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JIRA allows you to attach screenshots to an issue.

This feature is only available if:

  • Your JIRA administrator has file attachments enabled (you also need the Create Attachments permission in the appropriate projects),
  • You are using a Windows or Mac client (if you use another operating system, you can attach a screenshot using the file attachment feature instead, or for Linux users please see our article for enabling this feature)

Browser compatibility notes: If you are using Internet Explorer versions 8-10, the computer you are using will need to be running Java version 1.7+ platform. If you are using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer 11, the screenshot capability takes advantage of HTML5 compatibility. Safari is not supported.

On this page:

Capturing screenshots

The method for capturing screenshots differs on each operating system, as described below:

Capturing a screenshot on Windows

  • New screenshot capture — To capture a screenshot onto the system clipboard, use either of the following keyboard combinations:
    • Press ALT-PRINTSCREEN to capture your currently selected window; or
    • Press CTRL-ALT-PRINTSCREEN to capture the whole desktop
  • Existing image — Open your existing image in your favorite imaging application and select the copy option from the appropriate menu to capture the image into the system clipboard.

Capturing a screenshot on Mac OSX

  • New screenshot capture — To capture a screenshot into the system clipboard, use either of the following keyboard combinations:
    • Press CTRL-CMD-SHIFT-4 to capture a selected area of your desktop; or
    • Press CTRL-CMD-SHIFT-3 to capture the whole desktop
  • Existing image — Open your existing image in your favorite imaging application and select the copy option from the appropriate menu to capture the image onto the system clipboard.

Attaching a screenshot

To attach a screenshot:

  1. Open the JIRA issue to which you wish to attach a file.
  2. Select More > Attach Screenshot.

  3. The Attach Screenshot dialog box opens. Note that if you take a screenshot at this point it will include the Attach Screenshot dialog box.

  4. Paste the image from your clipboard using the relevant keyboard shortcut. (For Max OSX use CMD+V, for Windows use Ctrl+V)

  5. Enter a file name for the screenshot you are attaching. (The file name defaults to screenshot-1.)
    (info) A valid file name cannot contain any of these characters: '\', '/','\"', '%', ':', '$', '?', '*'.

  6. Click Upload to attach the captured image to your JIRA issue.

Deleting a screenshot

To delete a screenshot from an issue:

  1. Open the JIRA issue you wish to delete the screenshot from.
  2. Locate the attached screenshot in the Attachments section.
  3. Highlight the screenshot you want to delete by hovering your mouse over it. A trash can will appear at the bottom left side of the screenshot.
    Highlighted attached screenshot

  4. Click on the trash can. A Remove Attachment confirmation box displays.
  5. Click Delete to confirm you want to delete the screenshot.

Known issues

  • IE9's browser security settings may block the Java Applet. To fix this:
    1. Open IE9 and access JIRA. IE will ask if you want to Allow Java add-on -> Click Yes.
    2. Open an issue. From More -> Attach Screenshot -> IE will ask if you want to Allow Applet for JIRA -> Click Yes.


  1. Anonymous

    Any time frame when this feature will be available when running linux?

    I don't understand how it matters as your using a java applet to implement the functionality surley the hole point of using the java applet is that its universal?!

    1. Java used to really suck at cross-platform compatibility wrt clipboard support.
      On Linux, pasting image could freeze your applet for ages (many seconds if not minutes).
      That's why I believe this feature is specially disabled on Linux.

      If you are looking for some more portable and convenient way of attaching screenshots to JIRA (and annotating them at the same time), feel free to take a look at a commercial plugin ScreenSnipe for JIRA.

      1. YouTrack provide great tool for that. And it work on Linux too and fast. So, it just your implementation I thought.

        1. Java support on Linux has improved since then. Still Jetbrains IntelliJ (these guys also developed YouTrack) fails miserably at some circumstances with clipboard-based operations due to an outstanding bug in JDK (don't remember the exact link right now).

          Nonetheless in HTML5 word it's time to forget about using applets for clipboard operations and instead use what Confluence has been successfully using for some time now. It's hopefully coming to JIRA very soon.

          1. Thanks for the answer. But I think we there do not speak about Jetbrains IntelliJ great IDE where clipboard indeed have some minor strange issues meantime compensated by few other tools (like inner buffer and so on).

            I had spoke there about YouTrack where I have not found such issues at least on first glance.

            And off course I agree what in nowadays HTML5 should be preferred solution for most OS and browsers. Thanks to working on it to bring such functionality for Linux users too.

  2. Anonymous

    This should really work for Linux users, too. There are tons of java or flash solutions. Or, ideally it should work just as drag and drop in Google Docs (HTML5 based?): Just drag any pic from your desktop.

    Anyway: Do not let out Linux users pls.

    1. Or, ideally it should work just as drag and drop in Google Docs (HTML5 based?): Just drag any pic from your desktop.

      But it's already supported by a free JIRA Drag & Drop plugin.
      Give it a try.

    2. This feature can be enabled in Linux, for more information on this please see this Usage FAQ page: How to enable "Attach Screenshot" on Linux Machine

  3. Anonymous

    Why can't you add a screenshot when you create an issue? Why do you have to create the issue and then add the screenshot after?

  4. Anonymous

    hello, I am able to attach a screenshot, viewable within the screenshot pop up window, however when I click on the attach button and am taken back to the jira issue, I can not see the screenshot anywhere.  I am using IE 8.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you. Gerald. 

  5. Anonymous

    Same question as the anonymous had 2 posts above. Why can I not create an issue and attach the screenshot which describes the problem there and then? Having to commit the the issue first and then save the screenshot in it is tedious and inefficient.

    1. Anonymous

      Same questions as Anonymous from Feb 08, 2011 and Anonymous from May 09, 2011:

      Why I can't add a screenshot during the new issue creation? Why I have to create the issue and then add the screenshot after? And why we don't have a ShortCut for "Attach Screenshot" menu item?

      If above functions weren't implemented yet then give us the links to the issues please, to be able to see the progress on them...! Thanks!

      ps. this are very usable things...

  6. Anonymous

    Same problem as the guy on April 21. I attach a screenshot which seems to work without error but when I then look at the issue again afterwards the screenshot is nowhere to be found.

  7. Anonymous

    Same issue as the three users above. I go to "attach screenshot" use valid characters to name the attachment, click "attach", I am taken back to the issue screen with no attachment. I have to repeat the process for it to finally showup. I always have to attach screenshots twice to get them to show up. No error messages provided by Jira.

  8. Anonymous

    I've tried several times to attach a screenshot, using Google Chrome ... The paste function works, but after submitting the form, the screenshot is nowhere to be seen within the issue ...

    1. Anonymous

      Same happened to me. The first time I attached using Attach button, the image did not get attached. Then again I tried with a comment (clipboard was not changed meanwhile), and it got attached. Subsequent attachs even without a comment did work. So I believe it was a momentarily issue, but was annoying to see the feature did not work as expected.

      1. Anonymous

        Sorry, missed my Jira version. (v4.3.1#615-r147022)

  9. Anonymous

  10. Anonymous

    Every time I attempt to Attach a screenshot via Chrome (ver 12), I get a prompt to download Java runtimes.  I know I already have the latest but I humor JIRA/Chrome and the installer eventually indicates the version is already installed.  It asks to reinstall, I say "Ok".  I go through the whole procedure of reinstalling.  After it's complete, I attempt to add a screenshot, again, within Chrome.  Same thing, it wants to install the Java run times.

  11. Recently, when I attach a screenshot using Chrome, the issue no longer 'refreshes' to show the newly attached screenshot. If I manually re-load the page (issue), the screenshot has been successfully attached.

    I have the latest version of the Java runtime installed.

    Does anyone have a solution to this?

    (using JIRA v4.4.5#665-sha1:422aead)

    Kind regards


  12. For those who are interested in having the option to attach screenshots when creating issues, kindly refer to our feature request here: JRA-5015 - Attach screenshot when creating issue Resolved

  13. Has anyone ever been able to print full sized images as part of the "printable view" from a JIRA ticket?

  14. Anonymous


    I am using Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8. I am no able to attach screenshot. however other people are able to do so. Can you please help me in this.



  15. Anonymous

    You need to attach screenshot twice for the first time and then later screenshots can be added by trying once only. Thats a bug in JIRA.

    I am unable to attach more than 4 screenshots, can see any documentation how many screenshots are supported in JIRA.


    -Chetan Paul

  16. Accessing our JIRA 5.1.4 installation from a new notebook, on clicking "Attach Screenshot", the user is taken to an Oracle page which is not helpful ( - there is no message or information about Java needing to be installed.

    I think it would be helpful if:

    • a message is displayed explaining that the Java JRE is not installed, but is needed to use this feature
    • a link is provided to the Oracle Java SE JRE download page (
      • brief instructions included on which link to click, i.e. "JRE" Download
    • a link to relevant more info page (this one?) on is provided

    Have added an issue to jira: JRA-30146

    1. Anonymous

      Any update on this bug?  Really a pain to not be able to add screenshots anymore.

    2. Anonymous

      I believe that's related to a Java 7/64 bit issue and Chrome is 32 bit.

      1. Attach Screenshot doesn't work for me in Chrome or Firefox on OSX. It's always been a finicky feature of JIRA for me, whatever the OS. I think the use of a Java applet is at the root of many of the problems.

  17. Anonymous

    Most technical users are removing or have removed Java from their browsers as a result of multiple major security vulnerabilities.  There's no reason to use a Java plugin for this functionality.  Recommend updating to a non-Java based uploader.

  18. it's happening - (I hope it to become a complete replacement for old applet image attacher)

  19. Hello,

    Does anybody know whether is a way to share screenshot between issues?

    The thing is that I have some issues that should have attached the same screenshot, so I was wondering if there is a way to "share" it without attaching the same screenshot file in both issues?.

    1. Not inside JIRA. You could upload to both issues then go into the data/attachments/MYPROJECT/MPYPROJECT-NNN directory for the second issue, and add a soft link to the original screenshot. This isn't a great idea though because deleting it from the original issue will not delete it from the second issue.

      The other approach is to refer to a single location, not using JIRA attachments but a URL instead

  20. Ok Matt, thanks much for your help and quick response.

  21. Anonymous

    It is not just Create Attachment Permission, it looks like if we need to enter "Update comment" field, we also need the Add Comments permission. As of now we do not allow JIRA comments for any users and as such while attaching screenshot if the user enters any comment, the applet just completes without warning. And you do not see any screenshot on the issue page.

    Since this is an applet, I do not think we can remove the "Update comment" field. So the only option seems to be is to disable to "Screenshot" system plugin.

  22. There are known problems with Java 7 and Chrome.
    Read Attach Screenshot not working with Chrome and Java 7 form more details. 

  23. Anonymous

    Worst experience ever. Doesn't work at all. 

    1. We are using this free simple plugin mentioned early on this page. And it works like a charm for all Windows and Linux users.

  24. Anonymous



    II cannot attach a screenshot. I am directly sent to JAva page

    I must probably download pluggin but which one? 



    1. Hi,

      If using Chrome on Mac, download the 32bits version of latest Java
      There is some documentation on known problems here: Attach Screenshot not working with Chrome and Java 7

      If you run into problems please report the problem with



  25. Anonymous

    I attached an image to my case using the 'Attach Image' tool, but I can't see the image anywhere on the case.

    No indication that the upload failed, and no indication that the image is available to use either.

    Really poor experience!

    imgur does image uploads really well. Can you make it more like that service?

  26. it's a shame that atlassian can not provide a solution for this bug which exists since , i am not shure, a year? !!!

    Hey guys this is a commercial product.

  27. Anonymous

    This feature is not working on Firefox or Safari on mac - please fix! I basically need to spend hours more per week clicking and saving screenshots to separate files and then assigning them to tickets with out this feature.


    1. Hello,

      If this feature is not working, the best way to get it resolved is to file a bug:



  28. Anonymous


    I was able to attach snapshots using attach screenshot in JIRA till yesterday. There was a windows update and after this unable to attach screenshot.

    Could you please help me with this on high priority. Error details:

    Java Plug-in

    Using JRE version 1.7.0_51-b13 Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM

    User home directory = C:\Users\XXXXX


    c:   clear console window

    f:   finalize objects on finalization queue

    g:   garbage collect

    h:   display this help message

    l:   dump classloader list

    m:   print memory usage

    o:   trigger logging

    q:   hide console

    r:   reload policy configuration

    s:   dump system and deployment properties

    t:   dump thread list

    v:   dump thread stack

    x:   clear classloader cache

    0-5: set trace level to <n>


    1. Please contact to get technical support and you'll receive a response shortly (smile)


  29. Anonymous

    Latest java version causes securityexception when trying to launch applet.

  30. Anonymous

    We are having the same issue after updating to Java version 7 update 51

  31. There are known problems with Java 7 and Chrome.

    Please read Attach Screenshot not working with Chrome and Java 7 for more details.

    1. Anonymous

      This is not the know Java 7 and Chrome issue. The new Java version 7 update 51 causes the attach screenshot to malfunction on all browsers.

  32. We're having the same issue after Java version 7 update 51 came out for both IE and Chrome users.

  33. Anonymous

    I found a workaround: in java settings under control panel, in "security" tab, add an exception for the url site in question and adjut the security levels.

    After doing this, it worked for me.

    1. Thanks Anonymous. This worked for me too. Detailed steps for anyone unsure:

      • Windows -> Start -> Control Panel -> Programs -> Java (32-bit) 
      • Select the 'Security' tab
      • Click 'Edit site list' button
      • Click 'Add...' button
      • Enter the URL of the site (e,g. ) and click Add...
      • Click OK...

      Now reload the JIRA edit issue page, click the Attach Screenshot button and it should now work.


  34. Hopefully all this discussion about enabling and toubleshooting Java will be made obsolete when JRA-31917 - Rewrite screenshot applet using not-java Closed  is finally fixed.

  35. I cannot find an option to add a comment to a screenshot, some users are reporting that this was removed at any update? Using "Add Attachment" has this possibility, but many users are pasting their screenshots via CRTL+V without saving them as file...

    1. Hi Hans-Hermann Hunfeld,

      This is a known limitation in the html 5 based screenshot attachment plugin. Due to usage results derived from analytics and the fact that you can always simply add a comment to the issue we decided to de-prioritise adding this functionality.

      Please feel free to add your vote on and use case at JAP-18 - Ability to add a comment with the screenshot Resolved if you would like to see this implemented.


      Oswaldo Hernández.

      JIRA Bugmaster.


      1. Hi Oswaldo,

        thanks for clarification. I added my vote to the mentioned issue as we think this is just a missing feature. While adding attachment you can enter a comment in the same screen, but with screenshots (which is very similar to attachments) it´s not....

        Thanks & regards,

  36. Hey,


    We use IE9 (9.0.8112.16421) and Java 1.7.0_72 (build 1.7.0_72-b14) with JIRA 6.2.3 and cant get the Screenshot-Function to work properly.

    The same Problem with Firefox 32.0.3.

    On IE9 we get folowing Error : ClassNotFoundException: com.atlassian.jira.screenshot.applet.ScreenshotApplet.class.

    On Firefox we have to make a Java-Security-Exception and after that we got the same ClassNotFound-Exception.

    So the Screenshot-Funktion is not working at all ...

    As a Workarround we use the Drag and Drop Addon.




    1. Hi Lukas,

      Thanks for the feedback. I'd suggest raising a support request, and if the support engineer can't help you they will be able to raise a bug for you. 



  37. Are there plans to re-enable this feature for Mac OS users using Safari (the built-in, default browser)?

    It finally started working again with the Java version, now I am considering moving up from 6.2 to 6.3 only to discover that support for Safari has been taken away again in the new HTML 5 version of the screenshot tool. Seems like a feature regression for Mac OS users---disappointing.

  38. Hi David Luke,

    Unfortunately, it is currently not possible for JIRA to provide html 5 screenshot support for Safari, due to the following bug at In summary, Safari just simply doesn't allow access to its clipboard image data.

    Alternatively, clipboard data can not be fetched via applet in the latest JREs produced by Oracle in Mac OS X. This used to work in previous versions of the JRE when it was built by Apple but it relied in internal quicktime apis, this ceased to work when the JRE transitioned from Apple to Oracle.

    In conclusion, there's currently no reliable way to fetch clipboard image data from Safari, and we suggest using either Firefox or Chrome to OS X users that would like to take advantage of this feature.

    Hope the information helps explain the current situation with Safari support.


    Oswaldo Hernández.

    JIRA Bugmaster.


  39. Sid


    Have you guys tried using Voila Screen Capture to attach screenshots? I simply use it to quickly snap and attach them without all the added fuss. It's listed here and looks like it does the job.