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Confluence pages can include multi-row and multi-column tables. You can highlight cells, rows and columns in different colours. When viewing the page, people can sort the table by clicking the column headers.

Inserting a table

To create a table:

  1. While editing the page, place your cursor at the point where you want to insert the table.
  2. Choose Table on the toolbar.
  3. A dropdown menu will appear, showing a table with a variable number of rows and columns. Click in a cell to set the number of columns and rows for your table.
  4. Add content and more rows and columns as needed. See below for guidelines on what you can do with your table in the editor.

Screenshot: Inserting a table with 3 rows and 3 columns

What you can do with your table in the editor

While editing a page, place your cursor inside a table to see the table toolbar. Here's a summary of the tools:


  • Insert rows before or after the current row
  • Delete the current row
  • Cut, copy and paste the current row
  • Mark a row as a header row (shaded with bold text)


  • Insert columns before or after the current column
  • Delete the current column
  • Cut, copy and paste the current column
  • Mark a column as a header column (shaded with bold text)


  • Merge selected cells
  • Split selected cells
  • Change cell colour


  • Delete table
  • Add a numbering column to automatically number each row

Shortcut keys



Mac OS X


Copy the current table row, or the selected rows.



Insert a table. (Opens the Insert Table dialog.)



Paste the table rows from your clipboard, placing them above the current row.



Cut the current table row, or the selected rows.


Alt+Up ArrowAdd a row above the current row.Alt+Up Arrow
Alt+Down ArrowAdd a row below the current row.Alt+Down Arrow

For more editor keyboard shortcuts, see Keyboard Shortcuts.

Sorting the table in view mode

When readers view a table on a page, they can sort the table by clicking the sort icons in the header row.

Screenshot: A colourful, sortable table

Sticky table headings in view mode

In some instances table header rows will stick to the top when you're viewing a page, making those really long tables easier to read. There are a few exceptions though. Table headers aren't sticky when:

  • the space is using the documentation theme
  • your table is inside a page layout (columns and sections)
  • your table has no header row or there are cells in the top row that aren't marked as headers
  • your table has a header column, instead of a header row, and scrolls horizontally
  • your table is inside another table, or has another table inside, with its own header row
  • your table only has one column. 
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  1. Anonymous


    I wanted to copy a table created in word to wiki. When I copied, the whole format changed, and also, it doesnt allow merge tables which is such a disappointment.

    1. Hi there,

      There are discussions available in our Issue Tracker system related to the reported problems, please see:

      Feel free to add yourself as a watcher so that you will be notified if there are updates on the issue.


  2. Anonymous

    Is there a way to further format a table? For example:

    • Center text within a column?
    • Highlight or add color to certain rows?
    • Change the size of the font in certain cells?

    If not, can this be added as an enhancement request? 


    1. Hi,

      There are some other macros that you can use to achieve the above such as:

      Hope the information helps.


      1. Note, though, that the highlight and color macros aren't native to Confluence, and highlight only serves to color text background, not the entire background color of a row or column.

        1. Anonymous

          Pls add this functionality. like highlighting certain rows.

  3. Hi,

    As far as I know, this feature is not currently available in Confluence. However, I have found a similar feature request. Please add yourself as a watcher, vote for this feature and add your own comments to this feature request. For further details on how we include new features and improvements, you might want to read this page


  4. Anonymous


    How can i sort a table contents by column 1, column 2, column 3...... by using Rich Text method.



    1. Hi Mouttou,

      How can i sort a table contents by column 1, column 2, column 3...... by using Rich Text method.

      As far as I know, the feature requested is not available yet. However, I found a feature request in JIRA:

      Please add your comments to the discussion, vote on it and add yourself as a watcher for future updates. Also, please bear in mind the following document on how we schedule features for inclusion in our products: Implementation of New Features and Improvements.

      Hope that helps.
      Best rgds,

      1. Anonymous

        How can my Users sort tables by different columns?  I note this issue is a few years old so I'm hoping there is a solution in V4 but I can't find any references to it (it may be 'right under my nose' but not many people can see their mouths (smile) )

        1. Anonymous

          I should add, I mean without going in to Edit mode on the page, i.e. users with view only permissions can sort

        2. The feature to sort tables in view mode will be included in Confluence 4.3.

          An early access release of 4.3 is available so that you can try out the feature and provide feedback. For details on this see Confluence 4.3-m11 EAP Release Notes.

          1. Anonymous

            Great. I'm looking forward to 4.3.

  5. Anonymous


    Is there any way to resize columns of a table instead of just the whole table?

    Thank you!


    1. Hello Cosmina,

      Currently, this is not supported. You might want to raise an improvement request in our issue tracker if you are keen on it.

      Alternatively, you may use the Column Macro and Section Macro which provide column-specific width support.

      Hope this helps.


      1. Sorry, I don't see how these macros apply to tables. Can you elaborate?

        1. Anonymous

          This markup should get you started



    2. One not-exactly-perfect-but-often-good-enough workaround for forcing the size of table columns is to insert non-breaking spaces into columns that you want to be wider.  You can insert non-breaking spaces using the Insert > Markup option in the editor's toolbar (e.g., see this answer) and typing    , repeating the " " a bunch of times.  The non-breaking spaces will be inserted into the column, forcing it to widen.  Once they're in the cell, you can select the "invisible" spaces and copy & paste more or delete as needed to get the desired width.

      For example, entering a simple table may produce a smaller "Foo" column that you desire:

      SmallThis is wider

      Inserting non-breaking spaces can even things out (type "nbsp;" repeatedly via Insert > Wiki Markup):

      Small            This is wider

      In the second table, there are non-breaking spaces after the word "Small" that force the column to be wider.  If you could see the non-breaking spaces, they would appear like this:

      Small______This is wider

      You only need to do this within one cell in the column.  In most cases, you can find an empty line or a line with a single, non-wrapping word/term in it and append the non-breaking spaces there.  In some cases, you may be forced to introduce a blank line before or after your text or deal with the last word wrapping oddly (since the last word will wrap along with the non-breaking spaces).

      If you don't have a cell with an empty line or a single, non-wrapping word/term, then you will be forced to add an empty line or have the last word in one of the cells wrap oddly.                                                                                                            Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

      Rather than trying to get the number of "nbsp;" repeats exactly right in the Insert > Wiki Markup, it's easier just to type nbsp; once, copy & paste to get about ten or so, insert them, and then copy & paste the non-breaking whitespace within the table itself + deleting whitespace as needed to get the right width.

      1. For anyone interested, I recently provided a slightly fancier (still hacky) workaround for controlling table column widths by putting width info into column headers and using jQuery to adjust the table as it gets displayed.  It won't work for exporting (e.g., to Word) or printing, but it can let you control your column widths in Confluence.

        See my comment on CONF-3393 for details.

  6. Anonymous


    could you please advise me on how to change the table colour?



    1. Hi Sajeev,

      As far as I know, this feature is not currently available in Confluence. However, I have found a similar feature request. Please add yourself as a watcher, vote for this feature and add your own comments to this feature request. For further details on how we include new features and improvements, you might want to read this page.

      As a workaround, you could change the cell colors by modifying the Custom HTML which you can access at Dashboard > Administration > Look and Feel > Custom HTML. Use the following code within the "At end of the HEAD" section:

      Please bear in mind that the above code will change all table colors globally. Hope this helps.


      1. Anonymous

        Thanks a lot Sashi.

  7. Anonymous


         When I combine the MySQL and Confluence3.1, I meet the trouble.

    In macro browser, I can't use to insert info, gallery,tasklist,widget,

    table and other macros.

         When I insert macro, the alert is "There has been an error loading

    the macro browser.Please try again or see your system administrator".

         How should I do?

    Thank you.


    1. Hi Monica,

      It might be this bug.

      See this KB article for more info.

      If you still need help, raise a support request


  8. Is it possible to cut and paste table columns as you can do with rows? I've not been able to determine a way, but sure would be helpful. :)

    1. Hi Julie,

      I am afraid that this is not currently possible.However, I have found a similar improvement request. Please add yourself as a watcher, vote for this improvement and add your own comments to this request. For further details on how we include new features and improvements, you might want to read this page


  9. Anonymous

    Confluence is not drawing borders around cells in table as shown in the documentation.  Any ideas what the problem could be?

    1. Hi,

      I am sorry I could not reproduce this error. I would suggest you to check whether is there any custom stylesheet or HTML that could cause this error.

      If that does not helps, please raise a support ticket at the following link:

      Please explain more on the issue you are facing, for example the Confluence version, which browser you are using etc.

      Hope this helps.


      1. HengHwa, he is probably talking about tables that are placed inside of a {panel} macro. For some reason, no version of Confluence has ever rendered table/cell borders when the table is placed inside of a {panel} macro. (and possibly some other macros that produce a colored background, but I can't recall which other such ones I've noticed.)

  10. I'd like to use a form to allow users to edit a wiki table. Ideally, users would be presented with the extant table rows, a blank set of form entries or pop-ups (for row fields that take one of a set of fixed values), and a button to submit the entered data as a row to the table.

    How can I do this?

    1. It sounds me that this feature is provided by the Scaffolding Plugin. You might also want to check out the Dynamic Table plugin.

      1. Thanks; I'm using the Scaffolding Plugin.

        How does one set up a table with Scaffolding that allows the reader to sort the rows by clicking table column headers?

        I know how to do this with a table-plus but I don't know how to do this with Scaffolding.

        I'm currently using the following:

        || Software package || Version || License code or serial number || Platform || Quantity (seats) || Notes ||
        | {text-data:SoftwarePackage|initialRows=12} | {text-data:Version} | {text-data:License} | {list-data:Platform}{list-option:MacOS}MacOS{list-option}{list-option:Windows}Windows{list-option}{list-option:GNU/Linux}GNU/Linux{list-option}{list-data} | {text-data:Quantity} | {text-data:Notes}_none_{text-data} |

        And how does one specify CSS with Scaffolding tables?  I'd like to make it so that one column in the table has white-space: nowrap.

        Thanks for your help.

        1. Anonymous

          Just wrap the table-data with a table-plus, works a treat, as does table-filter. Auto total on a table-data that's wrapped in table-plus and table-filter will ignore the first row, irrespective of macro parameters. 

  11. Anonymous

    Is there a way to change an existing table cell <td> into table header cell <th>?

    1. Anonymous

      Related issue:

      Marked as "resolved" at 16 September 2011.

      1. I just added a comment to that ticket because the issue has not been resolved. In Confluence 4.3, column sorting does not work if the row is not set to <th>.

        1. I agree, and a ticket has been opened at  CONF-26698 - Separate row/column highlight from the new background colouring Closed   for this issue - that highlight and header rows are not the same.

          Please vote!

  12. Is there any way to make a column in the table of a fixed width?

  13. Anonymous

    him im trying to populate this table 

    {checklist:name=The pets names|parent=Animals|label=pets}
    {checklist-input:Common pet names|cols=20}

    having no such luck 

    is there away of doing this? im trying to add it to my wiki page


  14. Anonymous

    We need better table support across the board.  Basically, the table in confluence should at least support the features that basic html gives you.  I should be able to specify a background color, cell width, wrapping etc.

  15. Anonymous

    How do I copy a table from wiki syntax to Confluence? Seems like I have to press enter after each line to trigger the editor parsing (save/preview does not work as expected), but that doesn't give me the table I want (new line inserted between each row in the table). I'm trying to copy some rather large tables from docuwiki and JIRA.

    1. If you are using Confluence 4.0, you can use the 'Insert Wiki Markup' dialog to paste in the entire table.

      You can open the dialog either from the 'Insert' menu or using keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+D.

      1. Anonymous

        Yes, that worked fine! Feel I should have figured out that one...anyways: Thanks!

        (Wouldn't hurt to mention this in a section on this page tho).

  16. Anonymous

    Is it possible to link multiple tables within Conflence so that when an update is made to the data in one table, that update would be reflected in all of the tables?

  17. Anonymous

    Is there a way to center a table on page width? I am able to center test on cells but I am not able to center the pable on page width.

    1. Anonymous

      hello??? anybody found the solution of this?


    2. Hallo Anonymous both (smile)

      It's not possible to centre a table on the page. Here's a workaround: Use the Section macro, and three Column macros inside it. Put just a single space character in the two outside column macros, and put the table in the middle macro. Adjust the width of the columns to suit your purpose.



      1. Anonymous

        I got the table to center now, but how do you keep this formatting when you export the document to PDF?

        1. Anonymous

          It also doesn't work if you already have a table within a column structure. 

  18. Hi,

    We're using the table plugin with Confluence 4.0, but our biggest problem is that we can't edit our exisiting tables. We have to go through and re-write every table by hand. Do you have a solution how we can just go through and edit the table header?

    Thanks for the info.

  19. Hi there,

    how do I convert a table into normal text? Any ideas? Currently I'm pasting the table into a text editor, copy it again from there, and paste it into confluence. (sad)

    Thanks for your help!

  20. Is there a way to convert an already-entered table back into wiki markup, so you can make changes that are apparently not possible in the WYSIWYG editor? Working with the editor is about as painful a way to do tables as I have seen anywhere.

  21. Anonymous

    How to remove table borders in confluence 4?

  22. Anonymous

    Is there a way to hide and show the contents of a column in a table? I have a column that contains comments and only want to see the comments if the user chooses to do so. Otherwise, the size of this column affects the rest of the table display.

  23. Anonymous

    A useful hack can be to add an additional row at the end of the table, and add dummy urls in each cell, of varying length.  It seems that confluence refuses to 'fold' these, so they give you some control over the column width.  changing their colour means you can then hide them if required.  Found this out by accident when copying and pasting a table from an excel sheet containing an url... 

    1. Wow! I had not thought of this hack. Excellent advice! I am shamelessly stealing it and adding it to my "how-to" just a bit further below, because I want to ensure I bring this tidbit back into our internal "Confluence tips" if we decide to migrate to 4.x.

      Edit: I found a better way. It seems that any contiguous string with no spaces in it will not be wrapped by the script that renders the table columns. Even if you drag the border of the browser window such that the table is now wider than the window itself. So no need for URLs: just any random string of characters will suffice. Technique shown further below.

    2. You can also set the text to be Preformatted and it stops wrapping.

  24. Anonymous


        am having one requirement... can we give link to an entire row of a tabe... how do we give..

    Thank you for your answers

  25. I suggest you beef up this topic (or create a sub-topic) that explains and demonstrates some specific techniques that won't be intuitive or easy to figure out. Over in the 4.0 feedback thread there was some thrashing about this, and in our own internal test plans for 4.x migration (from 3.5.x) we also had to scratch our heads and figure out some new ways of achieving certain rendered table outputs.  Well, here ya go, feel free to plunder for your content as you see fit.


    Atlassian moderators/writers: Please don't remove this comment until I remove this notice. If my company eventually migrates to 4.x (still uncertain), I will want to copy this content back into our own "Confluence tips" space. Because that space is currently 3.5.x there is no way for me to source this information there, and our 4.1 test environment is volatile. Basically, I'm using this comment as temporary source code, lol. (smile)


    Restoring a cell that you accidentally deleted

    It's rather too easy to accidentally delete a cell from a row in a table, which removes the cell borders too. Unfortunately, the Undo command won't restore the cell. There are two ways to recover from an error like this:

    1. Use the Advanced Editor to replace the XML code necessary to define the missing cell.
    2. Use the following technique with the basic RTE editor.

    To restore a deleted cell by using the RTE editor

    1. Add a new row below the row above the row that's missing a cell. .

















    2. Copy the contents of the cells in the row that is missing a cell, then select the first cell in the new row, and paste in the values copied from the other row.




















    3. Delete the incomplete row, and recreate the contents of the missing cell.












      new cell





    Balanced tables versus unbalanced tables

    balanced table is the standard rectangular grid with symetrical rows and columns. This is the type of table that the 4.x editor will make by default, especially when you paste a group of cells into another cell.

    Original balanced table

    Now select the entire table, then copy it with Ctrl-C and paste it into cell 9 with Ctrl-V...



    New table is still balanced




    Note that if you merge the blank cells by using the new 4.x editor's Merge table cells button, the resulting table is still balanced. (In the following example, the merged cells' content was then center-justified by using the new Align Center button in the editor.)





    Also note that to simulate sub-headings within a table, you can select individual cells and use the Cell highlightbutton in the editor.



    You can also add shading to entire rows and columns with the Row highlight and Column highlight buttons.

    Important and Urgent Important but Not Urgent
    Task A Task C
    Task B 

    Task D

    Not Important but Urgent Not Important and Not Urgent
    Task E Task F
    Task G Task H

    An unbalanced table has uneven borders and asymmetrical rows and columns. Creating this type of table requires some manual work.


























    To create this unbalanced table, you must use Insert > Wiki Markup and then enter the following markup syntax. When you click Insert in the Wiki Markup window, you get the result shown at the left. However, this is a one-way trip; once you click Insert, you can make further structural changes only by working directly in the XML storage format via the new Advanced Editor.


    Tables within tables

    To create tables within tables, the basic pattern is to use the Table button (or its corresponding shortcut Ctrl-Shift-I) inside the exact cell where you want to create the sub-table. For example, assuming the following top-level table...


    ...If you want to place a sub-table in cell 2, select the contents of cell 2 and then use the Table button (or press Ctrl-Shift-I) and specify the size of the sub-table. Then fill in the contents of the sub-table like so:


    If you then wanted to add a similar sub-table in cell 1, you must likewise manually add a new table into cell 1 by selecting cell 1, inserting the new table, and then either manually filling in the columns of the new sub-table or else copy and paste the original sub-table by placing your cursor inside the top-left row of the newly-inserted sub-table (but not selecting the entire cell) and then pasting the copied sub-table.

    Important: To copy the entire contents of one table (or sub-table) into another, the two (sub)tables must be exactly the same number of rows and columns, and you must not select the entire cell or table of the target table when you do your paste. You can easily undo (Ctrl-Z) if you mess up the paste and get an unexpected result. To get a successful paste, just place your cursor inside the top left cell of the target table.


    A hack to control the width of columns in tables

    Atlassian will hopefully someday add the ability to specify exact column widths in tables. In the meantime, you can use a hack to force column widths:

    1. Add a row at the bottom of the table.
    2. In each cell of the bottom row, add a continuous string of characters with no spaces. In my example below, I just drummed my right fingers on the four "home" keys of my keyboard.
    3. Adjust the length of each string to "force" the column width you want for each column. Confluence will not auto-wrap unbroken strings like this, so you can widen or narrow a column by adding more or fewer characters to each string.
    4. To hide the strings when you're finished, select each one and then use the Colour button to make the text of the string the same color as the background of the cell.

    Here's an example, with only the string at the bottom of column C colored white to make it invisible.


    If you don't want the "empty" row at the bottom of the table, a variation of this technique is to put a line break (Shift-Enter) in each cell of the table's bottom row and put the string after the line break. In this example, all such strings were added to cells 9-12 and then colored white to hide them.

    1. Hallo Shannon

      That's pretty cool information. Would you like to sign the Atlassian Contributor License Agreement and edit the docs directly? (smile)

      Cheers, Sarah

      1. Thanks Sarah, and I was tempted. But frankly clause 8 in the agreement is untenable. It essentially says I can be directly sued for damages if people suffer ill-consequences from using my contributed content. I'd prefer to submit my ideas in comment form (like this one) because the context is clearly one of user-community feedback and helpful suggestions rather than being perceived as first-class "how to" doc from the company that produces the product. Remove clause 8 from the agreement and you'll probably get more willing outside contributors.

        1. Hallo again Shannon

          This is just an FYI. (smile)

          In response to comments from another contributor of advanced Confluence tips, I've recently opened a new space on my own wiki: Advanced Confluence Tips

          That wiki is not owned by or monitored by Atlassian. It’s on my own wiki, although hosted on an Atlassian server.

          If you'd like to sign up and add your tips to that wiki, you are very welcome indeed.

          I've also just published a blog post discussing the level of detail that we as technical writers put into the product documentation. Please note that this is my private blog, not sanctioned or reviewed by Atlassian. It reflects my own musings as a technical writer. Comments welcome! How much detail should we put in the documentation?

          Cheers, Sarah


    2. re: A hack to control the width of columns in tables above — I am grateful I found this because the inability to control the column widths gets much worse when you have to export as PDF (we use Confluence as a quasi-publishing tool) and you end up with a tiny column that's really tall. I built on Shannon's hack and first determined the particular string that I wanted to use to space out my table columns (in this case "iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii") and then created a User Macro like this:

      Now I can just insert my "width-hack" macro whenever I need it.

    3. Anonymous

      With the continuous strings you can control the minimum width of a cell. How can I control the maximum width of a cell?




      1. I don't believe there is any way (hack or otherwise) to control the max width of a table column yet.

    4. Anonymous

      Re: A hack to control column width:

      This can look much nicer and avoid interfering with the actual table data if you put a bunch of underscores in a new line in the table header and change the color for those to match the header background (#F0F0F0).

  26. (Pasting in more in the same vein, from Shannon Greywalker's comment on the thread about losing wiki markup. Because frankly, the official docs aren't clear enough about how to use this feature.)

    • To delete or insert a row or column, place your insertion point in a cell. Don't select the entire cell.
    • To delete the entire table, place your insertion point in any cell.
    • To merge a cluster of cells (even ones that range in both horizontal and vertical dimensions), select the entire set of cells and don't worry if the selection appears to actually span several entire rows when you've let go of the mouse. Click the merge button anyway and you'll see that all is well and the results are as expected.
    • To add highlighting to a specific set of cells, put your insertion point in one cell at a time. Don't try to multi-select several cells or you'll instead end up highlighting an entire row or column even if you click only the Highlight cell button.
    • To add highlighting to a row or column, place your insertion point in any cell within that row/column.
    • To copy a set of rows/columns to another table, multi-select (drag) through any set of cells within the rows/columns from the source table, then use the Copy rows or Copy columns button. Over in your target table, place your insertion point in the cell before or after which you want to insert the copied rows/columns, then use the appropriate "paste" rows/columns before/after button. Don't just try to multiselect a set of cells from the source table and then use Ctrl-V to paste them into a "starting" cell in the target table. That won't work as expected.
    • Finally, to copy an entire table somewhere else, you must multiselect every cell in the table. Start with the upper-left cell and drag all the way through the lower-right cell.
  27. Is it possible to add a Date field with a dropdown that shows an interactive calendar to pick a date from? 

    similarly is there a way to create an interactive table where users are presented with a textbox to input data and a button to save the data into the table such as "Add"

  28. Anonymous

    How do I add borders and shading to table cells? I copied one table from Excel and ended up with borders around each cell, as wanted. I coped another table and had no borders at all. when I insert a table from the menu it gives me borders AND shading.

    Searching for table borders isn't very helpful.

    1. Anonymous

      I had the same issue when copying from excel and there appears to be no way to enable/disable the border. The workaround I used was create the table using the wiki markup with the columns entered manually as shown below.

  29. Anonymous


    It is possible to add some calculation inside the table? I need that column 1 will be a sum of values from columns 2, 3, 4.
    What about other calculation like multiplication and division?

    1. Anonymous

      You need the table-plus macro (when it's been migrated to 4.x)

    2. Or you may have a look at CelesteCS Math Plugin for Confluence (, which supports table cell value processing and is not limited with only averages and sums.

  30. Anonymous

    How do I add an attachment for a row.


  31. Anonymous

    Hi y'all,

    I created a template for a form and I want to disable sorting the table. I know the syntax but I do not know where to insert it, help please (smile)



  32. Anonymous

    Hi all

    There may be a really simple way of doing this (and I'm hoping you can enlighten me).  How could I change the font style (i.e. change to italic) or colour of a whole row?

    When I highlight a row to alter the font of the row, and make the required change, the row indents itself and the change is not registered.  I always end up undo'ing it, then making the change cell by cell.

    I'm current evaluating the latest version of confluence (in case you need the version number).



  33. Anonymous

    How do you remove borders in the table?

  34. Anonymous

    I am adding lot of rows to a table. Is it possible to have an auto number functionality so that the rows are numbered for example from 1 through 100 ... incrementally?

    Just like in excel? Please help.

    1. Anonymous

      Bob Swift's table-plus macro will do that (in v3.x anyway) I don't know if it's been ported to 4.x yet.


  35. Anonymous

    I have a document with an empty table that I'm unable to delete...god I miss being able to edit wiki markup.


    1. Anonymous

      Found a solution to my own problem.  I had to input a value into the last cell of the table and I was then able to highlight and delete it.  That was a bit frustrating.

    2. Anonymous

      If you click on a cell, then you can use the one of the table icons up top (the one with the red x in the corner) to delete the table.

  36. We have solved the problem with the column width in tables with a user macro.

    The macro:

    So, the user can set the column width in pixel. If the user enters a value which is not a number Confluence ignores the macro kindly.


    1. Uwe Voellger - Does your macro solution maintain the selected column width when exporting the page as PDF? We're having trouble getting that to work using any method we've tried (it always exports all the columns as equal width regardless of what's shown on the screen).

      Anyone have a solution for this?

      1. Hard to say. I have tried two times, one time with Confluence 3.5.16 and Opera where it seems that the macro works with pdf export and another time with Confluence 4.2.11 and Firefox where it didn't work.

        I have to admit, that PDF export was not our goal. So, i suggest you try it by yourself.


  37. Anonymous

    How can I add a row to an existing tabel, if i get the row in markup format? I tried to add it, but the "Insert"->"Wiki-Markup" pasted everything in one cell. My goal is to paste a hole neu line. THX







  38. Anonymous

    I've found that outdenting doesn't apply to table objects. Any one have similar issues? 

  39. On our site we have pages that have tables that are wider than the page. A scroll bar is presented by confluence at te bottom of the table automatically. Is there a way to make the table fit the page width (the scroll bar will be gone)?

    1. Yes - I'm having the same issue here - be nice to have the scroll bars show up anytime anything makes the page wider than the browser.

    2. If you have no way of making the row contain less information, you have no way to make the page narrower and something will have to scroll.  The problem lies elsewhere: Confluence’s tables have only the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom, not the vertical one, and it is impossible to operate the bottom scroll bar when you are not at the bottom of the table.  Try navigating the following table:

      1. I'm afraid Confluence doesn't have a way to set the total table width to 100%, but if you're comfortable with a bit of HTML, as a workaround you can use your browser dev tools to make changes to the table. Edit the page, then right click the table and choose inspect element - you can then directly edit the HTML of the table (e.g. width="400px".)  Once you're happy, save the page, and your table changes will be saved too. 

        1. I do not want to set the total table width to 100%, especially since the data in it are not going to fit anyway.  I want Confluence to scroll both width and height of the table or alternatively place the table on the page without any scrolling.  Having only the horizontal scroll bar attached makes the table very difficult to browse.

          1. Maybe a workaround.

            1) Insert a macro div in the page.
            2) Add a class to the macro: table_with_ vertical_ scrolling
            3) Insert the table in the div macro.
            4) Insert a CSS style sheet in the page.
            5) Insert the following CSS code :

            .table_with_ vertical_ scrolling{height: 400px;}
            .table_with_ vertical_ scrolling{overflow: auto;}


            Other values are possible for "overflow".

            1. Maybe it is worth mentioning that macro div is not available at this site.

              1. If the div macro is not available, I guess the other macros are not available either.

                If you are so limited, I think it is very difficult to customize your space.

                1. This space is not mine, it is Confluence’s.

  40. Anonymous


    Is there a way to hide the borders to the table?


  41. Anonymous

    I, like many others, am struggling with controlling maximum column widths (using Confluence 4.3.1).  About the only thing I know to do that doesn't require an administrator is to manually insert a line break to keep cells from getting too wide.  This seems like a horrible hack.  I'm missing being able to edit in wiki markup.

    I did find an issue (CONF-1398) that requested this, but it appears to have been closed sadly.

  42. I feel like I must have missed this because I can't seem to find the answer in all my searching. Is there a way to set the vertical alignment in the cells of tables? Right now it seems to default to the Top, but having an option of Center and Bottom would be amazing.

    1. Anonymous

      Please anyone found a workaround on this

    2. Even using the Source Editor I haven't found a way to set the vertical alignment. There's gotta be a way.

  43. Is there a way to shade the cell without modifying the font used in the cell. Our users want to create a table with many rows, first column shaded. In the first column they want to have a piece of text that is formatted using a heading style, which they then use to create a dynamic table of contents at the top of the page. They then want to add some text below that heading styled text to describe the row, but without including it in the TOC. The default "highlight" behaviour, which provides the shading and also the bold+blue font format is not acceptable because they want to use the heading styles. 

    (I realise they can do this through the source editor, that's not an acceptable answer as the administrators have not enabled the source editor plugin for users.)

  44. Anonymous

    Can you please advise if it is possible to freeze the header row of a table, like in excel, to freeze a pane to allow for a portion of the sheet to be visable whilst the rest of the table rows scroll?

  45. Hi,

    if i have an unsorted table and click on the first header-column to sort the first column how can i get back to an unsorted table?
    Only when i reload the page?

    thanks, michael

    1. Yes, only when you reload the page.

  46. Found this one out after some fiddling.

    You can allow a table to grow past the edge of the page and get browser-window scrollbars by placing the table between <div> </div> html tags via html macro.  You will need to set the width and overflow properties of the div like so:


    <div id="table_content" style="overflow:auto;width:2200px;">
    1. Nice tip!

      To simplify, though, you could just use the \{div\} macro like so:

  47. I have created a page which I added a panel, on the panel I've added a table, so far so good until I put color to the background of the panel. Once I do that I can no longer see the borders of my table, how can I add the borders back? Oh and if possible I'd like to change the color of the borders.

    Thank you

  48. Hello,

    Maybe I'm dumb, but I cant seem to find a way to break a table.

    In markup I would have done this.


    How can I achieve this in the new editor from Confluence 4.3.2 ??


    thanks for answer.


  49. Anonymous

    How can i create a Pivot table based on a table contents ?

  50. How do I wrap text within a cell?

  51. Anonymous

    Is there a way to highlight cells with background color in Confluence v4.2.8? It will be a while before my company upgrades to Confluence v4.3. Thank you.

  52. Anonymous

    Is there a way to freeze the Table header like we can do it in Excel

    1. Anonymous

      I'm also interested to know if there is a way to freeze Table Header. Did anyone find an solution for this?




      1. Anonymous

        I am also trying to find out how to do this - and how to freeze the far left column as well?

        1. Hi Anonymous, I'm not aware of a way to freeze headers in Confluence tables.  You might want to post your question over at Answers to see if someone from the Atlassian community is able to help. 

        2. Anonymous

          By using Excel?  Why does everyone expect a documentation editor to replicate all known functionality of all the Microsoft products?  Sometimes you just need to get on with the tools you've got instead of asking for rainbows. 


          </rant>. Sorry. It's just that endless requests like this have turned Confluence into an all-singing, all-dancing thing that doesn't actually do what * I* want it to do any more, mainly, just have an ordinary plain-text editor for writing documentation. It used to be the best tool on the market for writing technical docs, and now it's just another online editor. 

  53. Anonymous

    Is there any way to make the table borders invisible?

  54. Anonymous

    In Confluence 4, ow do I paste into a table ? I have the following in my buffer:




    and I want to be able to paste that into a table and end up with:



    In wiki mark up I would have just used emacs to format it with the appropriate "|" 

    1. Anonymous

      At the top of the editing "Window" on the tool bar there is the insert button, there is an option there for inserting wiki markup, there you can insert the pre formatted table. 

  55. Anonymous

    Table border colors should be able to be adjusted. The default table border color is almost white, and on some monitors it blends right in with the white background, making them invisible. Even on a good monitor the lines are pretty dim. I prefer black borders.

    This is basic HTML functionality. When I go to edit the source and add it, confluence removes the border field. Why do that? Why limit our ability to customize our content more than HTML and CSS already has? It seems like it would take more work to filter that out than it would to leave it in.

  56. Anonymous

    I tried both hacks for controlling the table column widths with no luck. Every time I export as PDF the column widths are too tall. Any other suggestions?

  57. Anonymous



    im sorry in advance if this has been resolved already, but im trying to wrap one table with 2 macros, is there a way to define those macros to apply to this one particular table? Like if I could add and ID which I could have called in those macros that would be awesome, but there is no way i could do that or is it? Anyway you might know another solution to this. 

  58. I am trying to do the same thing, and I can't seem to find anyone to help me with a simple sum of columns.

    1. For sum feature for table,

      you can try this,

      EDIT : Oh, I am sorry, this plugin is out of maintenance.

      This one does a lot, and it has very reasonable price.


  59. Hi ChangJoon Lee,


    this is the anonymous who posted that original question about wraping a table into 2 macros. Thank you for your respond, but the problem still remains. I have probably explained my problem poorly. I'm using Scaffolding plugin and on top of that another plugin named Table Filter. The problem is I need to apply both of these macros - code above, to that one particular table. Yes this plugin you have recommended has an ID option, but in scaffolding there is no option to put an ID into, so I think I cant make a dynamic forms (in table) which can be editable more friendly for more common users with a filter. Yes I know I might want too much, but it would all work easily, given the option to add an ID of table i want to affect in both of these plugins/macros. Maybe in wiki markup there is a way to apply those 2 macros for one table? Or maybe there is not and i will continue with my sadness (smile) Is there any way to solve this?


    Thanks in advance for helping me! (wink)

  60. Hello everyone,


    Not sure what you're asking is doable as is.

    I usually use a table-data that is hidden to display and a report to show those data.

    Then the table-filter is focus on the report. This way it works.

    This way i have a better control of what to display....

    Hope it helps someone.



    1. Maybe you should mention that your code needs the "scaffolding"-plugin which isn't free.

  61. Anonymous


    I want my table header row to have Black blackground with white text on it and all the other rows in the table to have Red background with black text on it. I have achieved the red background thing but still can't change the header background to black. Is there a way to do it?

    Please help.


  62. Anonymous

    still no way to move a column left/right? or at least copy and paste a column?

    1. Hi Anonymous, 

      There is no toolbar button for moving or copying a column at this stage. You might want to watch / vote for the issue here CONF-22711 - Support reordering or copy/paste of table columns Resolved .  What I do is to create a new column, and copy the contents of the cells in the column I want to move to the new column, then remove the old column. 



  63. Anonymous

    I'd like to unite cells from neighbouring rows. How can I do it in wiki markup?

    1. Hi Anonymous. I'm not aware of a way you could merge cells in your table using wiki markup, however you can use the Confluence Source Editor plugin to edit the XML directly. See the information here - Confluence Storage Format#Tables.  Please note that the plugin is only available for installed customers. It is not available in OnDemand. 


  64. Anonymous

    So back in 1984 Apple came out with this product called MacPaint (1), where it introduced one of the first toolchains for creating images. Part of this toolchain included a 'fill bucket' icon used to represent the idea of 'filling' something with color.

    What if - our 'highlight cells' icon looked like a fill bucket so we wouldn't have to google search to figure out that this is the tool we want to change the color of the cell. 


    All the snark is just for fun, but seriously – that logo is terrible.

  65. Anonymous

    How do you remove the Table Toolbar?

    1. Hi Anonymous, the table toolbar appears when you add a table, or place your cursor inside a table cell on a page. It is disabled (greyed out) on the toolbar when your cursor is not inside a table cell. 

      As far as I am aware you cannot remove the table toolbar if your page has a table. 


  66. Anonymous

    Oy! That doesn't seem right. Oh wait! It went away! Here's how: Save your document, then reopen it--table toolbar gone. To bring it back click inside a table–table toolbar returns. Thanks!

  67. Anonymous

    I want to control the assistance for a conference. I need a table with two rows (name, date of assistance) to work in a team.  This Table should be update easily, but I looks impossible, it is frustrating.

    Is there anything to create a table like in Excel, that permits users to update the cells or I should  use Excel (inside Confluence).

    1. Hi anonymous, I'm not sure I understand your question. Are you wanting users to be able to fill in a table without editing the page? 

  68. Hello, i'de like to know if there is a way to change the default tables behavior by editing CSS style for example ?

    By default when I create a table it fit automatically to the width of the page.

    I'de like to change it


  69. Anonymous


    how can I hide the table borders? Would be a nice feature.

    Thanks in advance!


  70. Hello,


    Any way to change the tables behavior so it doesn't automaticly resize with the browser windows ?

    Any way to hide the Table lines ?


    1. Hi Gael, there is no way to change this table behaviour in the Confluence editor. There are a couple of posts at Answers that have suggestions from the community. Most of these involve using the Source Editor plugin which is only available for installed customers. 

      Hope this helps a little, Rachel. 

  71. The option for setting highlight colour seems very limited - only 5 colours plus the option for transparent background.

    Could we please have a colour picker so we can set our own colours?

    1. see CONF-27618  (you may want to vote for it)

      1. Perfect - up voted. Thanks.

  72. Anonymous

    Hi, I added a row to the buttom of a table, which cells are highlighted in different colours.

    Unfornately I'm unable to unhighlight the last added cells. For the prevously highlighted cells tis is possible, but not for the newly added cells.

    Any idea?



  73. Anonymous


    I would like to add a border  around a table, but it seems that there is no possibility to do that. 

    Also i would like to change the font size in a table more than 1-6. Is there anywhere a plugin or a something that allows that?

    I would be nice if anyone have an idea how i can do it.



    1. the "table-plus" macro has this feature. It's a plugin provided by Bob Swift. (Marketplace installation)

      It is not for free...

  74. Is there any way to enable simultaneous editing tables?

    1. something similar to google docs spreadsheet

      1. Confluence supports basic concurrent editing.  More information is available here Concurrent Editing and Merging Changes.  This may provide enough functionality for you.   I know some customers choose to embed Google docs (or similar) into Confluence pages using an iframe as a workaround for concurrent editing of spreadsheets and similar content. 

  75. Is there an option to set which column (and direction) by which to sort the table on page load?

  76. Please Please, let us adjust the column width:


    CONF-3393 - Table control - specify column widths Open


    Thank You!!

    1. Hi Elnar, hopefully this will become a feature!

      If you do need to change the layout of a table, it is possible to do with a little css. You can add the css to a single page with the HTML macro. This example below makes all table columns of an equal width, and also creates a big black border (in response to an earlier query).

      If you need standard table styling in your space, not just a single page, you can edit the stylesheet for your space. See Styling Confluence with CSS.

      1. Hey, great script thanks

        Is it possible to have this script only apply to a certain number of tables on a page?

        The top 5 tables on my page are manual entry, one column only, and I want all those tables to have column width of 1200 pixels. 

        The bottom 5 tables are all JIRA filter results, so if I use your formula, the column width in those tables change as well, which makes the page far too wide.

        Any way to just apply this to a few tables on a page?

  77. For how easy everything else in Confluence is, I find tables to constantly cause me to spend far too much time trying to work around the shortcomings of this tool. I think it's the feature that desperately needs the most work. Here are a few:

    • Column widths - make it like in word or excel and be ably to freely adjust column size! Coding in column pixel widths for all the tables in Confluence would take me days. I've already added a feature request, but reiterating. 
    • Highlighting a single column to change formatting - this feature could not come fast enough. 
    • Highlighting rows to change formatting - whenever I highlight a row or whole table to change the alignment, it's not possible. I have to go cell by cell or do groups of cells at a time. It's too slow.


    1. Hi Alice, yes tables in Confluence are quite basic.  

      There is an issue here about column widths -  CONF-3393 - Table control - specify column widths Open .

      I have created an issue for you about making it easier to highlight single columns and rows to apply formatting  CONF-33572 - Select columns or rows in a table to apply formatting New   feel free to add any more info.  Technically you should be able to highlight all the text in a column or row (ignore what the cursor looks like it is selecting) and apply formatting but I have also found that it does not work well in large tables. 

      There are a few add-ons on Marketplace that extend the table functionality. I haven't used them, but if you are not using Confluence OnDemand you might want to have a look at what is available. 

  78. Using the alignment button for a big matrix is a real pain in the arm :|

    Not only you have to click in every single cell - the aligning itself takes over a whole SECOND!

    Is there a way to define the alignment a whole row and/or column at once? And if not - could you PLEASE implement one? (big grin)

    1. our users are also complaining about this, I added a note to CONF-33572 to describe our problem.

  79. Hi,

    I'm a n00b to Confluence. I made a table on a "sandbox" scenario page just to practice using tables. It looks great in the editor but when I save it and look at it in my web browser there are extra "returns" in some of the cells. 

    This is what it looks like in the editor:

    This is what it looks like in my browser, Chrome and IE:

    I found that if I deleted and completely recreated the table the issue was resolved but that seems like a onerous workaround. 

    Does anyone have a quicker/easier solution?

  80. Hello,

    Is it possible, and if so, how, that you can save a table when you sort it in with another column?
    Or, can you save it in Edit-mode? Although we have version 5.4.1 I can't sort my table in Edit-mode. It would be awesome, because we have a list where sometimes information is added, and it would be more helpfull if you can alphabatise it in Edit-mode instead of letting the viewer alphabatise it...

    Hope you can help me!

    Thank you

    1. Hi Vera, you're right - you can't sort tables in the editor, and sorting the table when viewing a page does not persist - so if you navigate away from the page the table will return to the default (which is the way it is sorted in the editor).  I don't know of any plans to change this sorting behaviour in the near future. Sorry.

      1. Hi Rachel,
        Too bad, then I had mis-read it. Thank you for your quick reply!

  81. Can I sort a "date" column in the real order; using Conf 5.5.2 I can sort columns by clicking the heading, but columns that contain dates are treated as text, which means that 01/06/2014 comes before 24/05/2014.....and last time I checked, it doesn't (smile)

    I've seen that Bob Swift does something for "date columns", but I'm not entirely happy about buying something that ought (IMHO) to be part of the product's functionality.

    Is there any way to do this natively in Confluence or, if not, are there any plans to implement this functionality.  Our recent upgrade to 5.5.2 (from 4.2.11) was so that users could sort tables - amongst other reasons! - but that feature isn't 100% perfect......yet!!

    Come on Atlassian, make Confluence sort date columns in true date order (thumbs up)


    1. Hi Mark, the new date lozenges should help with dates in tables, however looks like there is still an issue with sorting  CONF-34002 - Dates aren't sorted correctly Resolved .  Feel free to vote / comment on the issue. 

  82. Hi,

    Is there a way to display a specific table rows in a different space? 

    For example: The table below has 3 rows. I wish to display only row #3 in a different space. 

    Space A: Workers, Page: Workers_info:


     Display in Space B: Personal_Space -> Page: Personal_info



    Is there a way to do that?


    Thank you.

  83. A useful table feature would be a simple button that allows you to toggle borders on or off. This way you could achieve this basic function from within the text editor. Thanks, Helen

  84. I'd like to publish a dynamic table that is generated as part of a Bamboo build.  Is there a way to link to a CSV file and render it as a table in Confluence?

  85. When you add styling such as a background to a table header (which seems common), how do I get that same styling to be applied when I export to Word.  It seems like all table styling is removed (borders, background colors). 

  86. RE: Deleting rows.  What (if any) are the options to delete multiple rows? We like using as much page 'real estate' as possible and are experimenting with page layout (e.g. 3 column section) then copying one long table into 3 parts (hence need for deleting multple rows as once).

  87. 7 years and running, and Confluence still making dealing with tables a pain.


  88. Hello,

    It is possible to precisely control the width of the columns without using a hack, with CSS 3.

    This works in Confluence. Unfortunately does not work for export pdf...

    See my comment in CONF-3393.



    1. Hi Dominique,

      Nice work with the CSS styling. Unfortunately, there's no other way, currently, to control column widths in Confluence. We'll update the issue you mention, if the situation changes.

  89. I've been struggling for a few hours with this, so I figured I could drop a post here for anyone who might be looking for something similar:

    The following code creates a one-row table with a middle column of fixed column width, and the cell in this fixed column contains a Code Block which can expand without altering the size width of the table. Additional rows should follow the same structure.

    Hope this can help prevent someone from pulling their hair out in the future (smile)

    1. That's excellent - thank you, Martin. 

  90. Trying to use the new ability to get the header row to "stick" in 5.8.

    Created a blank page. Added a 20-row table. Saved page. Header row does not stick.

    One concern with the exceptions listed above is:

    • your table is inside a page layout, or inside another table.

    What is meant by this, or rather, how can something not be inside a page layout?

      1. Still, I would say that every page has a layout, even if it is only one section; when you click the Layout button, the pre-existing section is highlighted.

        So perhaps the exception should be, "more than one section in the layout."

        Regardless, I didn't do any layout adjustment and so none of the exceptions apply to me and yet it still doesn't stick.

    1. Hi Milo,  is the space you are in use the Documentation theme or another third party or custom theme?  Sticky table headers are only supported in the default theme. 

      By page layouts, I mean pages that have sections and columns (either added using the page layouts button, or using the macros).  A blank page, for example, does not have a page layout. 

      If you have feedback on this feature, the best place to raise it is in our issue tracker here

      1. Thanks. I've added an issue: CONF-37841 - Table head doesn't stick Resolved

  91. I just upgraded our test system to 5.8.4 and am looking to see the new table features.

    As expressed by other people above, it's not working for me neither.

    Table headers are not sticky, even on a very simple page without layout stuff.

    Other than that, for tables having pages which are wider than the browser, the horizontal scrollbar (in Firefox, at least) is at the wrong place. It repeats at the bottom of the browser where it does not belong to. (It should be at the bottom of the content frame). The excess horizontal scroll bar is painted on top of the "Powered by Atlassian Confluence" line, which makes it look ugly.

    1. Hi Hans-Peter, the best way to give us feedback about the sticky table headings is to raise an issue so the dev team can look at it directly. 

      1. I discovered in the meantime that my observation regarding sticky table headers not working, was in the Documentation Theme. It works in the default theme (which I don't like and don't use)

        I have created a ticket (CONF-37888) for getting sticky table headers supported in the Documentation Theme.

        (Any voters?)



        for tables having pages which are wider than the browser, the horizontal scrollbar (in Firefox, at least) is at the wrong place. It repeats at the bottom of the browser where it does not belong to.

        this is also Documentation Theme related. In the meantime I figured out that this is not a new behavior. It has been like this at least since 5.4, maybe even longer. And (although it looks unusual) I consider it now "a feature, not a bug".

      2. Hi Rachel, the best way to give us feedback is regrettably not working as expected.

        Sherif Mansour has rejected this request with "Will not fix" within just one day. (No more votes possible therefore).

        So, your suggestion to raise an issue turns out to be a waste of time. Seems, the the product managers at Atlassian are not interested in getting our feedback.

        This behavior of Sherif and others is absolutely disappointing and unprofessional and showing a high level of ignorance for customers.

        1. This discussion is about tables in Confluence.  It is not your soapbox.

        2. Hi Hans-Peter, I'm very sorry you have had a such a bad experience with this issue. I didn't put two and two together when I read your original comment, and realise that you were using the documentation theme, or I wouldn't have suggested raising a ticket. 

          This page lists the instances where table headers will not be sticky. We've announced that we are planning to unbundle the documentation theme, and eventually merge its features with the default theme, which means there won't be any further feature development for this theme.