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Use this Installation Guide if you are installing JIRA for the first time. If you are upgrading JIRA, please refer to the Upgrade Guide.

Installing JIRA

To install JIRA, follow the instructions for your operating system:

(info) Each of the instructions above install 'recommended' distributions of JIRA. Another JIRA distribution known as 'JIRA WAR' is also available for more advanced setups that require the building and deployment of JIRA to a separate application server installation. To install the JIRA WAR distribution, see Installing JIRA WAR.


  1. Anonymous

    I would like to install JIRA on my application server for multiple users. This means more than one users will be accessing the JIRA App concurrently; should I be installating the Standalone as recommended by the site - The Standalone distribution is recommended, even for organisations with an existing application server environment.

    1. Anonymous

      Standalone doesn't mean single-user. Think of it as self-contained. It comes with Tomcat bundled so you don't need another application server.

  2. Anonymous

    how do i use a response file to install JIRA in silent/unattend mode ? i dont want to use the default settings like port or anything through jira.exe -q 

    1. Get a copy of this file in atlassian/jira/.install4j/response.varfile, and run installer with "-q -varfile yourresponse-file"

      More info in

  3. Anonymous

    Is there a way to deploy JIRA standalone in Heroku?

    1. Anonymous

      That might be a question for Heroku?

      1. Anonymous

        Maybe, but I don't think so. Deploying JIRA standalone on Windows isn't a question for Microsoft, though. That's why there are instructions for installation on Windows in this page.

        1. Anonymous

          Heroku is Linux?

          1. Anonymous

            Yes, but we don't have shell access. Everything is deployed via Git.

            1. Hi Anonymous Heroku Fan,

              The short answer is JIRA will probably not work on Heroku. 

              In future, it's best if you have support questions to go through because we have dedicated engineers working to answer questions and resolve problems there. is another good place to ask specific questions like this.

              JIRA is a Java web application designed to run in a J2EE web container like Tomcat. Other containers may work fine but Tomcat alone is supported and is the focus of our testing. We bundle Tomcat along with Java in our operating system specific installers.

              Bear in mind, JIRA is also available as a WAR distribution. 

              While it's possible that JIRA would install on Heroku, we don't have specific instructions for doing so, nor any experience with this. You would certainly need to use the WAR distribution since the Linux installers assume you have shell access.

              The supported Linux configurations for deploying JIRA with the installer are documented and reflect what we have tested. Installing JIRA on Linux The number of linux distributions is so large that we cannot enumerate which ones will work. It is certain that there are linux distributions which do not have certain libraries required to run JIRA. There are also specific memory requirements for JIRA which Heroku may be too restrictive on. Of course, it depends on the amount of data you expect to put into your JIRA instance. According to this: Heroku has only one memory configuration: 512Mb




              Chris Mountford

              Senior Developer on JIRA

  4. Anonymous

    I would like to install JIRA on my mac with os X,why is there no guide for installing for mac?

    1. Hi,

      Mac OS X is not a supported platform for JIRA, hence we do not provide official documentation for it. However, this guide may be helpful: Installing JIRA on Mac OS X.

      Kind Regards,

      1. Anonymous

        Why are you providing a Mac version if its not a supported platform?! Boggles the mind how poorly thought out jiras management seems to be.

        1. Well Anonymous, glad you asked.

          The reason is that a Mac version is extremely useful for technical people (for example developers) and should work fine in theory! Developers of plugins for Atlassian products or other skilled developers who want to evaluate JIRA on their Mac development laptop, these folks benefit from a Mac version, even without help from Atlassian's support services.

          Further, the production deployment platforms of choice are predominantly Linux and Windows. Customer production deployment scenarios necessarily define our support focus.

          So, while we're happy to distribute an artifact capable of being deployed on Mac OSX for those people who can take it upon themselves to discover and solve problems they encounter with this, we cannot commit to our beloved customers that it will work as intended without also committing resources on our end to targeted testing such as we do for the other platforms. We want to make sure you know we are not committing to help you through a troubleshooting process if you can't make it work on Mac without help from us.

          Hopefully this clears things up.


          Chris Mountford

          Senior JIRA Developer

  5. Anonymous

    We probably want to get the Saas JIRA Agile (now have 5.07 standalone)

    But we also have local SVN and still want to be able to track changes

    Is it possible to link Agile with the old JIRA so we still can track our changes in the New Jira

    1. Hi,

      You can link a local JIRA instance to a JIRA OnDemand instance (see this document), so that you can do things like link issues between instances. I'm not quite sure if that's what you are asking for though. It might be best to raise a support request so our support team can help you out.

      Kind regards,