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Once issues have been created, modifying the configuration of your JIRA instance can result in the search index becoming out-of-sync with JIRA's configuration. Configuration details such as the following can affect the search index:

If you make changes to any of these areas of configuration, you might see the following message in your Administration view:

USERFULLNAME made configuration changes to 'SECTION' at TIME. It is recommended that you perform a re-index. It is recommended that you perform a re-index. For more information, please click the Help icon.
To perform the re-index now, please go to the 'Indexing' section.
Note: So that you only have to re-index once, you may wish to  complete any other configuration changes before performing the re-index.

All users that have access to the Administration Tab will see this message (JIRA Administrators, System Administrators, Project Administrators). The above message means that configuration changes have been made to JIRA, but have not yet been reflected in the search index. Until JIRA's search index has been rebuilt, it is possible that some search queries from JIRA will return incorrect results. For example:

  • If a plugin containing a custom field is enabled after being disabled, search queries which specify that the custom field should be empty will return no issues instead of all issues.
  • If a Field Configuration is modified by altering the visibility of a particular field so that it is now visible, search queries which specify that field may also return erroneous results (depending on which field is being modified and what query is being executed).

The way to resolve the discrepancy is to rebuild JIRA's search index . This can take anywhere from seconds to hours, depending on the number of issues and comments in your JIRA instance. While re-indexing is taking place, your instance will be unavailable to all users unless you chose Background Indexing. For these reasons, it is recommended that you:

  • Make all your necessary configuration changes in one go before starting the re-index process; and
  • Start the re-index process in a time period of low activity for your instance.
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  1. Start the re-index process in a time period of low activity for your instance.

    It would be helpful if information was provided on how to automate the re-indexing process so that it can be done during off hours.

    1. Hi Bob,

      I'm not sure if it is documented anywhere currently, but JIRA by default schedules a re-index to run at midnight through the use of Services.

      If you're asking whether it is possible to schedule one re-index for a later time, that is a different matter. There isn't really any means to schedule a one-time service.

      Hope this helps!

      1. Hi Michael,

        is there really no means to start the re-index via an exposed function the API?

        1. Hi Thomas,

          Unfortunately there is no method on the JiraSoapService that will kick off a re-index. Please see the Javadoc of the JiraSoapService for all the available API methods.

      2. The documentation on the Search Indexing page has been clarified to indicate that it is the index optimisation job that is scheduled to run at midnight.

        Be aware that the index optimisation job is no longer configurable through the Services page. You could alter the frequency of this job by modifying the cron expression in the scheduler-config.xml file (located in the atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/classes subdirectory of your JIRA Installation Directory for JIRA Standalone). (Of course, this would require you to restart JIRA for any changes to take effect.) However, you would need to carry over this configuration over manually upon upgrading JIRA.


  2. With regard to "JIRA by default schedules a re-index to run at midnight through the use of Services", we only have the Backup Service and the Mail Service running by default. What would we have changed that would have caused the ReIndex Service to no longer be there by default.

  3. Anonymous

    With JIRA 4.1.2 the blue box that says "someone made configuration changes and a reindexing is recommended", is visible by non System Admins. Is this intended? I don't think Project Admins should be able to see this, since the configuration changes that cause this message can only be done by a system admin.

  4. How to get the automatic indexing to work in Jira 4.2.2?

    ReIndex Service to no longeravailable in Admin>Service section.


  5. Hi,

    Another option is Jelly Service (Admin > Systems > Services > Add Service > Run Jelly Script), pointing to a Jelly file like this:

    1. Is this missing the tag "<JiraJelly>" at the beginning?

        1. Actually, the first line should read like this.

    2. Hi,

        How we can test wehter script is running or not in logs i have seen but in the front end how to check.

      And also requirement is i have to do re-indexing weekly sunday and saturdays.

      I don't know the jellyscript how to do this.


      1. You have to add script as a Jelly Service as in Services and you can give the interval.


    I suggest that you add a note to run a re-index on JIRA after an upgrade.  I just upgraded from and then to 4.3.4 and finally to 5.2.6 last week.  I could not reliably search on my custom fields until I ran a re-index.  I didn't consider doing this right away because I thought this was done as part of the upgrade and also it was not mentioned in the upgrade guide to do this.

  7. Is there a way to disable the annoying banner about reindexing. This is extremly annoying while you are configuring JIRA as it will be trigger this too often. This should be displayed no sooner than, lets say 4 hours after the change was made. Otherwise you will endup having this on all the time. Using an Ad blocker to remove it is not a good idea because it will remove it forever.

  8. Re indexing on JIRA takes 22 hours for us (this is done over the weekend and with little or no user activity on the system).

    Can someone from Atlassian provide lucid and detailed steps to improve this performance?. Thanks.

    1. v r

      To improve your performance you need reduce the scope of items to be indexed as they are the multipliers for your reindex processing.

      These are: custom fields(and values) which are searchable - remove from searchable fields that can stay with no search on and reduce the scope where fields applied to projects\issuetypes\etc., remove old tickets, remove old projects, old user accounts.

      In other words you reached the time when you need make a huge cleanup of your fat system and reduce index time down to TWO hrs and increase overall performance. This is possible!

      Good luck! (wink)

      1. Also make sure your JIRA Lucene indexes are on a fast and local disk. Using NFS or any other remote disk will cause massive slowness. SSD helps somewhat on very large systems