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A draft is a 'snapshot' of unsaved page content, which Confluence creates automatically at regular intervals while you are editing a page or blog post. This can minimise the loss of work if your Confluence site experiences a problem, since you can retrieve the page content from your last saved draft.

How do drafts work in Confluence?

At regular intervals, Confluence automatically saves a draft of the page you are editing. If a network failure or system error prevents you from saving your page, you can retrieve its last saved draft and continue working on the page from the last saved draft.

Drafts are created while you are adding and editing a page or blog post. Each new draft replaces the previously saved draft. By default, Confluence saves a draft of your page once every thirty seconds. However, a Confluence administrator can configure how often drafts are saved. In addition, whenever you edit a page and then move to another screen, Confluence will automatically save a draft.

When you edit the page again, Confluence will let you know that a version of the page you are editing was not saved and will give you the option to resume editing it.

Each time Confluence saves a draft, it displays a message and the time of the last save near the Save button on the edit screen.

On this page:

Related pages:

Screenshot: Message displaying the time when the draft was last saved

More about drafts:

  • A user only has access to the drafts of pages they have been working on and whose content has not yet been saved.
  • A user cannot create a draft explicitly.
  • A user's drafts are listed in the 'Drafts' tab of their profile.
  • Once a user has resumed editing a draft, or chosen to discard it, the draft is removed from their drafts tab.

Viewing drafts

Your drafts are listed on the Drafts tab of your user profile.

To see your drafts:

Choose your profile picture at top right of the screen, then choose Drafts.

Viewing your unsaved changes

While editing a page or blog post, you can view any 'unsaved' changes you have made since the last automatically saved draft, by clicking view change (near the Save button).

Screenshot: Segment of the unpublished changes window

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  1. Anonymous

    I spend an hour editing something and many updated drafts were saved.  Finally I made the mistake of hitting the cancel button when I meant to hit save.  I know, stupid, but they are right next to each other.  I was hoping there would be a saved draft of the page, but I look in my drafts and there is nothing there. 

    I really hoped I would have access to the last saved draft, but it appears all my work is lost.

    Please make a change so my work is not necessarily lost.

    1. Anonymous

      Hi, I just wrote the commend above and wanted to add something:

      How come I am allowed to hit cancel without being asked if I really want to quit without saving changes?  I do get a nice message like that if I try to navigate away from a page which has unsaved edits.  But somehow hitting cancel just destroys my work?  This is equivalent to closing a word processor file with unsaved changes and not being given a reminder.  This is a serious bug.  I'll try to figure out my atlassian username and report this....

      1. Anonymous

        Even worse: work all day on a document, then close the browser window and say "yes, I want to leave this page" because, hey, your drafts are getting saved, right?  Wrong.  7F12U, Atlassian.

  2. I have to say, calling these drafts is definitely confusing. When I think of a draft, I picture GMail drafts.

    1. I have no idea whether my draft is saved or not when closing the page
    2. There is no explicit control in creating drafts
    3. There seems to be only one draft possible at a time

    I wished to write two drafts for two separate pages, but the second page over-wrote the draft of the first page. They did not share the same title. I'm not saying you have to support GMail drafts, but I would suggest calling these "Snapshots" or something.

    1. Anonymous

    2. There is a change request for this, at least the part about protecting unsaved changes from the cancel button. CONF-7526 - Add cancel confirmation dialog to edit page Open (Why have a cancel button, really? It's a web page, just close the browser tab/window.)

      I really liked Milan's suggestion (below) of an "autosave" or similar feature. The autosaves wouldn't necessarily have to be permanent revisions, it would suffice to have a rotating queue of autosaves which are kept for a given edit session, until such time that the document is legitimately saved.

  3. Anonymous

    I agree with Jacob, the name "draft" is confusing.

    Personally, I would really like to have a draft system similar to Gmail.  The absence of a real draft system and of an explicit Save Draft button is forcing me to make my drafts in another space, for example in a personal space.  Adding a real draft system with multiple drafts and explicit save would be a great addition.

  4. Anonymous

    Having a button to forcibly save a draft would be very good as well. Work all day on a document, still not ready for publish. How can I shut down the browser and guarantee my last piece of work was saved?


    'Save Draft'    button Please!

  5. Anonymous

    I became honored  receive a call from my friend as soon as he uncovered the important points shared in your site. Going through your blog post is a real excellent experience. Thank you for taking into account readers like me, and I wish you the best of achievements as being a professional in this field.

  6. Anonymous

    This is the worst crap I've experienced recently - I just accidentally cancelled 2 hours of my work.

    Thank you Confluence for informing me that you're saving my draft and what time you're saving it only then to let me cancell the entire thing without even asking me if I'm sure I want to do it.

    Does anyone of the Atlassian team intend to answer on this thread, perhap with some tips?!?

  7. Anonymous


    I accidentally clicked Cancel in the preview (I guess I was thinking 'I want to cancel the preview') and lost an afternoon's work.  Very frustrating!

    Any comments from the Confluence team?


  8. Anonymous

    For god sake add a warning when a user accidentally presses the Cancel button when changes are unsaved!!!! Lost my day's work here.


  9. Atlassian, It would be much better to implement a proper drafting system (like in you JIRA workflow) whereby a copy of a page and all its children are marked as draft and only visible to the modifier and whomever they allow visibility.   Then once all the edits are complete to all relevant pages (like updating a book) then the draft can be Published (which includes all children pages).

  10. Anonymous

    I too just lost 2 hours of work by hitting cancel by mistake - would be nice to get a warning.

  11. Ash

    So a draft will be saved automatically the first time you hit cancel or your computer crashes or whatever. Lets just hope your computer doesn't crash AFTER you "resume editing" said draft or it will be gone forever.

    Once you resume editing a "draft" you either need to publish or kiss your in progress work good bye... 

    Please vote up this issue:  CONF-1632 - Add a "Save draft and continue editing" button (user saveable drafts) Open

    There is also a plugin that might help others but it's not available for Conf 5.0... yet...

  12. There needs to be an option of keeping a history of saved drafts - where drafts do not get deleted/updated on usage. That might fix a few things.

  13. I agree with this, the draft system is poor. I have been tested it quite a bit and find that if you open a saved draft and don't select to continue editing it within 30 seconds then you lose the draft. The autosave mechanism just overwrites the last draft.


    This happened to me yesterday when we had a power cut. I opened the browser, had over 30 seconds to think about which option to select for restoring, but by that time it had already saved a new draft. I lost about 2hrs worth of work. That is the reason I have been testing so heavily today. I am currently running a trial of the software and would like to ensure these situations do not occur in a live environment,

    1. I too have just encountered this issue. A better draft handling would be nice...
      But this autosave bug overwrites a draft even without another modification on the current page. The user has to click "resume editing" before the configured draft saving interval kills the draft.
      30s, 29s.. life punishes those who come too late.

  14. Anonymous

    Same thing just happened to me. 4 hours of work down the drain. I feel like i've been "pranked". What a miserable feeling.

  15. Anonymous

    4 hours of work gone cause i hit cancel accidentally!


    Get rid of the cancel button from next to save at least!

  16. Anonymous

    Yeah, I'm another one who hit the cancel button thinking a draft would be saved somewhere and lost an hours worth of work. Poor UX design

  17. Anonymous

    Same issue here. Just lost 2.5 hours worth of work because I had no idea 'Cancel' was synonymous with "discard this draft without warning". Extremely frustrating.

  18. Anonymous

    Browser crashed and was able to view my "draft" and see that it had saved my work. Click to continue editing, and it reverted to the saved version and wiped my draft. Awful.

    1. Same problem here: opening the draft replaced half a day of work by the old version. Nice.

  19. I just lost 4 hours of very detailed work because Confluence because I accidentally hit the Cancel button from Preview.  I am beyond furious - I have bought 500 seats of Confluence for my company, and a further 50-seat OnDemand for our partners.  I hate to have to tell everyone about this unbelievably STUPID design decision.


  20. Anonymous

    Like all the others I just learned it the hard way that the draft feature is completely useless if you accidently hit cancel (I wanted to cancel editing the current macro) and lost a couple of hours editing. (sad)

  21. Something similar to the problems that everyone is reporting just killed 3 hours of very brain-intensive work. I'm completely floored, literally sitting here typing up the implementation rationale for Atlassian in my yearly project plan (among other things), and it's all gone. I can't even begin to reproduce how it happened, because I was trusting it. To say the least, I has the tab open for over 4 hours and it didn't save a single draft. In fact when I clicked save, Confluence saved a version without any of today's changes. I don't think I hit cancel, can't be sure.

    Just shocked..

  22. Same Problem, second time... Makes me angry!

    Ideal solution:

    There is a autosave function, next to the save button. Confluence should autosave changes every minute for maybe the last 10.

    If there appears any problem, the user chooses edit again and could click on last changes and can restore the page from the last 10 autosaves. Can't image that this basic function is that complicated to realize!