Documentation for GreenHopper 4.0. Documentation for other versions of JIRA Agile is available too.
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This page lists the most frequently asked questions regarding the GreenHopper plugin for JIRA. You may also wish to consult the GreenHopper Knowledge Base which contains articles on known issues in GreenHopper.

Getting help

You can check out the Atlassian GreenHopper forums for advice from other users. If you need further assistance from us to resolve a problem, please log an issue on our support system.

On this page:

How can I improve the performance of GreenHopper?

Here is a list that may help you to improve your GreenHopper performance

  • First, make sure your gzip compression from the JIRA -> 'Administration' -> 'Global Settings' -> 'General configuration' is set to 'on'.
  • GreenHopper will play with more then one issue at the same time. Your JVM will then require more Memory then JIRA standalone. We strongly recommend to have at least 512 MB of RAM allocated to your JVM.
  • Since GreenHopper is displaying and building the statistics for all unreleased versions make sure to release your versions once they are done.
  • Use the filters or contexts if you are updating a lot of issues.
  • In your context the default sort by option is 'Natural' sorting. This is very heavy sorting that regroups task and subtasks. If you have a lot of issues this sorter can be very slow. We strongly suggest that you select a GreenHopper ranking field instead (make sure that the 'Number Searcher' is selected as the 'Search Template'), this one is indexed therefore very fast.
  • Avoid adding to much fields in your issue card templates — Remember that all the information needs to travel on the wire...
  • Avoid unlimited text field in your card templates.
  • You can configure your server to add an Expires or a Cache-Control Header
  • If using Firefox please read this Knowledge Base article about resolving performance issues when using GreenHopper with Firebug.

Some users have reported that the performance of GreenHopper can be very poor on a VMWare. They have increased their performance significantly by installing JIRA and GreenHopper on a standalone server.

Which fix-version or component do I see on the cards/summaries?

The version (or component) displayed in the summaries and cards is the committed version (or component). If you are using the Master option, the committed version (or component) will be the end-child version (or component) where your issue resides. Otherwise, it is simply the version where your issue resides.

Oracle-related problems

Please refer to this Knowledge Base article if you are using Oracle with JIRA.

Which fields are required for GreenHopper to be efficient?

The required fields for GreenHopper to be efficient are:

  1. The fix version and components, otherwise the planning board would not make any sense.
  2. The status of the issue, otherwise the task board would not make any sense.

Which languages are supported?

For now, English, French, German and Dutch are supported. Almost all character sets (like Cyrillic, Greek...) are supported in the inputs. More languages will be supported in future releases.

Where can I find the hierarchy report plugin?

The hierarchy plugin can be found here

After the installation, I do not see the Planning Board menu item.

Your version of JIRA might be too old. Sorry, we do not support JIRA 3.6.5 and older.

Will the JIRA backup function backup GreenHopper as well?

Yes, but you will need to restart your JIRA when restoring a backup since GreenHopper is caching some values and for the restored values to take effect in GreenHopper you will need to empty the cache by restarting your JIRA.