Documentation for GreenHopper 5.8.x. Documentation for other versions of JIRA Agile is available too.
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The GreenHopper Task Board Gadget displays a column of the Task Board for a specified version of a project. This gadget is only for use on the JIRA Wallboard.

(tick) This gadget is Wallboard-capable

(info) For more information on using gadgets in JIRA, please see the JIRA documentation.

Adding the GreenHopper Task Board gadget to your JIRA dashboard

To add the GreenHopper Task Board Gadget to your JIRA dashboard,

  1. Log into JIRA or navigate to your dashboard, if you are already logged in.
  2. Click the 'Add Gadget' link in the top right. The 'Gadget Directory' screen will display.
  3. Find the 'GreenHopper Task Board Gadget' in the list of gadgets and click 'Add it now'.
  4. Click the 'Finished' button in the bottom right.
  5. The 'GreenHopper Project Progress Gadget' gadget will display on your dashboard. Enter the following setup details for your gadget:
    • 'Project' — the JIRA project for which you want to display progress.
    • 'Version' — the project version for which you want to display progress.
      (info) Select 'Next Release Due (auto)' to display the unreleased version with the latest release date.
    • 'Context' — select the GreenHopper context by which to filter issues when displaying this gadget.
    • 'Columns' — select the Task Board column that you wish to display in this gadget.
    • 'Statistic Type' — select the statistics field (i.e. a custom number field) you wish to use, e.g. Story Points, Business Value.
    • 'Project Name' / 'Version Name' / 'Context Name' — Choose whether to display the Project Name and/or the Version Name and/or the Context Name in the gadget.
    • 'Refresh Interval' — choose how often the data in the gadget will refresh.
  6. Click the 'Save' button. The GreenHopper Task Board Gadget will display on your dashboard.

(tick) Tip: You can add the 'GreenHopper Task Board Gadget' to your dashboard multiple times, if you wish to track multiple projects/versions.

Screenshot: The GreenHopper Task Board Gadget

(info) The vertical dots at the left of the card show the number of days that the card has been in a particular column. For instance, this screenshot shows a card that has been in the 'To Do' column for seven days.


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