Documentation for GreenHopper 5.7.x . Documentation for other versions of JIRA Agile is available too.
GreenHopper is now called JIRA Agile. Learn more.

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GreenHopper Labs enables our customers to test some exciting new functionality within GreenHopper, giving you a sneak preview of new features coming in future releases of GreenHopper:

To switch 'Labs' on:

  1. Log in as a user with the 'JIRA Administrators' global permission.
  2. Click the 'Administration' link on the top bar, then select 'JIRA Administration' from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select 'General Configuration' from the 'GreenHopper' section of the administration menu.
  4. Under 'GreenHopper Labs', select the features that are of interest to you.

The GreenHopper Rapid Board

See Using a Board for more information.


Turn on the Analytics to share your usage of the Rapid Board with the GreenHopper developmnent team. This provides us with insight into what features are being used, where customers are encountering difficulties, and where we should be focusing our time and energy.

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