This documentation relates to Gadgets and Dashboards 3.0.x
If you are using an earlier version, please view the previous versions of the Gadgets documentation and select the relevant version.

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About Whitelists

For security reasons, you as an administrator may wish to limit the URLs from which users can source content that is displayed on your JIRA or Confluence site (e.g. in an External Gadget). The 'Whitelist' is a list of URLs whose content you wish to make available to users of your site.

You can add URLs (or URL patterns) to your whitelist as described below. Alternatively, if your site and users do not have access to the internet, you can choose to 'Allow all URLs' (see below).

Note that URLs for which Application Links are configured are automatically whitelisted, so you do not need to add them to this list.

Editing the Whitelist

To configure a whitelist in JIRA, see Configuring the Whitelist.

To configure a whitelist in Confluence, see Configuring the Whitelist.


  • Note, configuring an applink also acts as a whitelist entry.
  • When a gadget or subscription is removed from your site, the whitelist entry is not automatically removed.
  • When a gadget or a subscription is added to your site, a whitelist entry is added automatically (JIRA only).
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