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Sometimes it is useful to get a list of users exported to CSV for various purposes. JIRA doesn't currently have this functionality but you can leverage various database functionalities to do this.

Run one of the following queries specific to your database. The output will consist of the id, username, first, and last name of the users.


Always back up your data before performing any modification to the database.


(info) this will not include headers


(info) this will include the headers.



  1. The above MySQL query doesn't work.

    No users are stored in the userbase table, at least in our instance of Jira 4.3.1. Our Jira is working fine, and all our users (about 100) can do their work.

    We are not using crowd, LDAP, AD or any of that. We'd like to start using Crowd.

    1. In Jira 4.4 it is much easier, because all user details are stored in single table cwd_user. You don't even have to join any tables.

  2. Anonymous

    Could you show me how to do this on JIRA version 4.1.1?