Documentation for JIRA 6.4 EAP. Not using this? See below:
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This manual contains information on administering your JIRA system:

Getting Help
Configuring the Layout and Design
User and Group Management
Project Management
Configuring Security
Configuring Fields and Screens
Configuring Workflow
Configuring Email
Migrating from Other Issue Trackers
Moving or Archiving Individual Projects
Integrating JIRA with Code Development Tools
Configuring Global Settings
Server Administration
Appendix A - Extending JIRA

Please see the JIRA User's Guide for an introduction to the concepts of issues and projects.

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  1. Anonymous

    It would be very helpful to have actual examples that flow through the documentation.  I can certainly read what the actions do; but, it's difficult to discern how they fit into the big picture.  Jira is highly flexible, but that trait also makes it a bit complex to tie everything together.  For example, it would be very helpful to see custom screens and workflows then show how they were created – so, you start with the end result and then drill into how it is done. 

    I've been working as an administrator with the product for over 4 years and every time I go in to set up entirely new workflows and screens, it takes me awhile to step back and see how it all flows together and how to set it up.

  2. these articles assume you already have JIRA installed. nothing on the Structure and hardware.

  3. How do you delete a workflow? I'd like to remove the test one I created and don't see how to do that.