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The Confluence editor supports most text effects available in standard text editing applications.

Applying paragraph styles

Choose a paragraph style from the editor toolbar, or click in the paragraph and use one of the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+(0–8) .

Screenshot: Choosing paragraph styles from the editor toolbar

On this page:

Related pages:

Applying character formats

To apply a character format, select the text and click one of the editor toolbar buttons, or use a keyboard shortcut. Some formats are available from the 'More' menu.

Screenshot: Text formatting buttons on the editor toolbar


Shortcut Key















(info) Choose Clear Formatting from the 'More' menu to remove all formatting.

Applying colours to text

To apply a colour to text, select the text and choose the colour option in the editor toolbar. To see the available colours, choose the dropdown arrow next to the colour option.

Screenshot: Picking colours from the editor toolbar

Aligning text

You can align text to the left, right or centre of a content block. Select the text and click the appropriate alignment option on the editor toolbar.

Screenshot: Left, centre and right alignment options on the editor toolbar

Indenting text

You can move text to the left or right by a predefined sequence of indentations. Confluence determines the size of the indentation. Select the text and click the left or right indentation option on the editor toolbar.

Screenshot: Left and right indentation options on the editor toolbar



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  1. Anonymous

    Is there a way to add new heading styles in the drop-down menu?

    1. Hi,

      I am afraid that this is not currently possible. Feel free to raise a feature request at and describe in detail how you require this feature to work. Please add yourself as a watcher, vote for this feature and add your own comments to this feature request. For further details on how we include new features and improvements, you might want to read this page


  2. Hi,

    I am trying to add a numbered list, or something similar, that looks more like the following.








    Currently numbered list go from numbers to lower case letters to roman numerals.

    A subset to this question, if I place other content that isn't in the numbered list and then I start with the numbered list again the values restart at 1, how do I get them to continue throughout the page? 



    1. Anonymous


      Did you find an answer to this problem? I am trying to do the same thing.

      1. Unfortunately I have not found an answer for this.  Someone did try to help but what they offered was the Table of Contents macro, which kinda worked but resulted in duplicate text.

    2. Anonymous

      You can modify the stylesheet and use CSS 3 components to do this.


    3. Anonymous

      I am really looking for an answer to your second question there. "If I place other content that isn't in the numbered list and then I start with the numbered list again the values restart at 1, how do I get the numbered list to continue throughout the page???" I hope someone can help!

      Thanks (smile)

      1. Anonymous

        You need to remove any spaces between lines and the list item. You will have created these spaces when you hit the Enter/Return key. Replace those spaces by holding the Shift key + Enter/Return key; this allows you to have spacing between list items without ending the paragraph. Now if you click on the number bullet you will have the numbering continue from where you left off.

        NOTE: You cannot change Heading styles while in numbering mode - everything has to be the same. So if you are in Paragraph mode, you have to stay in Paragraph mode. The only thing you can do is Bold, Underline, and Italics.

  3. Anonymous

    For what it's worth:

    I have been trying to find a way to have a web URL show up as plain text (plain in the sense that it looks and acts like the rest of the text). I usually work in Wiki Markup mode, but I can't find a way in either that or the Rich Text mode. For example, the following line would appear in the wiki:

    Copy and paste into some field.

    Here, it automatically detects the web address and makes it clickable. I don't what that. I want it to be in line and not pushed down like with {noformat} macro, even with the nopanel=true switch. So to make it look exactly like that, but not clickable, I did this

    Copy and paste {color:blue}{color} into some field. 

    The colon character entity disrupts the auto-linking and makes the text appear as just text.

    If anyone has a better way of doing it, I'd be interested. the monospace markup {{}} doesn't do the trick.


    1. Anonymous

      As far as I know you can click the link in the editor and choose "unlink" to make it appear as clear text and not a link.

      Hope it hels.

  4. Anonymous

    Hi, is it possible to move the Title of the page to the center by using style macro that applies only a the specific wiki page?

    Please note that we don't have Confluence Admin permissions to create any user macro. Thanks

  5. How do you change font colors outside the basic palette provided?  The previous version had More Colors that you could enter the html color code, however I don't see that in this version.

  6. Hi,

    How can I change the line spacing between formatted text?

    With the old wiki markup editor we could enter text:

    like this

    and this

    and this

    except without the huge line spaces between the text.


    1. Anonymous

      Hold SHIFT and press ENTER.

      1. Anonymous

        Thanks! SH+ENTER did it for me!


  7. It seems that pasting text content from a word file somehow preserves the styling from word, although the style in Confluence is set to 'paragraph'. Using 'clear formatting' removes this formatting and enforces the common 'paragraph' styling.

    The really strange thing is that it seems that Confluence pastes styling from word that can't be done inside Confluence, i.e. font sizes will be applied to the Confluence text.

  8. Question regarding Numbered Lists:

    If I place other content that isn't in my numbered list (such as an image) and then I start with the numbered list again the values restart at 1. How can I get the numbered list to continue throughout the page??? I hope someone can help! 

    Thanks (smile)

    1. Crud that no one has replied... I have the exact same question!

    2. I use a soft return (shift &enter) to place a picture directly beneath numbered text.  Then press enter to continue numbering.

      1. Duh – I should have figured this out.  Thank you!!!!

    3. The problem occurs with any macro, image or non-list numbered content, like this.

      1. step 1
      2. step 2

      <a macro>

      1. step 3
      1. Hallo Darryl

        Here's what I do:

        1. Create my list steps as usual.
        2. Break out of the list, and add the macro somewhere on the page.
        3. Go back to the list, at the list item where I want to add the macro.
        4. Press Shirt+Enter to get a soft carriage return – this starts a new line within the same list item
        5. Go to my macro, select it and press Ctrl+X to cut it.
        6. Go back to the empty line immediately below my list item, and press Ctrl+V to paste the macro.

          This is my panel macro, neatly inside a list.

        7. (This step and those below were added before I pasted the above macro.)
        8. Happy list building. (smile)
        1. Hi Darryl & Sarah,

          You can use a much simper workflow that that:

          1. Create list steps as usual
          2. Press Shift+Enter to start a new line, then use autocomplete to add the macro or image directly

            This is my panel macro, neatly inside a list.

          3. Press the down arrow to exit the macro, if necessary
          4. Press Enter to start a new line and continue the numbering
        2. Thanks Sarah and Mark, your workaround works a treat.

          Two more points on this subject.

          1. The pages I'm trailing are built from an (Author-it generated) MS Word import, the process is still quite painfully manual.  
          2. I'm a little unhappy how that bottom of the panel macro almost touches the following line, and how the list items are all pushed together without any inter-line spacing.  I don't see a way to fix that other than doing a Shift+Enter after each list item.  Is there a way to customise the inter-line spacing?  In this reply, I'd like to see more vertical space between points 1 and 2. 
          3. One day I'd like to be able to round-trip between Word (and Author-it) and Confluence (smile)
          1. For (2), you can override this yourself by Styling Confluence with CSS.

            For example, use the following in the space stylesheet to separate the bottom of the panel from the text below:

            #main-content .panel {
             margin-bottom: 10px;

            I agree with you that the default spacing is not right; I have raised an issue for this:

            CONF-26544 - Body macros should have a non-zero bottom margin Resolved

  9. Anonymous

    Two questions:

    1. How can I change the text color without having to touch the mouse?
    2. How can I select a specific color by hand. e.g. in confluence 3.5 I could say {color:gray} How can I do that in Confluence 4?
    1. You can use the insert wiki markup to use the {color tag}.  I wish they had included the more colors option in the color pallet.  It was a lot easier to enter HTML colors there.


  10. Anonymous

    Every time I paste text from OneNote into a confluence page, it adds ridiculous line spacing.  I've researched how to disable this autoformatting or even CHANGE line spacing for text and have come up empty.  

    How do I revert or change line spacing for text?

  11. Anonymous

    Yep line spacing is default to double line for some reason.   Yes a shift-enter just goes to the next line, but like the above, when you paste text in it adds all the extra white space.   What settings an be changed to fix this?   Since the typical editing is not to have all that extra white space...

  12. Is it possible to change the font itself as you create text?


  13. Anonymous

    I'm also searching for a way to disable the addition of extra spaces between lines that are added when pasting from another document.  My standard usecase is that I'm adding meeting notes that were typed up in an email or textfile.  These can be hundreds of lines, so going back over them and hitting shift-enter for each line is not a pleasant solution, although it's adequate for my other major use-case of pasting in meeting logistics from my calendar.  But seriously, every use-case I have with confluence involves pasting data in, so every last bit of data needs to be reformatted after it's pasted, so I'm holding off on adding most new content until I find a solution, setting or workaround.


    1. Anonymous

      I completely agree with this comment.  All I want to do is paste text without extra spaces being added between lines.

      It is very frustrating to not be able to paste plain text and have it appear as it was copied.

      Pasting the text into the wiki markup box will cause the text to appear in editor without the extra spaces between lines. I've noticed it removes extra spaces between words as well. Its not a pretty solution but it is another approach to dealing with this "feature."

    2. Anonymous

      This is a problem even for simple editing.  The massive amounts of extra space between lines that is forced into the editor with no simple way of removing it is infuriating.  There needs to be a way to turn off the addition of space after a carriage return.





  14. Anonymous

    The indent buttons are ALWAYS greyed out on the wiki Rich Text editor.

    What is the code tag for indentation, so I can add it manally?!!

    1. which version?

      V3 has them greyed out until you format the text as a bullet or numbered list.

      V4 has outdent greyed out but indent works as a 'tab' button then the outdent is available

  15. Anonymous

    how about changing background or highlight colour ...  could do this in  the old one  but seems to have been lost in the updates   (sad) 

    1. Hey guys,

      Highlighter plugin allows to select text and change background of the selection to yellow (other colors will come later). Users can highlight text fragments without editing the page source.


  16. Anonymous

    Hi. Can I modify the color button? I mean that only limited colors for text are selectable based on our corporate identity.

    Regards Sascha

    1. Our company has the same standards.  The only way to incorporate our brand colors was to use the wiki markup code and set the colors there.

  17. How about text marking? We use the highlight macro from Adaptavist now, but i rather have a 'text effect button' for this.

    1. Hi Edwin,

      Highlighter plugin might be what you are looking for:


  18. Anonymous

    Are there any plans of introducing a text highlighter instrument? I really miss it when I edit text on confluence. There is the only option to change font color but this is not really enough sometimes.

    1. That's what i meant with the text marking part (smile)

      1. Please. I built a Knowledge Base using Confluence and the editors like the Confluence editor although they are missing the easy Work highlight marker !!!

        I added the highlight macro but it is all but convenient for the editors and it is not at all WYSIWYG.

  19. Anonymous



    the double spacing question

    ...really annoying. Only way to get rid of it that I've found is to past into Notepad, remove the double space, then re-paste into Confluence.

    Should look like - again, had to copy and paste from notepad to do this.

  20. Anonymous

    Ya, where is the highlighter / back ground color????

    1. Hi,

      You can try Highligter plugin to change background color of important text fragments:


  21. In the section above where Applying colours to text is described, there is a reference to a "More colours" button. I cannot find one in Confluence 4.3.7. Is there such a button? We have users asking us whether it is possible to specify a particular colour, and I'm hoping there is a way to do it. In Confluence 3.x, we used the color macro.


    1. Hallo sjolar

      Thanks for this feedback! The text was confusing: there isn't a "Colour" button, nor a "More Colours" button. Rather, there's the colour option in the toolbar, and a dropdown arrow that shows you the available colours. (The tooltips on the options are "Colour" and "More Colours".) This is the case in Confluence 4.3 and Confluence 5. I've fixed the text:

      To apply a colour to text, select the text and choose the colour option in the editor toolbar. To see the available colours, choose the dropdown arrow next to the colour option.



  22. Hi Sarah and thanks for your rapid reply and action on my query!


  23. In confluence 5, it appears we've lost the ability to set the text to arbitrary colors? (if not, I am still unable to find it).  Even if I add the css macro, the style is being overridden by the default P style from confluence.

    Has anyone had any luck setting custom colors for the text in Confluence 5?  If so, how?

    Never mind. I found it.

    In the editor, clicking on the help question mark icon let me to the answer.  There is a hotkey to allow you to enter in wiki formatting directly and then I could use the {color...} wiki markup syntax directly.

  24. Is there a way to set an arbitrary text color for OnDemand clients who don't have access to the {color} macro? I don't think its available to us, and it looks like user macros are also disabled.

    Fished my wish; it looks like you can do this using the 'div' macro; add "color: #xxxxxx;" to the style parameter, where xxxxxx is a valid hex color.

  25. Anonymous

    Hi, how can I change defaults formatting of headings?

    For example: I want to unbold headings 4 to 6.

  26. How do I add sub-bullets to an existing numbered list?  For example I have an existing list:

    1. item 1
    2. item 2
    3. item 3

    I want to add to the list to make it look like:

    1. item 1
      • sub item
      • sub item
    2. item 2
    3. item 3
      • sub item

    I can't figure out how to do so without deleting the whole list and redoing it completely in the "wiki-markup" window (which is how I did the example).

    1. Bump?!  I too am wondering how to insert sub-bullets into an existing numbered list.   Thank you!

        1. Press the button or shortcut for a numbered list
        2. Press return to add new items
        3. Press tab to indent the list
        4. Press the button or shortcut for a bulleted list
          • like this


        1. Hi Mark,

          Your example ends too early.

          It's becoming REALLY difficult if you want to proceed your numbered list at 5. after your bullet list. It's VERY hard to do it, we have spent already a lot of time fighting with the editor. Once the editor decides to proceed with 1. instead of 5. after type bullet list, you're almost lost.


          1. numbered 1
          2. numberd 2
          3. numbered 3
          4. numbered 4, now pressing <enter>, then the bullet list button
          • bullet 1
          • bullet 2, now pressing <enter>, then the numbered list button
          1. want to proceed with 5. but it gives me a 1.


          how would you do it?


          Now trying your <tab> solution:

          1. numbered 1
          2. numbered 2
          3. numbered 3
          4. numbered 4, now pressing <enter> then <tab> then bullet list button
            • bullet 1
            • bullet 2, now pressing <enter> then <shift-tab>
          5. oh, now I am on 5. good,. though I'm surprised. I think I have seen different behavior yesterday, it continued without numbering, maybe it was on different browser type. (MS-IE)



          OK, here is an example of the problem. Take my first example (where the list continued with 1.) and try to repair it.

          I can't get it repaired without rewriting the last 3 lines.

          1. As you describe, I would return to the numbered list by using the <shift-tab> shortcut.

            1. one
              • bullet
              • bullet
            2. two

            This works well for me. If you don't press <shift-tab> then you are still inside the indented sublist, so I would not expect it to continue the top-level numbering.

            If you do see different or unexpected behaviour in any browser, please raise a bug.


          2. Take my first example (where the list continued with 1.) and try to repair it.

            Here is how I repaired it:

            1. Highlight the lines which are bullets, and press the numbered list button
              • this converts the list back to a standard 1->7 single list
            2. Press <tab>
              •  this indents the 2 highlighted lines, leaving the top level list going 1->5
            3. Press the bulleted list button
              • this converts the 2 indented lines into bullets


            1. quite tricky and not really intuitive.

              well, I know that it's also a pain point in MS-Word.

              1. Thank you both for your assistance.  I'll just imagine that I'm still in Word (smile)