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What is the JIRA WAR distribution?

JIRA is available in two types of 'distributions':

  • 'Recommended' distributions (which include JIRA installations installed using the 'Windows Installer', 'Linux Installer' or from an 'Archive File')
  • The 'WAR' distribution for advanced or highly configured JIRA installations.

Recommended distributions

WAR distribution

Require minimal setup

Requires manual configuration

Pre-packaged with the Apache Tomcat application server

Requires building and deployment to an existing application server installation

Include the JIRA Configuration Tool

Does not include the JIRA Configuration Tool

Recommended for all users

Suitable only for system administrators

(info) We recommend installing the 'recommended' distributions of JIRA over the WAR distribution — even for organisations with an existing application server environment.

(info) To install a recommended distribution of JIRA, see Installing JIRA.

Installing JIRA WAR

To install JIRA WAR, follow the instructions for your application server:

Additional Notes