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  • How to reset the Administration Page password in Fisheye or Crucible

Documentation for FishEye 3.0.x. Documentation for other versions is available too.

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If you have forgotten or misplaced the password for the Admin page (http://<FECRU_URL>:<FECRU_PORT>/admin), you can reset it manually.

To manually reset the admin password, please edit your FISHEYE_INST/config.xml file (make a backup as well before editing).

You will see something like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<config control-bind="" version="1.0" admin-hash="352353256326369233A801FC3">

To reset the password to "admin", please change the admin-hash value so that it appears as admin-hash="21232F297A57A5A743894A0E4A801FC3"

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<config control-bind="" version="1.0" admin-hash="21232F297A57A5A743894A0E4A801FC3">

Restart Fisheye for this to take effect. You should now be able to access the FishEye Admin page (http://<FECRU_URL>:<FECRU_PORT>/admin) with the password "admin". Please change this password immediately from the Admin area: click Change Admin password (under "Security Settings").

See also Best practices for FishEye configuration.

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  1. Anonymous

    or use this hash "4D0C5DB8382F80C58E7B0619AE5767A7" to reset the password to 'fisheye'