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This page lists release notes and upgrade guides from past versions of JIRA.

If upgrading from a previous version of JIRA please pay attention to the Upgrade Guide of the version you are upgrading to, and any version of JIRA that you are 'skipping' during the upgrade.

You can also view lists of the Release Notes or Upgrade Guides separately.

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  1. not looking for release notes where's the software. ? for older versions.

  2. Is there a tentative release date for JIRA 6.4?

    1. I think this is dragging in for more than 3 months now (6.4 EAP) and still in cans. Can someone at Atlassian throw in some light on the probable dates of release ?

  3. Even though I'm watching this page for some reason I didn't get a notification mail when the 6.4.3 release notes were added. The support suggested I try to get in touch by adding a comment here to ask the original author (Mark Chaimungkalanont [Atlassian]) of the page if he knows what might have caused this?

    1. I get the same thing, for both this page and the Confluence production releases page.  I thought maybe I was the only one.  Perhaps the authors are unchecking the "Notify watchers" or whatever it is called when they edit the page?

      1. Got the info from the support that it was (most likely?) a temporary issue which should have been resolved meanwhile. Will see whether I get the notification when the next point-release of JIRA is released.

        1. This page is constructed using a {children} macro, and I see that the page itself has not been modified since 2013, which lines up with people not receiving notifications. Unless Atlassian changes their publishing methods, I speculate that subsequent JIRA point releases will not show up as notifications either.

          The Confluence releases page is constructed differently (they manually edit the page every time they do a release) so the "Watch" functionality should work as expected over there.

          1. then you'd have to do a "watch space" to be notified of new pages for new versions...

            But you'll be notified of all other changes & comments too on the whole space.

            Only Atlassian Marketplace properly allows you to "follow" new versions, but only for the plugins...

          2. Wow Scott, can't believe I didn't think to check that. The Confluence one sometimes doesn't work for me as well.  Either way, what Atlassian really needs to do is to provide us admins with some way of subscribing to new version updates, or allowing us to sign up for update emails, something like that, since the application itself doesn't really alert you as to when their is a new version.  Is there maybe an open issue or idea box suggestion for something like this Atlassian - or where would I go to suggest this?

            1. hm the JIRA Technical Announcements Feed seems to be what you want


              1. Thanks Sascha, that's exactly what I was looking for.

                And it actually looks as if the requests are already on record. The actual issue: CONF-7841 - Allow notifications of changes to dynamic macros in a page Resolved (unfortunately the issue was closed as "answered — aka: won't fix")

                CONF-2853 - Watch Page and Children Open is the request to watch child pages (which would have also solved the use-case since the release notes are child pages of this page) - given this issue is #5 of the highest voted (unresolved) issues for Confluence, I guess there is a high chance that at some point it will be tackled