This documentation relates to Gadgets and Dashboards 3.0.x
If you are using an earlier version, please view the previous versions of the Gadgets documentation and select the relevant version.

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This guide explains the the functionality of the Atlassian dashboards that are based on the new Atlassian Gadgets framework.

We are developing and implementing gadget support in each of the Atlassian applications incrementally. The documentation for each application gives details of the gadget functionality supported in that application. In addition, you can refer to the Gadgets and Dashboards Version Matrix to see the gadget functionality supported by each version of the Atlassian applications.

Writing your own Gadget

It is not difficult to write a gadget, especially if you have some HTML and JavaScript skills. You can create a gadget that will work on an Atlassian dashboard. Take a look at our guide to gadget development.

User Guide Table of Contents

Adding a Gadget to your Dashboard
Removing a Gadget from your Dashboard
Changing the Layout of your Dashboard
Changing the Look and Behaviour of a Gadget
Adding an Atlassian Gadget to iGoogle and Other Web Sites
Allowing Other Applications to Access Data on Your Behalf


Introduction to Atlassian Gadgets and Dashboards
Gadgets and Dashboards Administration Guide
Gadgets and Dashboards Documentation

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