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This page describes the known issues for FishEye 2.7. All known issues are shown in the table below.

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Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base articles are the set of issues the support team has highlighted as important issues that are likely to impact customer environments.
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Bug Tracker

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FishEye 2.7 Knowledge Base Articles

FishEye 2.7 Known Bugs

Note that this filter contains bugs with the field Affects Version set. It does not comprise the entire set of bugs; specifically, it does not include bugs reported in prior versions.

T Key Summary P Status
Bug FE-3864 FishEye/Crucible does not respect @RequiresRestart annotation Major Open
Bug FE-3792 Moving a directory above the repository root causes FileNotFoundExceptions when indexing the move revision Major Open
Bug FE-3686 Cloning fails with ANSI characters in paths (Windows only) Major Open
Bug FE-3627 Trying to resize left column in user profile results in weirdness Major Open
Bug CRUC-5857 OAUTH UI Fail Major Open
Bug FE-3691 Clicking "Configure Managed Settings Now" in dialog that appears when git is not configured doesn't anchor to the correct part of the page Minor Open
Bug FE-3690 Stopped or disabled managed repositories do not perform an index when they are started Minor Open
Bug FE-3689 "Fork" action should be protected with the same dialog as "Create new.." repository action Minor Open
Bug FE-3688 Forks and graph tabs do not show repository is scanning messages Minor Open
Bug FE-3687 Users that have write permissions should automatically have read permissions Minor Open
Bug FE-3685 If you create a repository and then push a single commit with a commit hook directive, it will not be processed Minor To be reviewed
Bug FE-3684 Import existing / git projects instruction titles confusing Minor Open
Bug FE-3683 Should remove Git Authentication section for managed repositories Minor Open
Bug CRUC-5895 Incorrect error when JIRA issue could not be found Minor Open
Bug CRUC-5894 After an issue has been transitioned, ensure the jira tooltip cache is flushed Minor Open
Bug CRUC-5893 Issue transitioning doesn't respect moving issue Minor Open
Bug CRUC-5892 Crucible edit details author dropdown arrow misplaced Minor Open

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