Documentation for GreenHopper 5.8.x. Documentation for other versions of JIRA Agile is available too.
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As a public-facing web application, GreenHopper's application-level security is important. This document contains links to version-specific security advisories and related documents for the GreenHopper plugin. Please also see the JIRA Security Advisories.

On this page:

Finding and Reporting a Security Vulnerability

Atlassian's approach to reporting security vulnerabilities is detailed in How to Report a Security Issue.

Publication of GreenHopper Security Advisories

Atlassian's approach to releasing security advisories is detailed in Security Advisory Publishing Policy.


Latest security advisory:

Severity Levels

Atlassian's approach to categorising security issues is detailed in Severity Levels for Security Issues.

Our Patch Policy

Atlassian's approach to releasing patches for security issues is detailed in Security Update Policy.

Security Advisories