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If JIRA is running as service in Windows, stdout_*.log and stderr_*.log files will be created. These files will grow rapidly and over time can become very large. You can change the location of these files to a different location, if needed. One of the following methods can be followed:

Method 1

To change the stdout_.log and stderr_.log location,

  1. Remove the JIRA service.
  2. Open the service.bat file with editor and find the parameter below:

  3. Change set PR_LOGPATH=%CATALINA_BASE%\logs to any location you wish, for example set PR_LOGPATH=D:\logs
  4. Run service.bat install JIRA_SERVICE_NAME to install JIRA as a service again.

Method 2

  1. Open the JIRA service configuration as explained at Setting Properties and Options on Startup - via CommandLine.
  2. Modify the location of the stdlog and stderr paths as shown in the screenshot below:
  3. Apply the changes.
  4. Restart JIRA service for the changes to take effect.
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    1. Thanks Thibuad. I have fixed the links.

  1. Anonymous

    How about adding rollover to stop them growing exponentially?

  2. Anonymous

    I haven't tested this, but wouldn't it be easier to configure this trough tomcat7w.exe //ES//JIRASERVICENAME ? At least there are options for exactly the same thing.

    1. It was a good suggestion. Added this method as well to the steps above. Thank you .