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JIRA enables you to easily export your search results from the Issue Navigator to Microsoft Word. This can be a useful way to create reports in your own customized format.

Exporting to Microsoft Word

Before you begin:

  • The export will include Description, Comments and all other issue data, not just the issue fields that are currently configured in your Issue Navigator.
  • Large exports (e.g. hundreds of issues) are not recommended.

To export search results to Microsoft Word:

  1. Choose Issues > Search for Issues.
  2. Refine your search, as described in Searching for Issues, then choose the Export menu.
  3. Choose Word from the dropdown menu.
  4. A file called <My company's JIRA> - <My project>.doc will be created. Edit this file using Microsoft Word and/or save it as required.

Here is a sample exported file, viewed in Microsoft Word:



  1. Anonymous

    Is it possible to modify the layout of the generated Word file? and if so, how it can be achieved?

    Thank you very much and best regards,

  2. Anonymous

    Bump.  I am also interested in this functionality. 

  3. Anonymous

    It is a very interesting matter... does anybody know how to do?

    1. Hello there,

      Unfortunately, JIRA does not ship with an 'out of the box' feature to customise the look and feel of MS Word exports.

      The exported file, however, is of the following HTML content type, which MS Word is capable of rendering.

      If you are a plugin developer, you could write a plugin capable of generating customised HTML output (subsequently rendered by Word).

      Hope this information helps.


  4. Anonymous

    Has there been any consideration to have not only DOC but PDF document generation?  If so when is it expected.  This would make automating daily status reports a snap and creation of exit documents a piece of cake.  Then having all the info required for an exit document in place so that the system does all the work and the end user of Jira only has to enter the progress as it happens.

    It would be nice to have an Android app for this as well.  Just had to toss this in.

  5. Anonymous

    I would need to define the which fields are exported! I don't understand why such an "easy" add-on feature is still not available!

  6. Anonymous


    Is it possible to hyperlink the attachments(either documents or image files) in the exported search results in word format?

  7. Anonymous

    also request for the feature that one can define his wanted fields in the exported word. Hope this feature can be developped soon!

  8. Anonymous

    I think the feature to define which fields are exported will be very useful. Are there any workaround in the meantime?

  9. Adding to all the requests for the ability to configure the fields being exported - way too much information! Otherwise a great feature.

  10. Anonymous

    To modify the layout of the Word document one can export data into Excel and then use Word's mail merge feature to create a custom form and auto populate it from Excel. I wish I could do that by connecting directly to a datasource from Excel and/or Word.

  11. Anonymous

    Hi all, 

    There's now a plugin that allows you to export issues using a word template. It's simple and easy! All you have to do is to create your own templates using keywords.

    Check more information here: Xporter for JIRA


  12. Xporter seams great.  Would love it to increase its ability to draw in linked issues not just parent child though.  We have build a plugin that uses structure gadet and exports all issues in a structure hierarchy from a parent ticket to word in a Business Requirements Document which helps us to deliver the 'formal' documentation while we continue to deliver the features.  It's in house though (sad)