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  • Migrating repositories to a changed root location

Documentation for FishEye 3.0.x. Documentation for other versions is available too.

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This describes how to migrate existing internal repositories when following the instructions at Setting the root location for internal repositories.

Before you restart your FishEye server after modifying the repositories-root attribute of the <repository-management> element in your config.xml file, you will need to migrate any existing repositories to the new location.

Steps to migrate your existing managed repositories:

  1. Follow the steps at Setting the root location for internal repositories up until the reference to migrating existing repositories.
  2. Copy all of the directories in your current repositories-root (by default, this is in the %FISHEYE_INST%/manged_repos directory) to the new location that you have specified. 
  3. Open your config.xml file for editing.
  4. Update the location attribute of each <git> element that is the child of a managed <repository> element to reference the updated repository location under the new repositories root. Managed <repository> elements have the attribute managed="true".
  5. Continue following the steps at Setting the root location for internal repositories.

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