This documentation relates to an earlier version of Atlassian Gadgets.

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This documentation applies to Gadgets and Dashboards 1.0

This documentation applies to version 1.0 of Atlassian Gadgets and Dashboards. The latest Gadgets and Dashboards documentation is available via this link.

Atlassian Gadgets and Dashboards Documentation
About Gadgets and Dashboards
What are Atlassian Gadgets?

Atlassian gadgets are similar to Google gadgets. A gadget is a small object (i.e. a piece of functionality) offering dynamic content that you can put onto a dashboard, a wiki page or some other web page. Atlassian gadgets allow interaction with Atlassian applications such as JIRA and Confluence.

What is an Atlassian Dashboard?

A dashboard is usually the landing page of an application such as JIRA or Confluence. With the newer Atlassian dashboards, you can add gadgets and personalise the dashboard display by moving the gadgets around, changing their colour, and changing other preferences to suit you.


If you have a question about using an Atlassian gadget or dashboard within an Atlassian application, please contact our support team.

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Download the Documentation

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Finding the latest released version

Please refer to the latest Gadgets and Dashboards documentation for information about the newest release.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Atlassian Gadgets and Dashboards

Gadgets and Dashboards Administration Guide

Gadgets and Dashboards User Guide

Gadgets and Dashboards Development Hub

Gadgets and Dashboards Version Matrix

Gadgets and Dashboards FAQ

Gadgets and Dashboards Glossary

Atlassian Gadgets Release Notes

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