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Theme of this release: User Inteface and User Feedback - Part II

Again, this release was mainly focusing on the user interface and user feedback. But be reassured! This did not stop us from adding huge enhancements and features like the Assignee board or the interactive search board. And fixing a performance issue for the JIRA 3.13 series (A big thanks to Ryan Rich!)

A must have!!!

User Interface Revisited

Second and last part of the UI revamping. You will find in this release:

  1. The Planning Board column redesigned.
  2. The GreenHopper Portlet redesigned.
  3. The Applicable context of GreenHopper easier to manage
  4. TaskBoard look and performance enhanced
  5. Enhanced User feedback on the card transitions in the TaskBoard
  6. Enhanced user feedback on the page ranking
  7. List view revamped
  8. Configuration Screens Revamped

View some screenshots!

Interactive Search Board

All issue actions are now available within the search board! By double clicking on the summary card you will be presented with the detailed card view of your issue from which you will be able to edit all fields even add subtasks. As if you where in a GreenHopper standard board. A single click will of course redirect you to the board of that issue.

Introducing The Assignee Board

Very popular demand, you can now display your planning board based on the assignable users of your project. Drag and dropping cards to the "assignee box" will assign the issues to that assignee. You will have access to the standard statistics as if you were in the planning board based on versions.

(warning) Note: We have limited this board to 75 assignable users. If you have more, the option to display the planning board by assignees will simply not be available. The reason is mainly based on performance.

You will find a screenshot of the assignee board here: GreenHopper 3.6 Screenshots

Support of the Component in the Contexts (Filter/Highlight)

We have added the possibility to add a Component lists as a criterion of your Context's custom Filter and/or Highlight.
Again a very popular request from our users.

Support of the Comment in the TaskBoard Transition

One of the main goals of the TaskBoard was to make the whole process of transitioning issues simple for users to actually use it. Thus we have first decided to not support the transition screens.

However, some users just cannot live without them and we do understand that in some cases data need to be captured. So we have implemented a way to force the trigger of these pop-ups with the help of the required fields. See GreenHopper 3.1 release notes.
~ Adding a required field in your "Transition Screens" will result in a pop-up forcing users to enter a value for that field.

Now, the problem with the comment field is that it cannot be entered manually and made required in a screen. Thus we needed to find some sort of trigger to make that comment field pop-up. So we have decided that as soon as the transition screen has a required field, the comment field will be automatically added. Of course the comment will remain optional.

If you just want the comment field to pop-up a good hack would be to simply add the Issue Type as required in your transition screen.
Since GH does not allow to change the Issue type you will be presented only with the comment box in the pop-up.

Add/Remove Statistics directly from the PlanningBoard Column

We have moved the Statistics management directly inside the column of the task board. Avoiding back and forth from the configuration making the process cumbersome. Note that only Number Field custom field types are supported and that GreenHopper will offer you charts (Burndown, Burnup and Velocity) based on the added statistics. This is where you will actually add your Story point statistic for instance.

And Much More

  1. Performance enhancement for the JIRA 3.13 series. (A big thanks to Ryan Rich!)
  2. Drag and drop prioritisation enabled in all Planning Board modes (Version/Component/Assignee...)
  3. Better support of the IE6 & IE7 browsers.
  4. GreenHopper will now remember your last visited board.
  5. Visual notification when viewing the default context

Fixes and Improvements

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