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When you select a project to view, you're taken to the project summary page.

This screen provides a summary of your project activity, and further navigation which allows you to 'dig down' into further detail. You can also add unique shortcuts to information and other webpages, which are accessible to all users with access to the project.

You can access the project summary screen by selecting the Project drop-down, and selecting your project from the list. If your project is not listed, select View all projects to search for your project.

From the project summary screen, you can view the following by selecting the link in the project navigation sidebar:

  • Project:
    • Summary — Shows recent activity in your project, the project lead, the most active users within your project, and the project key.
    • Releases * — Shows a snapshot of all versions within a project, and can be filtered by released and unreleased.
    • Reports – Shows reports on statistics for particular people, versions, issues or other fields within issues.
    • Components * — Shows a summary of all components for a given project.
    • Issues — Takes you to the issue navigator, which shows a list or detailed view of issues in your project.
    • Add-ons — When expanded, this shows links to your JIRA Add-ons, such as your calendar or test sessions. Depending on what other Atlassian products you've integrated with JIRA, you may see additional links.

* Releases and components are only available if your project administrator has created versions or components within the project.

  • Project Shortcuts:
    • Project Shortcuts can be added to your project navigation page to any online resources your team may want to access. These shortcut links are available to everyone who has access to the project.


  1. Anonymous

    hello! I want to know if there is a possibility to create sub-project in Jira

    1. You should add a Component and then you can click on the Components tab and click which Component you would like. For example, I have a Computers project and then I have two components under it Hardware and Software.

  2. Hello,

    I have created a custom field. How can I see these customs fields when I browse the project?