Documentation for Confluence 5.7.
Documentation for Confluence Cloud and earlier versions of Confluence is available too.

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Confluence Spaces are containers for pages and blog posts with related content, and they come in two main varieties:

  • Site spaces – Sometimes called 'global' spaces, these are areas where you can create content and collaborate with other users.
  • Personal spaces – You, and other Confluence users, can set up a personal space. You can keep it private, or open it up for other users to view or edit. Personal spaces are listed in the People Directory.

Create a space any time you need a place to store related content by choosing Spaces > Create space in the Confluence header. Two of the main ways people use Confluence spaces are for teams and/or projects.

Create a space for the Marketing team, Dev team, IT team, HR team, and any team that needs to collaborate on work, and store information and files. If you have projects, big or small, that would benefit from having a place people can work together and store related files, make a space for them too. There's no limit to the number of spaces you can create in Confluence.

What's a space admin?

Every space has at least one space admin – usually the person that created the space – and that person can grant permissions to that space, including granting space admin privileges to others. Space admins don't have to be Confluence admins; they can be a regular Confluence users, and may only have special permissions for a single space. For example, you'll be the space admin for your personal space.

On this page:

Related pages:

How is content arranged in spaces?

Each space you create, including your personal space, is automatically created with a home page – the first page you'll see when you navigate to the space – which you can edit to suit your needs, and you can create any number of child pages to store the content and information you need. Spaces don't nest – you can't have a space within a space – but pages do, so you can create as many levels of hierarchy as you need using pages.

Each space also has its own blog, allowing you to share news and make announcements. Blog posts are a great way to keep people involved in what's going on in your team or project.

You can set different levels of access for each space using its permissions.

Diagram: Arrangement of spaces, pages, and attachments

View all spaces in Confluence

There are two main ways to view spaces in Confluence:

  • The dashboard – The bottom left of the dashboard displays the first few spaces, and a list of your favourite spaces if you have any, with a link to view all spaces in the space directory. 
  • The space directory – Choose SpacesSpace directory in the Confluence header. The space directory displays a list of all the site and personal spaces you have permission to see. Filter the list of spaces by selecting from the categories on the left of the space directory.

You can mark a space as a favourite by choosing the star icon to the right of it, or categorise the space to get easy access to the content that's most relevant to you.

The Spaces menu in the header also displays a list of your recently viewed spaces, allowing you to quickly navigate to the things you view most often.

Screenshot: Spaces on the Confluence dashboard

The Spaces List macro allows you to display a list of spaces on a Confluence page, and filter them by category, if you need to.

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  1. Note that for personal spaces, the spacekey is ~username , where username is the login used.

    This should be mentionned.

  2. Anonymous

    How can I add links or pages to the space shortcuts?

    1. Hallo there

      This page describes how to add shortcut links: Configuring a Sidebar. I've added a link on the above page too, so that other people can find it more easily.

      Cheers, Sarah

  3. Anonymous

    Hello Sarah (smile)

    How do we organize the Spaces in hierarchy form? For example: we have a space named A ~ J. We wanted Space B on top of Space A due to priority. We have tried using numbered Spaces but when it reaches number 10, the lineup will be

    1. B

    10. J

    2. A

    3. C

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Anonymous

      By the way, this is in the Dashboard

    2. Would also like to order spaces by our priority

      1. Hi Anton,


        I have the same request than the user above.

        Do you have a solution?


        Thank you



  4. Anonymous

    Hello, guys!

    Could you please help me - is any way to create new space under another one like child space?

    1. Parent space
      1.1 Child space

    I've seen such example on one confluence but I haven't found the solution.


    Thank You in advance,


  5. Hi Mariya,  from the above doc:

    Useful notes about spaces and pages:

    • Spaces cannot be nested. You cannot have parent and child spaces, but you can have parent and child pages within a space.


    Shawn Sanders

    Turner Broadcasting

  6. Anonymous

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  7. How do I edit a space's team members after it's been created?

    1. Exactly my question... seems impossible!

  8. Anonymous

    Me too. Me too.

    1. You need to add a column to the right end of your profile picture boxes.

      Insert profile picture macro on the top, and mailto: shortcut below.

  9. Is there a simpler way to add team members to an existing team space? Ersat's suggestion seems like a workaround. When I added a team member as a macro, it does not look the same as the other team members. It seems like there should be a simpler way to do this.

  10. Anonymous

    Appearantly there is no macro for this that automatically shows changes to the team. It's a static text + photo you have to put in there. But if your team space page is one of the main pages, a lot will happen on that page, so it will be subject to change anyway.

  11. Anonymous

    Seems something of an oversight to not be able to edit the team members easily after creation!

  12. We are evaluating Confluence and I am disappointed that the "Team Member" portion of the Team Spaces blueprint is apparently just window dressing.

    And, even as window dressing it is difficult to update.

    It should be a functional thing, displaying the actual members of the team as per the permissions.

    And, if that functionality cannot be added, at the very least it should be very easy to update with team members.

    1. This is true. It's not even a real "feature" since it doesn't have any real functionality. I was really excited about this at first but than really disappointed when I realized it was just some fancy formatting.

      One jury-rig I came up with is to have a "Roll Call" page where team members can comment, and then have a "Contributors" macro point to that page. This will create a dynamic, update-able "The Team" Macro that you can post on the home page of the team space.

  13. Is there any limit for number of spaces , number of pages , number of blogs in confluence .

    Is there any kind of limit for confluence .

    1. Hi Abyakta, sorry for the late reply. I am not aware of a specific upper limit. This Confluence site (housing our documentation) has over 400 spaces, and some spaces, like this one, have up to 2 thousand pages. 

      If you have specific concerns about the size of your proposed instance, I would recommend contacting Support, or perhaps talking to an Atlassian Expert for assistance. 

  14. When dealing with personal spaces Ref.

    spacekey is ~username

    How does this syntax change with usernames which contain a space?


    I am trying to use the page index plugin to return shared links from my personal space, my username is "Brett Evans"

    I have tried "~Brett Evans" and "~Brett+Evans" but neither are working.

    1. did you try ~brett.evens ?

    2. Hi Brett, 

      Space keys cannot contain spaces or special characters, so I would assume a personal space key, where a username contained spaces would be ~brettevans. (I'm also assuming your Confluence instance is managing users externally, as Confluence's internal user management does not allow usernames with spaces).

      To confirm the space key for your personal space, you could navigate to a page in your personal space, and check the space key that appears in the URL  (e.g. .../display/~rrobins/page+title). 

      Just checking also, you are using the Page Index macro? That macro has no parameters, so can only be placed within the space it is reporting on - so you should be able to just place it on any page within your personal space.

      Hope this helps, if you continue to have issues, feel free to contact Support.  

  15. Hello Atlassian Folks,  Along the lines of Tara Maher's post from Oct 2013... have you had any specific discussions or thinking about the edit-ability of Team Members on existing Team Spaces? Functionality I'd like to see: Ability of the Space Admin to assign and track tasks. Thanks. PS We buying soon, I think.

    1. Hi Jess, I don't believe there are any short term plans for an easier way to edit the members of a team space. For now you can go to Space Tools > Permissions and add more users, and edit the homepage and add the Profile Picture macro for each new team member). 

      For tasks, have a look at the new Working with Tasks page - it gives an overview of the new tasks features in Confluence 5.5 - where any user, including an admin, could assign and track tasks. 

  16. Hi Atlassian, I would like some help regarding the differences between Space Documentation, Blank Space, Team Space and Knowledge Base. Thank you!

    1. Hi Mario, some info on each space blueprint can be found here Creating a Space.  

      1. This page does not really outline the types of space as I read the previous comment to mean, also, when I signed up, I got a project space and another one, but I don't seem to be able to add a new project space. Is there a plugin I have to enable to get project spaces added to the list?