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Adding comments to an issue is a useful way to record additional detail about an issue, and collaborate with team members. Comments are shown in the Comments tab of the Activity section when you view an issue.

(info) Note:

  • When adding a comment, you can set the comment to be Viewable by members of a particular project role or user group only; or you can allow all users to view it.
  • For users to view a comment, they must have the Browse Project project permission to view the issue and for each comment, they must be a member of the Viewable by users (see Adding a Comment below).
  • You automatically become a watcher of the issues that you comment on. You can disable this via the Preferences > Autowatch option in your profile.

On this page:

Adding a comment

To add comments to an issue, i.e. to see the Comment button, you must have both of the following permissions for the issue's relevant project:

To add a comment:

  1. Open the issue on which to add your comment.
  2. Click the Comment button.
    (tick) Keyboard shortcut: m
  3. In the Comment text box, type your comment, using as many lines as you require. (tick) You can use wiki markup in this text box if the Wiki Style Renderer is enabled.
    • To apply viewing restrictions to a comment: click the open padlock icon next to Viewable by... and select which users will be able to view this comment.
      (info) The Viewable by... list also includes all project roles and groups to which you belong. (Note that All Users means everybody who uses JIRA, while Users means everybody who is a member of the Users project role in this project.) Depending on how your JIRA administrator has configured 'Comment visibility', the Viewable by... list may include groups as well as project roles.

      Once viewing restrictions have been applied to a comment, the padlock icon closes and Viewable by... is replaced by Restricted to... and indicates the user, project role or group, who can view this comment, for example:
    • To email other users about your comment: simply mention these users in the Comment text box. An email message will be sent to the user's email address (registered with their JIRA account) upon clicking the Update button. See Emailing an issue to users by mentioning them for details on the correct syntax.
  4. Click the Add button to save the comment.

(info) For each comment on an issue, a small version of the comment author's user avatar appears to the left of their full name.

Collapsing and expanding a comment

To collapse or expand a comment:

  1. Locate the comment in the Activity section at the bottom of the issue.
  2. Browse to the comment you wish to collapse/expand.
  3. To collapse or expand a comment, click the arrow icon, located on the comment:

(info) Collapsing or expanding a comment does not relate in any way to a comment's 'viewing restrictions' applied when adding or editing a comment.

Editing a comment

You can edit your own comments if you have been granted the Edit Own Comments project permission.

You can edit other people's comments if you have been granted the Edit All Comments project permission.

To edit a comment:

  1. Locate the comment in the Activity section at the bottom of the issue.
  2. Browse to the comment you wish to edit.
  3. Click the Edit (pencil) icon, located on the comment:
  4. Edit the comment's text and/or Viewable by list as required.
  5. Click the Save button.
  6. The word 'edited' will be displayed to indicate that the comment has been edited. You can hover your mouse over the word 'edited' to see who edited the comment and when.

Deleting a comment

You can delete your own comments if you have been granted the Delete Own Comments project permission.

You can delete other people's comments if you have been granted the Delete All Comments project permission.

To delete a comment:

  1. Hover your mouse over the comment you wish to delete.
  2. Click the Delete (trash-can) icon, located on the comment:
  3. Confirm the deletion by clicking the Delete button.

Linking to a comment

Sometimes you may want to link to a specific comment within a JIRA issue.

  1. Browse to the comment you wish to link to.
  2. Click the Permlink (link) icon, located on the comment:
  3. The comment will now be highlighted in pale blue, e.g.:
    (tick) If your JIRA issue contains an extensive list of comments, the issue page will automatically be scrolled down so that the linked comment is visible.
  4. Copy the link from the Permlink icon and paste it into wherever you want to link from (e.g. an email). The link will look something like this:
  5. The URL in your browser's address bar will now look something like this:

    but the comment still will be correctly located and highlighted.

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  1. Anonymous


    is there a way to set the comment visibility with the keyboard? In JIRA 4.0 this was a plain drop-down box which one could tab to, the new 'link-style' way prevents this easy access, I always have to use the mouse.



    1. Anonymous

      At least in Chrome one can tab to the visibility menu and thus change the setting with keyboard only.

  2. Anonymous

    Hello - I'd like to set it up so that a user can make a comment that only the manager can see, not the other users. So the user is in the users group, and I want the comment to be in the manager's group. But it looks like you can only make a comment visible to a group you are in. Is there a way to add a comment that is only visible by someone in a different group/role than the person making the comment?

    Thank you.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi, how can comments be set up like in this section where you can answer comments?

    1. Anonymous

      That's what I want to know. If there's discussion of several chunks all on the same ticket there's no way to tell what replies belong to which comment. It's ridiculous. You could have a comment 45 comments down that is in response to comment number 1.


  4. Anonymous

    Is there a way for Jira to automatically add someone to the CC list when they comment on an issue.  That way they can get emails if somebody responds to their issue.  Otherwise it is quite error prone if they are not already on the CC list and forget to add themselves.

    This is a standard feature on other problem reporting systems and has been found to be quite useful

    1. Anonymous

      1. Anonymous

        1. Anonymous

  5. Is there a way to mention someone with JIRA comments? For example, I have 4 people on a project:

    1. Task Reporter
    2. Task Assignee
    3. Project Manager
    4. Analyst

    My question relates to when the project manager (3) creates a comment that should be seen by the analyst (4). Is there a way for JIRA to see "@analyst" and include the analyst on the notification, even though they aren't the reporter or assignee and aren't on the watchers list?

    I don't want to have to add the person to the watchers list of the task, because they may not have to be notified about ALL activity on the task... But, I want the ability for that person to be notified of a comment that relates to them still.

    1. Anonymous

      I'm also interested in this feature. Did you find anything about this? A plugin maybe? 

      Best Regards  / Mikael

      1. I spoke with Atlassian about this... Unfortunately, this is not supported, which is a shame. I have made a request to have this added as a feature though. Alternatively, it would be nice if someone would create a plugin to do this instead.

        1. Anonymous

          Thanks Sean !

          I have been browsing the web for information about this for a while now. We usually write e.g. "@Mikael can you answer .. " in our comments. If the "@Mikael" would trigger a notification to the user, it would help us a lot in our daily work. 

          1. Anonymous

            I'm not sure if you're already aware of this, but there exist a plugin that among other things has a "@"-functionality: which could be combined with to have notifications facebook-style. We're just about to install both!

            /Daniel Jönsson

  6. Anonymous


    Is there a way to include the most recent comment in an issues search results ? This would be great for my weekly reporting.


    1. Anonymous

      Yes, I really need this also! It's absolutely necessary for each issue to be able to see the latest work / status / comment about it.

      Did you hear anything back on this request?

      1. Anonymous

        Yes please, a function to group all comments related to a query together  to make my weekly report 

    2. Anonymous

      Yes, I also need this feature, any feedback update from Atlassian?

      1. Hi,

        Unfortunately this feature does not exist. Please raise a feature request by logging a ticket in

        Kind Regards,

        1. Anonymous

          Hi there,

          Can we make more than one comments permanent link .??


  7. A question about comment visibility, not very cleare to me by reading documentation

    If a comment is restricted to a group I do not belong to, when I browse the list of comments which does apply?

    a) I can see in the list of comments  that there is a comment restricted which I cannot open   ...or

    b) I see only those comments I'm enabled to open ?

    1. You will only see those comments which are made visible to the group to which you belong. If no group security is set everyone will see the comment.

      For those you have no permissions will not appear at all.

      hope this helps.

  8. Anonymous

    We have been using Jira for around 2 years and have only just discovered that when deleting a comment, you can still view the deleted comment on the 'All' tab.  This is a huge problem for us as we allow our clients access to their individual projects within Jira, and occasionally have to delete a sensitive comment we would not want clients to see.  Finding out now that, actually, clients CAN see them by viewing the All tab is not a welcome surprise!

    Any workarounds / setting changes we can use? 

  9. Anonymous

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  10. As mentioned above, in order to add a comment you need the following permissions:

    I have both permissions set to the jira-users group for a specific project permission scheme, but nevertheless these users cannot comment on any issue.

    Has anyone else had this problem? How did you solve this?



    1. Anonymous

      Is the workflow associated with that issue/project have a workflow step that denies comments?

      for example, I can put a step property that is jira.permission.comment=denied to keep anyone from posting a comment. I use this often for closed issues.

      1. When we set property jira.permission.comment with value denied on workflow step close, the comment button disappears when issue is closed which is great, but looking at user activity or project activity stream we get the following error:

        - javax.servlet.error.message : Error occured getting activity: Error parsing meta attribute <meta name='jira.permission.comment'>denied</meta>. Name format is 'jira.permission.[subtasks].<permission>.[group|user|assignee|...]'

        Any idea?

        1. For information, we solved the activity strem error by using jira.permission.comment.user = denied instead of jira.permission.comment = denied as property of the workflow close step in order to not allow users to comment issues once closed.

          Note: from the format is 'jira.permission.[subtasks.]{permission}.{type}[.suffix]' where only [subtasks.] and [.suffix] are optional.

  11. Anonymous


    Is it possible to display a "warning" like "Use reply transition" when assignee add a comment instead of executing a transition ?




  12. Anonymous

    Can "Comments" be added to the columns available to List View? 

    Specifically, a truncated form of the latest comment would be HUGE.  Being able ot scan down a list of issues, seeing the "last thing said" for all of them, would greatly speed a lot of work.  Right now I am using a custom "Rollup" field, which is a clunky and redundant field that is never quite right.


  13. Anonymous

    Is it possible for Linked issues in JIRA to parent/master ticket to have the linked issue comments display in the Comments section of the Parent/Master ticket.


    For example if B ticket is Linked to A ticket
    can B ticket comments be shown in the A's Comments section?



  14. Anonymous

    Is it possible to set the default behavior for comments to be "private" per project and user select which comments they want to make "public"?

  15. The problem we have is that we hide our comments (because they contain code/logs etc) but then the Customer can't see that any comments have been made at all.

    It would be much better if the comment contents were replaced with "You do not have permission to see this comment" or something like that....

  16. Anonymous


    It it possible to set a category or attribute for the comments? I would like to be able to separate the "management" type of comments, from the rest.

    When a user makes a comment, he would have a checkbox or similar, so the user can mark the commant as "management relevant".

    So is it possible somehow to have "A" type and "B" type comments?


  17. Anonymous

    Is it possible to see all the comments of the issues which I am associated with? Instead of getting email alert, each time when comments are entered to the issue, it would be great if I can disable the email notifications from JIRA and monitor the comments every  time to see the latest comments of all the issues that I am associated with.

  18. Anonymous

    Is it possible to answer to a specific comment in the issue? So far, I have seen it is only possible to ass a comment at the end of all the comments created before, but no way to comment to a comment which is not the latest one.

    1. AFAIK, it is not possible to do that at the moment. 

      1. Hi,

        I've searched a while for this feature. Is-it possible now (in 2014) to answer to a specific comment in the issue ? If it's not possible, do you have a workaround ?

  19. Anonymous

    Is there a way for JIRA System admins or JIRA admins to view comments that have been restricted to groups of which the JIRA System admin or JIRA admin is not a part of?

    We want to give users the ability to restrict comments to the groups or user of their choice. However, we want the top level management (JIRA System admins or JIRA admins) to be able to view all restricted comments no matter which group or user they are restricted to.


    1. Yes there is. Comments can be restricted to user roles within a proyect. You just have to make sure that the "admins" you want to be able to see the restricted comments be in all of these roles.


  20. Anonymous

    Hi, is there a way to check the edited comment history? Thanks

  21. Anonymous

    Can we add an unique comment number for issues in Jira? At the moment, there is no way of replying to a specific comment. New comments are just accumulated at the bottom, not mentioning which comment it is actually referring to. 

    Example scenario: there are 30 comments for an issue and I want to reply to the 6th comment, there is no way of doing it. I simply have to copy the date and time to refer to it, and that wouldn't work if two different comments are made at the same time.

  22. You could use the "permanent link" option to refer to the comment you'd like to refer. Like I've done in this comment to refer to yours.

    1. Anonymous

      Sorry, but it doesn't work that way in Jira. Firstly, what you have done is you have just clicked the 'Reply' button to my comment. I'm looking for a similar feature. Secondly, if I click 'permanent link' for a comment, it is highlighted only until I click Permanent link for another comment, which doesn't make sense.

      1. Rob

        You can select permanent link for the comment you want to refer to, right click and copy link location, then paste it in your new comment.  The link will set the focus to the linked comment, as Jacques suggested. Wrap in "[<displayed text>|<permanent link>]" markup to tidy.



  23. Anonymous

    How would I format a hyperlink to direct the user directly into adding a new comment for any given issue?


  24. Anonymous


    For formatting comments, see the explanation on enabling the Wiki Style Renderer here:

    1. Anonymous

      This post is NOT related to the question from the previous one, but is the outcome of my search for a reason why a  monospaced font  is not possible in JIRA comments, but is possible in JIRA issue descriptions.

  25. Anonymous

    To collapse or expand a comment, click the arrow icon, located on the comment:

    Question: Is it possible to collapse/expand ALL comments with one shortcut or ... ?

  26. Anonymous

    Is there a way to set a workflow rule to re-open a closed issue when a comment is added after the issue is closed?

  27. Hi, 


    How can I add an Issue markup with (ID, title, status) as we can see in some comments here? Is it plugin? I know only "@" to usernames and emails

    1. Hi Rafal,

      To add JIRA issues to Confluence, you need to ensure your Confluence and JIRA instances are connected via application links. Then you can use the JIRA issues macro to add the issue to a Confluence page. You can find more detail here. (Note that this link will take you to the documentation for the latest release of Confluence. You should check your Confluence version and if need be go to the correct, version specific documentation.) Hope this answers your query!



  28. Oh i see. So that is JIRA Macro for confluence and I just can not use the same macro in my JIRA Agile Issues' comments?

    1. Hi Rafal,

      It all depends on how you are using JIRA Agile. The issues comments are actually the comments from JIRA, so it's not possible to add a JIRA link at present in the comment. You could link issues perhaps? This would insert a link against the issue, and show some detail regarding it. I hope this helps!



  29. It appears from our testing that regardless of comment permission settings the reporter sees all comments no matter their permissions.  This isn't clear in the documentation at all.  Is this a bug or an intended feature?

    1. Hi HomeAway,

      This certainly does not sound like the intended performance. If a comment is added and restricted to a group or role, and the initial reporter is not part of that group or role, then they should not be able to see the restricted comment. I've tested this on our internal instance, and this is how it works. It may be a bug. I'd suggest you log this with our support team and they can assist you further.



  30. Hi there,

    funny behavior: you can add a new comment to a closed issue but you cannot edit it. Seems to me not very strict as issue and comment should be separated (possibility to create and update comments while issue is closed) or block any action...

  31. Hi

    is it possible to comment comments? If not then do you plan to add such feature?


    1. Hi Wojciech,

      This feature is definitely one of most popular ones. Check out this issue that tracks it:  JRA-3406 - Threaded Comments Open . – Cheers, Lingbo

  32. Hi,


    Is it possible to insert link or preview to already attached issue images?


    1. Hi Andrey,

      You can right-click the attachment and copy the link, and then paste the link into your comment. You could also add the link using wiki markup if this is the renderer used for your comments.

      Hope that helps!


  33. Hi,

    How do I get user's name embed automatically hyperlinked to user's profile in a comment when posted on JIRA ticket ?

    1. Hi Varun,

      If I understand you correctly, you should be able to type an "@" symbol followed by the user's name. This should prompt JIRA to give you a list of matches, and you can select the person. 

      Hope that helps!


  34. Hi, I noticed a few people talking about the ability to set the default permissions for a comment.  I have a paid plugin in the marketplace called comment security default ( that allows you to set a default globally or per project.  You can also assign behaviour in case the permission is no longer available (you can force the user to choose a new permission).  

  35. I would like something more basic: that the edit screen be made larger. Currently it looks like a dialog-type box and it doesn't change size even if I resize my browser. The actual comment field is not terribly large, which is tedious to work in.

  36. Hi , i'm using JIRA atlasian and i need to list all projects created in my jsp , so i use this servlet 

    package com.invariantproperties.sandbox.jira.example;


    import java.util.ResourceBundle;

    import javax.servlet.ServletException;
    import javax.servlet.annotation.WebServlet;
    import javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet;
    import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest;
    import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse;



    import static org.junit.Assert.assertEquals;



    public class ProjectTest extends HttpServlet {

    private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

    private static final ResourceBundle bundle = ResourceBundle

    private static final URI serverUri = URI
    private static final String username = bundle.getString("username");
    private static final String password = bundle.getString("password");

    protected void doGet(HttpServletRequest request,
    HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException {

    protected void doPost(HttpServletRequest request,
    HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException {

    JiraRestClient restClient = new AsynchronousJiraRestClientFactory()
    .createWithBasicHttpAuthentication(serverUri, username, password);
    PrintWriter out = response.getWriter();
    try {
    // retrieve list of all projects
    ProjectRestClient client = restClient.getProjectClient();

    // retrieve information about each project.
    for ( BasicProject expected : client.getAllProjects().claim()) {

    // load project by URI
    Project actual = client.getProject(expected.getSelf()).claim();
    assertEquals(expected.getKey(), actual.getKey());
    assertEquals(expected.getName(), actual.getName());
    // load project by key
    actual = client.getProject(expected.getKey()).claim();
    assertEquals(expected.getKey(), actual.getKey());
    assertEquals(expected.getName(), actual.getName());
    } finally {
    if (restClient != null) {



    but  it returns this error 

    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/atlassian/sal/api/ApplicationProperties

    cause mère

    java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.atlassian.sal.api.ApplicationProperties
    i'm using this jar:









  37. Can I copy a webpage with hyperlinks and paste it as JIRA's comment with all formats and hyperlinks kept?