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When configuring a mail handler to create issues from email, it is often useful to know the IDs of issue types.

Here is how you can find the ID of an issue type:

  1. In JIRA, click Administration > Issues > Issue Types

  2. On the 'Global Issue Types' sub-tab, hover your mouse cursor over the Edit operation link of an issue type and JIRA will display the issue type's id appended to the URL shown in the browser's status bar. For example, the "id" in this link represents the id of the issue type: http://<your-jira-server>/secure/admin/EditIssueType!default.jspa?id=1
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  1. Anonymous

    How to find it that a particuar id is associated with some project or not(Programatically) ?

      1. Anonymous

        This link is broken.


  2. Anonymous


    I think that the order of each issue type in the default issue type scheme is equal to issue type id.

    1. just to clarify, the id number corresponds to the order in which the issue type was created, so default JIRA types will be 1-8, with your first original being 9, regardless of its order in the list. i'm not sure how deleting an issue type will affect the id's of future types, but the above text is correct that the id is also shown in the url.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi, we are testing this functionality but I would like to know how Jira will handle multiple issuetype in a project using the email method. In the handler.param I have issuetype=16, issuetype=17, issuetype=19, but at the time to send an email Jira only take the last issuetype, how can I do to Jira select the right issue type. 

    I apreciate your support.