Documentation for JIRA 6.4 (This documentation includes the project navigation sidebar). Not using this? See below:
(JIRA 6.4 without sidebar documentation | JIRA 6.3.x documentation | JIRA Cloud documentation | earlier versions of JIRA)

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This manual contains information on how to use JIRA, the issue tracking and project management system that you access from your web browser.

JIRA Concepts
Getting Started
Working with an Issue
Searching for Issues
Generating Reports
Browsing a Project
Customizing the Dashboard
Managing your User Profile
Data collection policy

Note: for information on configuring JIRA, please see the JIRA Administrator's Guide.


  1. Anonymous

    How do I restore a backup of my production server with an enterprise license, to a development server with a developer license, on a weekly basis?

  2. Anonymous

    How can I see the total work log time based on month.

  3. Anonymous

    how can i retrive the rich text and store it in DB?


  4. How I can Login like administrator or I register me  as a project manager. I have an account in jira.atlassian.