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The Road Map gadget shows versions which are due for release within a specified period of time, and a summary of progress made towards completing the issues in those versions.

What does it look like?

The Road Map gadget should appear as follows on the dashboard:

You can:

Adding the 'Road Map' Gadget to your Dashboard

  1. Go to your JIRA dashboard and click 'Add Gadget'.
  2. The 'Gadget Directory' will appear. Locate the 'Road Map' gadget and click the 'Add it Now' button. Then click the 'Finished' button at the bottom of the Gadget Directory.
  3. The Road Map gadget will appear on your dashboard as follows, ready for you to configure:

    1. 'Projects'  — select one or more projects (or 'All Projects') whose versions you wish to display in the gadget.
    2. 'Days'  — specify the period of time (in days) for which you wish to view versions due for release.
    3. 'Number of Results'  — type the maximum number of versions you wish the gadget to display per page.
    4. 'Refresh Interval'  — select how often you want the gadget to update the displayed activity (never / every 15 minutes / every 30 minutes / every hour / every two hours).
  4. Click the 'Save' button.

To move the gadget to a different position on the dashboard, simply drag-and-drop. You can also change the look and behavior of the gadget.


  1. Anonymous

    Is there a way to make this work in Confluence for an anonymous user and also keep the security on the JIRA project set to disallow anonymous access?

  2. Why does the roadmap display versions in reverse order than they are displayed in the versions page for the project, regardless of date? For example, within our implementation project, I rearranged the versions in alpha order because our versions our individual customer implementations. However, the roadmap gadget displays everything in reverse order in this gadget and support said that this was expected.  But, I don't see anything in the documentation that says that the gadget will reverse the versions.  Can you clarify in the doc?

  3. Anonymous

    If no release date is set, version is not shown. Maybe a checbox to include those is needed ?

    1. Anonymous

      +1 for this. I'd like to show the entire roadmap in Confluence, even for non-scheduled releases.

    2. Anonymous

      +1 this would be great

  4. I would like to pass a filter to this gadget....

    1. +1 on this request - this would be HUGE

  5. Anonymous

    +1 on having a filter on this gadget!

  6. Is there a way to have a kind of RoadMap, but with all unresolved issues, no matter which version? We have multiple projects with several versions each, and I'd like to have an overview of the delivery date and the number of unresolved issues.

  7. We have problem when trying to show more than 13 projects.

    Even number of results is set to 50 it still shows only 13 items.

    Is this known problem?

  8. Hi,

    Please, do updates as soon as possible.

    Because this is not good.

    I've no problem with just showing limited versions. But my problem is that I just want to show a few versions, i.e. the latest and ongoing work.
    As it is now I can't  change the order. I need to use like 50 or more to be able to see them. And it still "unusable" since I don't want to
    have them at the bottom...  (sad)  


  9. I am trying to get a six month forward view of the road map but what I get is the current month and the past five, is this a feature?