Documentation for JIRA 6.4 (This documentation includes the project navigation sidebar). Not using this? See below:
(JIRA 6.4 without sidebar documentation | JIRA 6.3.x documentation | JIRA Cloud documentation | earlier versions of JIRA)

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This page lists release notes and upgrade guides from past versions of JIRA.

If upgrading from a previous version of JIRA please pay attention to the Upgrade Guide of the version you are upgrading to, and any version of JIRA that you are 'skipping' during the upgrade.

You can also view lists of the Release Notes or Upgrade Guides separately.

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  1. not looking for release notes where's the software. ? for older versions.

  2. Is there a tentative release date for JIRA 6.4?

    1. I think this is dragging in for more than 3 months now (6.4 EAP) and still in cans. Can someone at Atlassian throw in some light on the probable dates of release ?