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Integrating FishEye with JIRA for User Management

You can manage your FishEye/Crucible users in JIRA.

For further information, see the JIRA documentation here: Allowing Other Applications to Connect to JIRA for User Management

  • You cannot use JIRA Cloud to manage FishEye Server users. Atlassian Cloud users and your FishEye users need to be managed separately.

Integrating FishEye with Crowd

Atlassian's Crowd user management application can be integrated with FishEye.

You set the basic Crowd properties, such as the application name, password and URL, using the FishEye adminstration screens, as described in Integrating Crowd with FishEye in the Crowd Administrator's Guide.

You can also fine tune your Crowd integration by overriding the default Crowd properties, such as the session validation interval and SSO cookie name, by manually editing the config.xml file in your FishEye installation directory. See Integrating Crowd with FishEye for details.

If the option for Auto-add is set to Create a FishEye user on successful login all users in your JIRA or Crowd instance will be allowed to login and an account created, even if they are not a member of groups you have selected to sync.