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20 February 2012

This release introduces the Rapid Board, which was launched in GreenHopper 5.8 and brings multi-project support to GreenHopper. This release also includes a number of enhancements to the Rapid Board since its launch.

Screenshot: multiple projects in a single column on the Rapid Board

Rapid Board features from GreenHopper 5.8:

  • Support for multiple JIRA projects.

  • Global Rank — teams can now rank issues from multiple JIRA projects.

  • Kanban Improvements — swimlanes, a control chart, and a Kanban preset to help teams get started quickly.

Rapid Board enhancements from GreenHopper 5.8.3:

  • Quick and easy creation of Rapid Boards with presets or do-it-yourself options.

  • Ability to copy a Rapid Board.

  • Performance improvements for the Rapid Board.

  • Ability to configure the Rapid View Wallboard Gadget with Quick Filters.

Rapid Board enhancements from GreenHopper 5.8.4:

  • The ability to select a different filter for a Rapid Board.
  • Improvements to the Getting Started screen.

Rapid Board enhancements from GreenHopper 5.8.6:

  • Scrum support is now available via the Plan mode (currently in Labs).
  • CFD chart is now real-time and configurable.
  • Story Points field is now displayed in Work mode and Plan mode.
  • Detail View has been enhanced — new tabs (Description, Details, Comments), plus core issue information shown at top.
  • Refinements to the whole Rapid Board UI.
  • Significant performance improvements — Rapid Boards with a large number of issues will now load up to 80% faster.

Rapid Board enhancements from GreenHopper 5.9:

  • Total estimate (in Story Points) for the sprint is now shown in the sprint marker, and will update when you drag the marker.



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