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What is a doc sprint?

A doc sprint is a short (two to three day) event when a group of people collaborate to develop a specific set of tutorials, often including the associated code. Our latest doc sprint focused on developer documentation for Confluence wiki. We invite everyone to take part in our doc sprints, including:

  • Any Atlassian from around the globe
  • Atlassian Experts
  • External developers
  • External technical writers

Event Details

Event name

Atlassian Doc Sprint 4. Read about the focus of this event and some background info that explains why you should participate! Then sign up and join us. (smile)


Wednesday 22 August to Friday 24 August 2012 (3 days)

Location in Australia

The Atlassian Sydney office
173-185 Sussex Street, Sydney, Australia

Location in US

The Atlassian San Francisco office
1098 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA, 94103, USA

Location in Europe

The Atlassian Amsterdam office
Keizersgracht 311, 1016EE Amsterdam, Netherlands


Want to join us remotely? If you can't make it to Sydney, San Francisco or Amsterdam, or if you'd like to spend just a few hours rather than the whole three days, drop in on our daily webinar sessions, follow the buzz in our online chat room and subscribe to our email list. We'll fill in the details nearer the date.

A bit more about doc sprints

  • The technical writers here at Atlassian run doc sprints from time to time.
    • Our first doc sprint received so much positive feedback that we decided to run more.
    • As you may have noticed, we  like  love  can't live without  adore our chocolate too!

  • Each doc sprint has a different focus and purpose. In the latest sprint, we added new tutorials and edit existing tutorials in the Confluence developer documentation. Here's our wish list for the August 2012 doc sprint.
  • Your documentation will be published on the Atlassian Developers site for the world to see.
    • We may also use your ideas and designs and merge them into our documentation. If so, we'll credit you with a comment on your work.
    • Of course, if you produce an absolutely perfect masterpiece, then we'll use it in our documentation as is!
    • As with all the documentation on the Atlassian documentation wikis, any content you create here will be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Australia License.
    • If you prefer, you can publish your tutorial on your own website and we will link to it from our documentation.

What will you get out of participating?

  • A limited-edition doc sprint T-shirt. Everyone loves a T-shirt, Atlassians more than most. Our designers have come up with a doc sprint special.
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