Documentation for GreenHopper 4.4.x . Documentation for other versions of JIRA Agile is available too.
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The Task Board is a view of issues for a version of a project. You can view all of the issues assigned to a version and their status at a glance, as well as transition issues through a workflow by simply dragging and dropping it.

To view the Task Board for your project,

  1. Log into JIRA.
  2. Click the 'Agile' link's down-arrow in the top navigation bar and select 'Task Board' from the resulting dropdown menu. The 'Task Board' will be displayed.
  3. Select your project from the project dropdown in the top left of the Task Board (next to 'TASK BOARD'), if it is not already selected. The 'Task Board' will refresh with information for your project.
  4. GreenHopper offers two viewing modes for the Task Board, 'Compact' and 'Outlined'. To select the view for the Task Board, click the 'View' menu then click the desired view:

(tick) Tip: you can also jump directly to the Task Board when viewing an issue in JIRA, by selecting 'Task Board' from the 'More Actions' menu.
(tick) Tip: You can configure your Task Board context and user preferences to personalise your Task Board. If you have too many issues to display on the Task Board, you will need to configure your Task Board context to reduce the number of issues displayed.
(tick) Tip: You can hide/show columns in either viewing mode by clicking the 'Views' menu and clicking the appropriate column name under the 'Column Views' section.

GreenHopper will respect your workflows and will trigger all your workflow validations, conditions, functions and notifications on the transitions. Make sure you read the transition Card section also to see what is possible to do while transitioning issues in the GreenHopper Task Board.

Compact Mode


The compact mode is the standard Task Board view. Simple columns populated with the issues based on the mapping defined in the Task Board mapping. Users will be able to drag and drop the issues from a column to another based on their permissions and the board mapping. Your project administrator can also add columns via the project configuration.

Screenshot: Viewing the Task Board in compact mode

Outlined Mode


In the outlined mode, GreenHopper will create a small Task Board for every issue that has sub-tasks. The parent issue will be represented as the header of a small Task Board that will be populated with all of the parent issue's sub-tasks. This makes the progress of the parent easier for you to follow. All issues without sub-tasks will populate a Task Board at the bottom of the page called 'Other Issues'.

Screenshot: Viewing the Task Board in outlined mode