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To create a JIRA issue, you need the Create Issue project permission for the issue's relevant project. If you do not have this permission, please contact your JIRA administrator.

To create a new JIRA issue:

  1. Click Create at the top of the screen to open the Create Issue dialog box.
    (tick)Keyboard shortcut: c
  2. Select the relevant Project and Issue Type on the Create Issue dialog box.
  3. Type a Summary for the issue and complete any appropriate fields — at least required ones which are marked by an asterisk.
    (info)  If you want to access fields that are not shown on this dialog box or you want to hide existing fields:
    1. Click the Configure Fields button at the top right of the screen.
    2. Click Custom and select the fields you want to show or hide by selecting or clearing the relevant check boxes, respectively, or click All to show all fields.
      (info) When you next create an issue, JIRA remembers your last choice of selected fields.
  4. Optional: To create a series of similar issues – with the same Project and Issue Type – select the Create another check box at the bottom of the dialog.
  5. When you are satisfied with the content of your issue, click the Create button.

(info) If you selected the Create another check box (above), a new Create Issue dialog appears. Depending on your configuration, some of the fields may be pre-populated. Make sure you check they're all correct before creating the next issue.

(tick) Tips:

  • You can mention other users in the Description or Comment field so that an email message will be sent to the user's email address (registered with their JIRA account) upon clicking the Update button. See Emailing an issue to users by mentioning them for details. 
  • In certain text fields for an issue, you can link to other issues, insert macros, insert images and more. For more information, see Editing Rich-Text Fields.
  • To see a list of all issues that you have created, which have not yet been resolved, go to your user name and select Profile and on your profile, click Filters > Reported & Open.
  • You may automatically become a watcher of the issues that you create, depending on the Autowatch setting in your user profile. Note, if you have not changed this setting, you will inherit the global Autowatch settings set by your JIRA administrator (in  > System > User Preferences). 
  • With appropriate configuration by your JIRA administrator, it is also possible to create issues via email.
  • If you are using agile Scrum boards for planning, you can easily add an issue to your backlog by using inline issue create.

Screenshot: Example 'Create Issue' dialog box

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  1. Anonymous

    How do you open it in the current tab, rather than a lightbox? 

    1. Hi there,

      You could use your browser's 'open link in a new tab' option on the relevant 'create issue' link. This should open the create/edit issue screen on the actual page of the new browser tab itself (as opposed to the dialog box). Depending on the browser you're accessing JIRA from, this option is typically available by right-clicking the link and choosing the relevant option from the popup menu.

      Be aware that only the fields you have configured to be visible (i.e. through the Configure Fields button on the dialog box) will be shown on the new browser tab page. Correction -> all fields will be shown.



      1. Giles, while that's certainly true, training all of your users to "right-click to create an issue" is not a great solution. For some people, the lightbox is a problem, and in my opinion, using the lightbox should be a configuration choice, not a problem to solve with custom code.



  2. Hello,

    The current functionality in version 5 when you click the Create Issue button next to the search box top, right is to create the issue, then show a link in a green box. What we need is the old behavior back, where you can click Create after typing out your issue, and then SEE the issue you just created.

    How do we get that back? I've looked around in the settings and can't seem to find it.




    1. Anonymous

      Agreed. My users are asking if this is possible. I want to create and issue and be taken straight to that issue.

      1. This is the snippet of jQuery I was able to get to work, which accomplishes what I was suggesting:

        JIRA.Forms.UnconfigurableCreateIssueForm = JIRA.Forms.UnconfigurableCreateIssueForm.extend({ handleSubmitSuccess: function(A){ if (this.helper.getCreateAnotherCheckbox().is(":checked")) { this.helper.handleSubmitSuccess(A); } else { window.location = '/browse/' + A.issueKey; } } });

        Note, the use of `$()` will probably cause some issues. The following is what our actual code looks like (in 5.0.3):

        1. Hi,

          I need the old functionality back as you have outlined.

          Where do I put this jQuery?


          1. Hi Steve,

            I created a folder in INSTALL\atlassian-jira\includes\js\custom and then use a custom.js file for my tweaks. This could be rolled into a plugin as well I'm sure, but that's not how I manage it.




            1. Hi Jared,

              Thanks for the reply. However I still can't get it to work. I admit this is a bit new for me, so I'm still learning how to do mods like this.

              I've created the folder and a file called custom.js with the code snippet you posted. However nothing happens and I presume this is because it needs referencing somewhere? I've been trying a few things to try and work it out and lots of searching on the net but can't find a solution. Am I missing some steps?



              1. Hi Steve,

                Yes, there is one more step that I forgot to include. In INSTALL\atlassian-jira\includes\decorators\aui-layout\head-resources.jsp, put the following at the very end of the file:

                Note, the "src" attribute path may need to be tweaked to make it point to the right path. You can check this with Firebug or Chrome Console, within the Script tab, which will tell you if the file is downloading correctly or not. Note, this is also the correctly path for 5.*; previously, the page decorator files were laid out differently and had slightly different file and folder names.

                I am positive there is probably a better way of doing this, but this has worked for me for that past couple of years without really any issues. Use and mileage may vary.



                1. I was close, I was putting the reference in header.jsp. head-resources.jsp did the trick

                  One thing I did have to do was add AJS.before the $document in the JS otherwise I'd get an error. Now working a treat. Many thanks for your help and support (smile)

                2. Does the service need to be restarted for these changes to take effect?

              2. Anonymous

                Jared and Steve,


                Thanks so much for this.  My users were rebelling against that annoying extra step!  This now works like a charm.

                Again, thank you so much.


        2. Hi Jared,

          I am new to java script. I have put this script based on your recommendations. It is not working for me. I have also tried with adding up AJS. before $(document), but still it is not working.

          One thing I am not getting is, what does that "A" mean. What is the value "A" holding for this function. As much I got, we are using this script for adding a link to Create Issue.

          Can you please provide a quick solution over this as we are stuck in implementing our old java script in JIRA 5.1.




          1. Hi Swati,

            The following is what we actually use:

            You should monitor the console for any Javascript errors as well (I suggest Chrome Console or Firefox's Firebug add-on).

            Also, the A that is shown is the variable assigned to the asynchronous action's response. You can add:

            And then monitor the console (using Persist) to see what A contains.



            1. Fantastic, this one did the trick for me. I learned a lot today – thanks!

            2. Hi Jared,

              We have tried using console.log(A). It is showing following error. 


               ReferenceError: A is not defined
               TypeError: this.helper is undefined

               Also it is unable to figure out "helper". Do we need to predefined "A" and "helper"?




            3. Hi Jared,

              I've just wrapped up your very useful JavaScript into a web resources plugin, and it works just fine and is very easy to install. If there's enough interest I'll package it up for the Marketplace, unless someone already has and I haven't already spotted it.

              Let me know.


            4. I've added the plugin to the Marketplace as Issue Quick Start. Here's hoping it's of use to those not so used to hacking their Jira.


              1. Anonymous

                Hey Andrew, thanks so much for the plug in! I downloaded it from the marketplace, but do I need to do something to turn it on? It's not working for me. When I go to "manage add on's" it says that it's enabled.

                1. No, if it's enabled it's turned on. What happens when you create a new issue (with "Create another" unchecked)? Does it do nothing at all or does it attempt to redirect to an incorrect URL?

                  You have to make sure that the "Create another" checkbox isn't checked for the plugin to wake up and go straight to your new issue.

              2. Anonymous

                Hi Andrew, do you have this Issue Quick Start for JIRA version 6.1.7?

                1. Hi Andrew,

                  I'd be interested in that plugin for JIRA V 6.1.5 as well

                  1. Okay, guys. I believe there's no change needed for compatibility, so I'll work out the best way to get it marked compatible. I should be able to push an update out today.

        3. Hello,

          some of our users has reported, that the redirection does not work. I have just now debugged this problem with one user and we have found, that this script does not work if user activates custom fields on "create issue" page. In this case, user creates issue and it show box with issue link - redirection does not work.

          I have activated the web developer tools in Firefox and I have found, that there is other object "ConfigurableCreateIssueForm" and I have extended this JS Code to:


          Now it does not matter, if user displays all or custom fields on the create issue page - after "Create" button click, user is redirected to newly created issue.

          I have read that Andrew Heald create Addon Issue Quick Start with this JS Code and I have installed this Addon - it is better to have an Addon which will survive JIRA update instead of editing JIRA files.

          I will try to contact Andrew Heald and ask him to enahnce this Addon.


          Robert Wolf

  3. Anonymous

    I would like to add a button on the menu (screen pending) with a different functionality of the standard, there is a possibility?

  4. Hi there, is there a way to delete an issue? Say if the issue is now completely irrelevant, but it's not fixed or anything and I don't want it to appear on my Rapid Board?


    1. Anonymous

      Hello Sherman

      Generally, issues can be deleted.

      Whether or not you are allowed to delete an issue depends on the permission scheme. In most of the projects I worked in the 'delete issue'- permission was reserved for administrators.

  5. Hi there

    The way i see my list sorted is ordered in two groups. The top ten are under a heading that reads "Recent Projects," which I assume is in the order of my last access. The rest fall under a heading that reads "All Projects." Those are alphabetized. Those that are in the Recent Projects list are repeated in the alphabetized All Projects list. I probably have about fifty in my list.

    Is it possible to manage in such a way that respective user can able to see the allocated projects ONLY, not all the projects and also not the other project information in over all JIRA and also in Create a issue link.

    Please Suggest.

    Thanks & Regards,

  6. Hi there... I'm looking for keyboard-shortcuts which allows me to jump into input-fields. I would create issues without mouse-using.

    1. Well, you can use the tab key to jump from one field to the next. This is not exactly what you asked for, but it eliminates the need for a mouse.

  7. The "Create another" checkbox is great idea. But sometimes we do not need the data from the previous issue. For example you are about to create 10 new stories with different content, then you have to clear all the field values you just entered.  If you plan to keep the existing behavior, it would be useful to change the label/add a tooltip.


    Baah, the captcha is annoying. This is third fourth try.

  8. Anonymous

    Hello there. When i create an issue with the Create another check box selected, field is not pre-populated with previous value, just like the Summary field. Is there a way to change this, when you want to create a set of issues linked to the same issue (e.g. to a test)?

    1. Hi!

      I´m also interested in this behavior as the docs above say:

      When you are satisfied with the content of your issue, click the Create button.
      (info) If you selected the Create another check box (above), a new Create Issue dialog appears. This issue is automatically pre-populated with your previous issue details, while leaving the Summary field blank.

      In my opinion this is a bug, wether in the tool or in the documentation...



  9. Anonymous


    is there a way we can login daily effort on JIRA ?



    1. Anonymous


      Yes we can login our daily efforts in JIRA by installing the TEMPO plugin in JIRA and track all your daily task.


      Shridhar Samala

  10. Anonymous

    How does the Resolve date and time get set? Once we create an issue and through our workflow the status is set to In Progress, the resolved date and time is set.  It is set several different times throughout the workflow.  We are setting the resolution to a state with each step of the workflow.  It does not get set to Resolved until it has been fixed.  However the resolve date and time is set at the beginning.  Is there something we are doing wrong for this to happen?

  11. Anonymous

    Is there a way to upload defects/bugs/issues using a file upload?

  12. Is there a way to auto-create an issue from a workflow change on another? i.e. Once an issue goes through the development workflow, another will be created under the QA workflow?

  13. Is there a way to re-order the fields that appear in the CREATE ISSUE pop-up? I'd like to include three fields that encourage the user to enter a user story but my three custom fields do not appear together when I add them. How can you specify the order of all fields on this form?

  14. Anonymous

    Is there an easy way to trigger the Create issue dialog to open via javascript? Tried to trigger it via the letter c but that did not work (sad)

  15. When creating an issue the configure fields option is not always available. I have 2 questions:

    1 What do you have to do to make the "configure fields" option always available

    2 Is it possible to specify the default for the displayed fields so that on first use all users se a selection of the fields until they use the "configure fields" option.

  16. Anonymous


    Is it possible to create one issue that spans multiple projects?

  17. Is it me, or has the default behaviour changed there, and we are now redirected to the new issue when creating in JIRA 6 (without checking create another, obviously). It would be nice to have an "official" confirmation of that change in behaviour, so that I can clean up all my Javascript for that (smile)

  18. Anonymous

    Is there an option to set up a template for the new issue that we create?

  19. Anonymous

    I hate the lightbox.

  20. When "Create another" check-box is checked, the description does not get copied along with the other fields. I thought only the Summary is left blank.

    Does anyone know why the description is not copied over to the new ticket?

  21. Greg Henderson I can reproduce this too.  Seems like a bug.

    1. So i found out this is intentional.  There is currently a ticket that requested a configurable "Create new" feature, but it was marked as "Won't Fix" (sad)

  22. Anonymous

    using the 'c' key to create new issue is not working.  nothing happens.  some other keyboard shortcuts work.  other do not.

    interesting is that  g then c  works but is not documented.  it brings me to the agile dashboard.  perhaps this is blocking the default 'c' function?


    JIRA 6.1 

    1. Anonymous

      JIRA/rest/api/1.0/shortcuts/6144/98873352c7a4d72533224384f967b54f/shortcuts.js?context=greenhopper  is the script location I see overriding the value of a 'c' keypress.




      Also if I remove teh ?context=greenhopper I see:

      [["c"]],"context":"global","op":"moveToAndClick","param":"#header .create-issue"},{"moduleKey":"help","keys":[



  23. Pei

    Anyone know if there's a fix to the "Create another" bug? 

  24. Anonymous

    Is there a way to create a specific bug number?  I want to create a bug but with a certain bug number.

  25. How do I link to another issue to define dependencies (block, etc) on the create issue page? I do not find the field!




    1. Hi Michael,

      You need to create the issue before linking it to another one: Linking Issues.

      Kind regards,

  26. When we create a new issue using create popup dialog in JIRA 6, the screen does not navigate to the newly created issue screen but a message pop's up that the "new issue is created". Can we modify this behavior by user automatically been navigated to new issue screen?


    1. I had this in JIRA 5 and had to carry out the following modification (I've not testing this in JIRA 6, but assume it should work.

      In JIRA 5.x the default action after creating an issue is to go back to the previous view and show a message banner with a link to the new issue. This is different to 4.x behaviour and possibly slightly confusing. To revert to 4.x behaviour the following modification must be made.

      First navigate to

      C:\Program Files\Atlassian\JIRA\atlassian-jira\includes\js

      And create a new folder


      In this new folder create a text file called


      With the following code inside

         JIRA.Forms.UnconfigurableCreateIssueForm = JIRA.Forms.UnconfigurableCreateIssueForm.extend({
              handleSubmitSuccess: function(A){
                  if (this.helper.getCreateAnotherCheckbox().is(":checked")) {
                  } else {
                      window.location = '/browse/' + A.issueKey;

      Then navigate to

      C:\Program Files\Atlassian\JIRA 4.3.4\atlassian-jira\includes\decorators\aui-layout

      and edit the file


      Adding the following line to the very end of the file

      <script type="text/javascript" src="/includes/js/custom/custom.js"></script>
  27. Atlassian - please can you document the exact funcationality to be expected by the "Create another" check box.

    As users, we need to know exactly which fields will be copied from the first issue to the new issue creation screen. Otherwise anything that doesn't comes across as a missing requirement or bug! 


    1. Hi Cory, are you seeing behavior different from what's documented? If so, please do raise a bug.

      This issue is automatically pre-populated with your previous issue details, while leaving the Summary field blank.

      Cheers, Christine

  28. FYI, if you want to vote on new functionality to configure the "Create another" copied fields, please vote on this ticket:  JRA-36827 - "Create another" checkbox when creating tickets - stop copying over all info to new ticket Open

  29. How you make a repeating task, i.e. something that repeats every first week of a month?