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In the default JIRA workflow, issues have their resolutions cleared upon re-opening an issue. This is important because many reports/filters could be inspecting for the presence of a Resolution to be considered resolved.

The Resolution field is typically cleared by setting a post-function in the workflow transition you'd like to have this occur.

  1. The function to use is Update Issue.
  2. The field to use is Resolution.
  3. The value to choose is None.


  1. We have the post function in place and still do not get teh resolution reset upon reopen. 

    1. Anonymous

      I experienced the same thing, and then i realised i had not published the changes I had made to the workflow. Once I published the workflow, the Post-Function wored fine. 

  2. Anonymous

    I just added the post function and noted that it did not retroactively clear the Resolution fields on previously Reopened issues.  I had to close them and re-Reopen them to have the Resolution cleared. Still, this will be very helpful going forward.  Thanks!

  3. Anonymous

    I assigned by default a resolution and put the field in a screen as an editable field. This made that all the issues created this week started with a resolution. This affects badly to our operation and now I can't change to null. I'm working in JIRA OnDemand. 

    Anybody solution would be appreciated.


  4. No, this won't work.  Setting the Resolution Field value to "None" does not "clear" it.  In metrics, the issue will appear as "resolved". 

    This must be done by a post funtion in a state transition.  In the post function, select "clear" the Resolution Field (though the post function will be documented as "purge" just to maintain the inconsistency found across JIRA).   When the value of the Resolution Field is cleared, the issue appears as "unresolved" in the metrics.

    1. PM

      When i use the instructions above:

      The Resolution field is typically cleared by setting a post-function in the workflow transition you'd like to have this occur.

      1. The function to use is Update Issue.
      2. The field to use is Resolution.
      3. The value to choose is None.


      it creates the following post transition step

      The Resolution of the issue will be cleared. 

      Resolution code changes to "Unresolved" on reopen, and all metrics are reporting properly.

      JIRA 6.0.3


  5. You can edit the workflow and add same state transitions with a post condition to clear the field, then bulk move the issues through that transition.

  6. Do these instructions apply to on-premise JIRA 5.2 configurations?  I am finding that i am don't have the option to do custom changes on fields within the Update Issue post-function.  Is the editing of the post-functions performed through the View Post Functions dialog within the workflow editor?

  7. David, Yes - add a post function to the TRANSITION in the workflow editor.  There's a checkbox at the top of the post function list to add (why a checkbox for an operation? I don't know).  Again, the post function is "clear" the Resolution Field, but when it is listed it will say "purge" the Resolution Field. 

    1. Tom, thanks for the advice.  That approach did exactly what I needed and now I just need to manually go through and correct the Resolution field value for a number of issues whose Resolution and status fields got out of sync with the previous workflow.

  8. Anonymous

    whenever you edit a ticket it sets the default res to none, and overrides the unresolved

  9. And is there a post function providing a way to put back the previous set value of Resolution field when the reporter closes the issue right after he reopened it by mistake ?

    Because when this case happens, the issue is set to Unresolved instead of the previous value set by the assignee.

  10. No.  The value is lost when it is "Purged" by the post function that sets it to "unresolved".  For this reason, we have basically abandoned use of the system field "Resolution" to store the reason.  We use a custom field Resolution Type for fixed, won't  fix, etc.  The system field is just a binary "resolved" or <clear> in our system.

  11. Les

    Does the instructions above also work for JIRA 6.1.1, if not how do I resolve this?

  12. Actually, I found a way to get my previous resolution by :

    • adding a custom field "Previous resolution" ("Résolution précédante" in french below)
    • adding a post function in the reopening transition before Resolution field is purged : "Copy Value From Field to Field" as below (half english half french sorry)
    • Then You can restore the resolution field in the "Reopened to Close" transition by adding the inverse post function and then purge the "Previous resolution" field.
  13. If you have your own database for JIRA its easiest to just update the fields where the issue status = open, reopen or in progress (for the default workflow)...

    We have a mySQL database and I just queried:

    UPDATE `jiraissue` SET `RESOLUTION`= null SET `RESOLUTIONDATE`= null WHERE `issuestatus` = 1 OR `issuestatus` = 3 OR `issuestatus` = 4;

    Then I re-indexed JIRA and it worked!

    I would advise looking at your database before you run the query, I ran mine for JIRA 6.0.5.