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13 August 2012

The Atlassian team announces the release of GreenHopper 6.0, bringing you the ability to plan multiple sprints at the same time.

This release also includes a number of fixes. For full details please see the GreenHopper 6.0 Release Notes and the GreenHopper 5.10.6 Release Notes.

New menu structure

In GreenHopper 6.0, the new board (formerly known as the Rapid Board) is now promoted in the menu structure. The previous boards are now known as the Classic Planning Board, the Classic Task Board, the Classic Released Board and the Classic Charts Board, and are available via Classic in the menu:

Please note that the keyboard shortcuts have also been updated. Type "?" for the latest list.



Future sprint planning

You can now create multiple upcoming sprints, allowing you to plan several iterations ahead. Simply click Add Sprint at the top of the backlog:



iPad aware

You can now view your GreenHopper board on your iPad, e.g. during your standups you can now:

  • view the current status of all your stories in Work mode and drag them from column to column
  • view your Burndown Chart
  • and more

We hope you enjoy the convenience of being able to perform many of your most common GreenHopper tasks on the iPad (we do!)


Simple workflow editing in GreenHopper

You can now edit your project's workflow from within GreenHopper. Just click Add Status on your board's Column Configuration page:

For details (and caveats), please see Using GreenHopper Simplified Workflow.



No longer Rapid by name – but still rapid by nature

In GreenHopper 6.0 the new board is no longer known as the "Rapid Board" — we figure everyone knows by now that it is vastly faster than the Classic boards. The new board has been built from the ground up on newer technology that enables us to provide optimum performance, making the most of your valuable time.






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