Documentation for Confluence 5.5.
Documentation for Confluence Cloud and earlier versions of Confluence is available too.

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To create the anchor: Add an anchor macro using wiki markup. Confluence will convert the macro to rich text format and add it to the page. For example, to create an anchor named 'index', type the following: {anchor:index}

To create the link: Use wiki markup too. Type the link, including the alias (if required), the hash character # and the anchor name. As soon as you type the closing square bracket, Confluence will convert the link to rich text format and add it to the page. This means that you can skip the link browser.

  • This works if you have 'Autoformatting' enabled in the editor settings in your user profile.
  • This does not work if you paste the wiki markup onto the page. You need to enter the closing bracket manually.
  • Example: [Index|#index]
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