Documentation for GreenHopper 5.7.x . Documentation for other versions of JIRA Agile is available too.
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Please use the button in the top right to provide feedback on the Rapid Board to the GreenHopper team.

The Rapid Board is very similar to the Task Board of today with a few significant differences:

  • support for multiple JIRA projects
  • swimlanes
  • control chart for measuring the cycle time
  • interactive charts (zoom and click)
  • permanent links provide 'what you see is what they get' when emailing or IM'ing URLs
  • quick filters are based on JQL so you can create your own

Over time the Rapid Board will evolve to replace the bulk of the functionality you see today on the Planning/Task/Chart/Released Boards. This is The New GreenHopper. It is still in Labs today and we are actively encouraging and seeking feedback from users.

We are focusing on kanban teams first, and will move on to scrum teams later by adding sprints, burndown charts and the like.

Please be aware that the Rapid Board feature is undergoing a rapid rate of development and as such, some of the documentation on this page may not be up to date.

(info) Please note that Internet Explorer 7 is not supported for use with the Rapid Board.

Accessing the Rapid Board

To access the Rapid Board:

  1. Log in to JIRA.
  2. Click the 'Agile' link's down-arrow in the top navigation bar and select 'Rapid Board' from the resulting dropdown menu. The 'Rapid Board' will be displayed.
    (info) If you do not see the 'Rapid Board' option from this dropdown menu, ask your JIRA administrator to ensure that the 'Rapid Board' feature in GreenHopper Labs has been activated.

  3. Click 'Work' or 'Report', depending on what you need to do.


Screenshot 1: The GreenHopper Rapid Board - 'Work' - (click to view larger image)

(info) If any issues of priority 'Blocker' exist, they will be displayed in a horizontal swimlane called 'Expedite'  (and non-Blocker issues will be displayed in a swimlane below, called 'Everything Else').


Control Chart

Use the Control Chart to identify whether data from the current process can be used to determine future performance. The less variance in the cycle time of an issue, the higher the confidence in using the mean as an indication of future performance.

Screenshot 2: The GreenHopper Rapid Board - 'Report' - Control Chart (click to view larger image)

Cumulative Flow Chart

Use the Cumulative Flow Diagram to identify the number of issues in each status over time. If you see an increase in the number of issues in a particular status it may be a sign there is a bottleneck to be investigated.

Screenshot 3: The GreenHopper Rapid Board - 'Report' - Cumulative Flow Diagram (click to view larger image)

Using the Navigation Area

The navigation area of the Rapid Board is annotated below:

Rapid Board Navigation Bar

  1. Rapid View dropdown — Select a Rapid View to show issues associated with its JIRA filter.
  2. 'Plan' Plan and allocate work (coming soon).
  3. 'Work'Transition issues from one status to the next.
  4. 'Report' —View the Control Chart or the Cumulative Flow Diagram. (The Control Chart gives you a scatter plot showing issues resolved in a given period of time.)
  5. 'Only My Issues' — Only display issues which are assigned to you.
  6. 'Recently Updated' — Only display issues which were updated in the last 24 hours.
    (info) If any additional Quick Filters have been configured for this Rapid Board, they will appear as buttons next to the 'Only My Issues' and 'Recently Updated' buttons.
  7. Collapse the Rapid Board, showing just the total number of issues in each swimlane.
  8. Expand the Rapid Board, showing all the issues in each swimlane.


Rapid Board Keyboard Shortcuts

These shortcuts are available on any Rapid View of the Rapid Board.


Keyboard Shortcut


Next Issue


Navigates to the next issue (down) in a column.

Previous Issue


Navigates to the previous issue (up) in a column.

Next Column


Navigates to the next (right) column of a Rapid View.

Previous Column


Navigates to the previous (left) column of a Rapid View.

Hide/Show Right Section


Toggles between hiding or showing the detailed view of the currently selected issue to which you have navigated (above).

Submit field content


Submits the content of a field being edited in the detailed view.

Add a new line

'Shift' + 'Enter'

Adds a new line in a field being edited in the detailed view.

Move to top's' + 't'Move an issue to the top of the current column. (Only applicable if Ranking has been enabled.)
Move to bottom's' + 'b'Move an issue to the bottom of the current column. (Only applicable if Ranking has been enabled.)

In addition to the keyboard shortcuts listed above, many of GreenHopper's other keyboard shortcuts are also available on the Rapid Board.

You can also perform any JIRA issue operation on the currently selected issue of a Rapid View, using the Operations Dialog Box.

If you add a comment to an issue or delete an issue, a notification appears at the bottom of your browser window indicating that the issue's status has been updated.

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