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The Assigned To Me gadget displays all open issues in all projects assigned to the current user viewing the dashboard.

What does it look like?

The Assigned to Me gadget should appear as follows on the dashboard:

Note: This gadget only displays issues that are unresolved.

Adding the 'Assigned To Me' gadget to your Dashboard

  1. Go to your JIRA dashboard and click Add Gadget.
  2. The Gadget Directory will appear. Locate the Watched Issues gadget and click the Add it Now button. Then click the Finished button at the bottom of the Gadget Directory.
  3. The 'Assigned To Me' gadget will appear on your dashboard as follows:

    1. Number of Results — type the number of issues you would like the gadget to display per page (maximum 50).
    2. Fields to display — select the issue fields to display as columns. Drag and drop to re-order.
    3. Refresh Interval — select how often you want the gadget to update the list of issues (never / every 15 minutes / every 30 minutes / every hour / every two hours).
  4. Click the Save button.

To move the gadget to a different position on the dashboard, simply drag-and-drop. You can also change the look and behavior of the gadget.


  1. Anonymous

    Add the 'Assigned To Me' gadget to the Dashboard, but it cannot show  any issues assigned to me in this gadget.Why?

    1. Please note that the "Assigned to Me" gadget only displays Unresolved issues.    Perhaps that's the problem?

      1. That "Assigned to Me" gadget only displays Unresolved issues should be added in a line of the user manual.

        1. Anonymous

          I think this should be considered a bug.  The "Assigned to Me" section should do what it says and list all issues assigned to the current user regardless of other properties.  An issue can have a Resolution of "Fixed" and a Status of "Test", but the assignee does not see that issue in the gadget as his/her issue to test.

          1. Anonymous

            I agree with this - this is a serious bug for us, when users cannot rely on that the gadget does what is says it does, (ie listing 'Assigned to me' issues).

          2. Anonymous

            I wouldn't consider this a bug, but a design decision. I don't care about items that are assigned to me that I am finished with, because once they are resolved, are they really assigned to me? They are finished and are only historical now. I would agree that an enhancement to allow the user to pick if resolved issues are included would be a nice feature, but not a requirement.

            To me, the bigger issue is that I cannot choose how to order my issues and I have to reorder them every time, and I can only pick 1 column to order them by. Who thought that not letting the user choose the way to order columns was a good idea for a UI?

            1. I know exactly where the original poster is coming from.  The fact that the Assigned to Me gadget does not display assignable items that are In Testing or a Resolved state (instead of Closed) is a problem for people like me who:

              1. Can be assigned items with a "In Testing" status.
              2. Can be assigned items with a "Resolved" status when "Closed" means something different.
              3. Organization with the following JIRA end to end basic status workflow: Open > In Progress > Code Review > In Testing (Resolution type assigned) > Closed.

              As someone who performs QA, I receive items In Testing or Resolved depending on the type of item (bug, improvement, etc).

              1. Anonymous

                I agree with you. This is a serious issue.

                Our project works with bug the same:

                OPEN(by tester)->(Fixing by developer)->RESOLVED(By developer)->(testing by tester)->Close(by tester)

                So, Tester will not see assigned to him issues which are need to test (RESOLVED).

                Of course, they can be shown by filters.

          3. If the filter used by Assigned to Me isn't quite what you need, you can use the Filter Results gadget with a custom filter. Filter Results provides exactly the same view as Assigned to Me but gets its issue list from a saved filter. It seems like for most people in this thread assignee = currentUser() AND status != Closed would work nicely.

  2. Anonymous

    Anyone know if it is possible to choose the order of displayed columns ? Thanks

  3. Anonymous

    It would be nice to be able to set the order by column and have it stick without having to order the columns every time you refresh the JIRA dashboard.

    1. Anonymous

      The more I work with JIRA, the more I find that its very limited in what it can actually do. The core works but customizing JIRA to suit your needs is not it's top strenght.

  4. Anonymous

    I too would really like to be able to change the default sorting column for the Assigned to Me gadget on my dashboard. We don't really use Priorities here so every time I check it I need to re-sort it.

  5. Anonymous

    I would have thought that adding the capability to sort columns, not just one, but several, would have been added into these gadgets or even filters.  This would make these more powerful.   It's very annoying to have to fix up the order every single time a refresh is done – not very user friendly.

    1. Anonymous

      I was the one who wrote the above.  I have since found a way to sort colmuns the way I wanted to.  Here's how.

      1. Select the filter you want in the "Manage" tab in the Issue Navigator.  
      2. If you are in simple searching, select "advanced" in "Switch to advanced searching". 
      3. You will see a "Query line:" text box on the right with your search parameters.  Add "Order By" and then the columns you want to sort the results in.  Do a search to make sure it worked. 
      4. Save the filter in advanced mode.

      I stumbled into this solution.  I was not able to find it anywhere online.



  6. Is it possible to change the Query of the 'Assigned to me' gadget?

    If I make changes and save them I get a new filter (which is not what I want) 

    1. You can't change Assigned to Me's filter, but you can use the Filter Results gadget with a custom filter which is effectively the same.

  7. Anonymous

    It would be great if you could get the issues assigned to you and grouped by key....

  8. Anonymous

    This is a huge issue for QA & Testing. When an issue is "Assigned to Me" and in "Test" Status, it does not show up in my display once the dev resolves it. Developer needs to be able to mark as Fixed or Resolved while still having the issue visible to QA for testing in this list.

  9. Anonymous

    We just tripped over an interesting side-effect that gave the "assigned to me" gadget trouble. We hid the resolved field in the field configuration scheme because we use our own resolved state. Hiding this field prevented the issues from showing up on the "assigned to me" gadget. Bizarre. I didn't believe the relationship at first, so we tested back and forth several times. Ouch.

  10. Anonymous

    Dear JIRA; please give users the ability to show "Resolved" issues in "Assigne to Me".  It's really messing with my ability to test bugs.

  11. Anonymous

    I totally agree.
    or even better, let us choose which resolution we want to have displayed


  12. Anonymous

    another QA person with the same problem. It would make sense to be able to customise what resolution types appear in Assigned to me. Currently anything fixed by dev and returned to me for test won't appear in Assigned to me, because the resolution is fixed, even though the bug is still open. 

  13. Anonymous

    That "Assigned to Me" gadget  displays all the projects Assigned Tasks,issues.etc,(Can we filter this to a specific project?)

  14. Anonymous

    Same problem here.... fixed Issues can't be seen in the "Assigned to me" gadget by our QA. They need to be reviewd and then closed.

    PLZ! Give us the possibility to see resolved issues that are not yet closed...

    As we are using JIRA on demand as a cloud based company, I can't install the plug-in to customize my own filters. Is there another possibility to resolve this problem?

    1. Hello,

      We are using On-Demand as well.

      What I did is creating a new filter - very similar to the system one

      assignee = currentUser() AND status=Open ORDER BY priority DESC, created ASC


      Then I put it on the dashboard instead of the original one.

  15. The Resolution field in the project's selected Field configuration must be shown and attached to the selected screen type in order to list correct issues in Assigned to me -gadget

  16. Anonymous

    I'm adding my voice to this discussion. I have many users telling me they didn't know an issue was assigned to them because it did not show up on the "Assigned To Me" gadget. It would be great if the results returned any issue that was not Closed.


  17. Anonymous

    Closed issues from greenhoppper simple workflow are shown here - Bug or Feature?

    1. this is happening to me too, I wonder how can I fix that.

  18. Anonymous

    Ok, I've just searched in multiple threads and no one is actually resolving the issue of assigned to me, but just reverting to the same old story.

    Hello Atlassian listen to your community, specifically your QA community and resolve this issue. Otherwise we will start proposing other solutions, who will work for us.



  19. Anonymous

    Adding in another voice. 

    This is a nice gadget and I know I can use  filter, but as QA I would like to see the resolved status items that are assigned to me to be tested and closed.  its just a settings option atlassian.  Come on help QA out here!

  20. Hi All,

    To have more flexibility in filtration for tickets assigned to yourself, follow the steps below:

    1. Using issue navigator, create a custom query with filters like the following:

    a) Project (choose any specific project or all projects - whatever you prefer)

    b) Type (choose the task type)

    c) status (check all types of status you want to see)

    d) Assignee (set to "current user")

    e) Resolution (check the unresolved, fixed and other options you want to include)

    2. Run the query and if you are happy with the results, save the query with a preferred name (example- "bugs assigned to me")

    3. Navigate to your dashboard, click "Add Gadget", and select "Filter Results" ( filter results gadget will be on dashboard now)

    4. In the Filter Results gadget, click "Advanced Search" (opens the query list you created) and select the query we made in step 2 ("bugs assigned to me"), choose the fields you want to see in the gadget (I prefer to see issue type, key, Priority, summary, status)

    5. Set the interval and click Save

    Now you should be able to see the tasks that were assigned to you for the specific project with type of status you chose in your query on the dashboard.

    Hope this helps as it serves the purpose for me as I work on multiple projects and this helps me in seeing bugs / tasks I am working in different projects in a single glance.


  21. Anonymous


    I have changed resolution status for each transition in the workflow.  I have noted that this has removed the Unresolved status completely and the Assigned to Me gadget no longer works.

    I tried adding back in the Unresolved status into certain steps in the workflow but when transition from a step to a status with a custom resolution and return to a status with no custom resolution in the transition, that the new status retains the last custom resolution field, so this is not a fix either for the Assign to Me.  

    I will add a favourite filter but as setting up dashboards I will need to do this for every iindividual, it would be great if a change could be made to the Assigned to Me gadget



  22. Anonymous


    Does a "Reported by me" gadget exist ?