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1st October 2010

The Atlassian team announces the release of GreenHopper 5.2.3. This point release contains:

  • Easier drag-and-drop of issues in the 'List' view: you no longer have to drag the left-hand textured edge of an issue.
  • Cumulative Flow Diagram (CFD) enhancements: CFD charts now implement improved calculations that can accommodate the movement of issues backwards against a Task Board flow. Hence, CFDs are no longer restricted to Kanban flow methodologies.
  • New gadgets: the Cumulative Flow Diagram gadget and the Statistics Burndown Chart gadget.
  • Enhanced display of existing Wallboard-capable gadgets.
  • Re-introduction of the double-click Card View.
  • Fixes to minor bugs (please see below).

Upgrading to GreenHopper 5.2.3 is free for all customers with an active GreenHopper license.

Don't have GreenHopper 5.2 yet?

Take a look at all the new features in the GreenHopper 5.2 Release Notes and see what you are missing out on!

Upgrading from a Previous Version of GreenHopper

You can download GreenHopper from the Atlassian website. If upgrading from a previous version, please read the GreenHopper 5.2.3 Upgrade Guide.

Updates and Fixes in this Release

GreenHopper 5.2.3 includes the following updates and bug fixes:

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