those spaces that match your filter will appear.

The filters include:

  • All Spaces – Shows all global and personal spaces. The list excludes spaces that you do not have permission to view and spaces that have been archived.
  • Site Spaces – Excludes personal spaces.
  • Personal Spaces – Shows only personal spaces.
  • Favourite Spaces – Shows the spaces that you have marked as your favourites.
  • Archived Spaces – Shows all global and personal spaces that have been archived, and that you have permission to view.
  • Categories – Shows spaces that have been labelled with the selected space category. See Using Labels to Categorise Spaces.

Screenshot: Viewing favourite spaces in the space directory

Viewing personal spaces in the people directory

The people directory displays a list of Confluence users, including those who have personal spaces. See Searching the People Directory. It excludes spaces that have been archived.

To see the personal spaces in the people directory:

  1. Choose People at the top of the screen.
  2. Choose People with Personal Spaces.

Screenshot: The people directory


  • If you do not log in, you will be treated as an 'anonymous user'. Confluence will display only those spaces that anonymous users have permission to see.
  • Permission to access a space is granted by a space administrator. See the overview of space permissions.
  • You can use the Spaces List macro to display a list of spaces on a Confluence page.


  1. Anonymous

    Is there any way to add additional columns of information to the space directory?  

  2. How can I make all spaces listable for a specific group, but WITHOUT giving them permission to actually view the content?

    I need this, because otherwise links like [FOO:] in the left navigation of the documentation theme will be broken. I'd prefer to have the proper link displayed and check permissions only on the real access of the space/page.

    Same problem for this code on an ordinary page. It won't display "Bar", if the current user isn't permitted to view the space FOO.

    View link permission problem
  3. Anonymous

    I can't see a newly created space anywhere. The direct URL works fine

    1. Hallo there

      It's likely that your Confluence site hasn't updated its index yet. If the problem persists, you may need to request a manual re-index. The documentation is here: Content Index Administration

      Cheers, Sarah

  4. I am testing upgrading from 4.1.10 to 5.1.1. DB is MS SQL. Everything seems to work and be accessable. Logged in as sysadmin Space Directory shows the almost 30 Site Spaces fine. But Dashboard shows "There are no spaces at the moment." under Site Spaces and is empty.

    I have re-indexed multiple times, even cleared the index and restarted Confluence several times, no luck.

  5. I should mention that this is during a Solaris upgrade. Which means setup a base install of 5.1.1 and populate the proper external DB settings. Shut down Confluence. Do a DB restore from the previous version. Add "-Datlassian.forceSchemaUpdate=true" to Java opts. Manually clear existing Indexes. Manually clear the various Confl. Plugins Caches. Start confluence. Go to https://%serverpath%/authenticate.action?destination=/admin/force-upgrade.action. Run pageTemplateWikiToXhtmlMigrationUpgradeTask. Re-index. Shut down Confl.. Remove "-Datlassian.forceSchemaUpdate=true" from Java opts. Restart Confluence.

    Adding new sites populates both Site Space lists. Is there a DB table entry that needs to be populated or something?

    ***** Update ****

    So, it looks like editing the SPACES table and changing the value of SPACESTATUS from NULL to CURRENT will display the space in the Site Spaces tab on the dashboard. Still testing, need to verify that Spaces will only show to those that have view permissions...

    Verified that view permissions are maintained. Stop Confluence before doing the DB mods, otherwise you will have to roll it anyway. Also, do a db back up first and a snap or back up of your confluence instance. This should work on the windows version also. I have verified that if I do a DB restore upgrade rather than an in place upgrade with the windows version you have the same issue with the Site Space list, which was expected.

  6. We get this error when clicking on All Spaces: "An error occurred while searching for spaces."  

    Some of our spaces are missing from the Space directory. They are still there as we can navigate to them from other spaces.  However this is very annoying.

    Any ideas? We tried running a manual re-index (both the Search Index and Did You Mean Index). Is this a bug? Any way to fix it? The Spaces List macro lists all spaces just fine.



  7. Anonymous

    Same problem: I can't see newly created spaces in the spaces directory. Re-indexing did not help. In contrary: now I don't see any space in the spaces directory.

    After sucessfully re-indexing the search index, it always snaps back to "not created" after any click in the wiki.

  8. Anonymous

    Same problem here. 

    Can't create spaces. Getting "page not found" returns.


  9. I don't know if this will help, but we did resolve our issue in the end.

    The problem was that, following a botched upgrade attempt, we restored an image of our server and restarted Confluence - but it came back with a lock on the filesystem. This meant we couldn't create new spaces, and the re-indexing didn't work. 

    To resolve it, we flushed the caches, removed the indexes and the file lock, then rebuilt the indexes. This fixed the problem.