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27 January 2011


Atlassian presents version 3.0 of the Atlassian Connector for Eclipse.

What's new in this release?

  • We've added support for Bamboo 2.7 and the upcoming Bamboo 3.0. 
  • Tests results are more generic and no longer rely on JUnit. 
  • Failing and successful tests are now grouped by Job in the Bamboo Test Results view.

Important Note when Upgrading

The majority of the Crucible and FishEye integration has been removed in this version of the Atlassian Connector for Eclipse. The Connector still supports opening files in Eclipse from Fisheye. 

For more details, please read the announcement.

Don't have the Atlassian Connector for Eclipse yet?

You can install the connector directly from the Eclipse software updates manager or from a zipped archive. Follow our installation guide.

We love your feedback!

Please log your issues, requests and votes. They help us decide what needs doing.

This is an open source project. Fork it or get the source code from our bitbucket repository.

Highlights of this Release

Support for Bamboo 2.7 and 3.0

This release of the Atlassian Connector for Eclipse adds support for Bamboo 2.7.x as well as for the upcoming Bamboo 3.0. 

New Bamboo Test Results view

We used to utilize JUnit to show test results retrieved from Bamboo. Unfortunately this meant that you were not able to browse your tests without JUnit or TestNG plugins installed in your Eclipse. 3.0 removes this dependency and allows and still allows you to open the test source file, debug potential problems and rerun the test using your favorite test framework.

Bamboo Jobs support

Bamboo 2.7 drastically improved the way you can structure your Build with Stages and Jobs. We take advantage of this new structure and allow you to browse your test results grouped by Job within the IDE.

Other Things Worth Mentioning

This release brings some bug fixes and small improvements. The following items are worth a special mention:

  • Improved captcha handling for JIRA
  • Improved support for localized numeric fields in JIRA
  • Improved OutOfMemory handling when attaching large files to the JIRA issue
  • Improved login mechanism so it does not interfere with other crowd sessions
  • Improved Bamboo login security

Complete List of Fixes in this Release

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