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To change the default order from Ascending to Descending so that the latest comments are shown first, follow these steps:

  1. Access JIRA's 'Advanced Settings' page. (See Configuring Advanced Settings for more information.)
  2. Edit the value of the jira.issue.actions.order property by clicking the existing value and changing it from asc to desc
  3. Click the 'Update' button to save the new value in the JIRA database.


  1. Anonymous

    Is this broken in 4.2.1?  It worked for me in 4.1.1, but after creating a new instance, everything is in ascending order

  2. Anonymous

    This doesn't work either in v4.4#649-r158309.

    The only chance I had was to update the, which worked.

  3. Anonymous

    Is there anyway to change the order in Confluence?


  4. Anonymous

    why local sort comment reset after logout?

  5. It would be nice if a user could override this for their own profile as we have a mix of people in our organization. Some (like me) would like to see the newest comment at the top, while others are adamant about the oldest comment being at the top.

    1. I think it is per user. It remembers your last choice

    2. Anonymous

      I'd like to support this. Our organisation also has a mix of people with differing requirements as to the comment order.

  6. Is this information still correct? I am not seeing any options for setting jira.issue.actions.order.

  7. Hi Ed Gordon,

    This should still hold true. You need to be logged in as a System administrator, and when you go to the General Configuration page their should be a button for Advanced settings. You won't see this button if you're not logged in as a System administrator. When you click it, you should see the option to change jira.issues.actions.order. If you can't see it, and you're logged in as a System administrator, I'd suggest contacting our Support team. 



  8. The one problem we have seen with setting the comments in reverse chronological order is that adding a comment always adds it at the end of the comment stream - which is now the oldest comment. 

    Are there any plans to move the comment box to the top of the comments, above the most recent comment, when comment sort order is set to reverse chronological?

  9. Is this supposed to work on Cloud?  I don't see an "Advanced Options" button and I have the necessary permissions.