Documentation for JIRA 6.4 (This documentation includes the project navigation sidebar). Not using this? See below:
(JIRA 6.4 without sidebar documentation | JIRA 6.3.x documentation | JIRA Cloud documentation | earlier versions of JIRA)

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The JIRA API docs are available online. They are most useful for:

  • users writing Plugins, Listeners and Services
  • users with commercial licenses who wish to modify JIRA
  • partners embedding JIRA as a J2EE component

Where can I find the API documentation?

Other resources

We also recommend that you refer to the developer resources available via this page: Development Resources.

Each of the "Preparing for..." pages provide helpful information for each JIRA version, such as change reports like this one: JIRA stable (Java) API changes for 6.0 (Clirr report).



  1. mayhaps it's just me, but I perceive a total and absolute absence of the actual API Doc Link!



    1. Hi William,

      Apologies that this page was out of date. I have updated it. The best place to look for the API docs is actually via (in the JIRA section, you will find a link to the 6.0.1 API docs).

      Kind Regards,

      1. Anonymous

        VERY NICE! Thank you Andrew. That page is an exceptional improvement over plain old JAVA doc. I have a couple ideas I'll send you after taking a brief look but that's a nice resource!