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JIRA workflow statuses map to columns in a Rapid View.

(info) To configure these mappings, see Configuring a Rapid View.

To transition an issue to a different JIRA workflow status in a Rapid View:

  1. Access the Rapid Board using the top navigation bar, then select your Rapid View from the 'Rapid View dropdown' (see Using the Rapid Board).
  2. On the 'Work' tab, transition an issue (or issues) by dragging and dropping the issue from one column to another (see screenshot 1below).
    • Use <Ctrl> or <Shift> to select multiple issues.
    • When you start dragging an issue, you can only transition the issue to columns whose background turns blue. When the issue is hovered over the target column, the blue background turns green.
    • If the target column is associated with more than one status then, when the issue is hovered over that column, each status will appear as a separate section with a dashed outline (see screenshot 2 below). Complete the transition to the appropriate status by dropping the issue onto the section of the column.
  3. If a dialog box opens for your workflow transition status, you must complete all mandatory fields (indicated by a red asterisk) before submitting the form.

(tick) You can also transition an issue via Keyboard Shortcuts if you prefer.

(info) Please note:

Screenshot 1: Dragging and Dropping an Issue to Another Column

Screenshot 2: Dragging and Dropping an Issue to a Column with Multiple Statuses

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