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Information contained on this page is considered to be a customization of the installation and is out of scope for Atlassian Support. Please ensure to take a backup of your system before making any changes.

This document describes how to modify the Created date field in the Issue Navigator to include the time. By default, the column view of the field hard-codes the rendering format to the locale specific "Day" format.

For JIRA 4.3 and Later

Edit the file JIRA_INSTALL_DIR/atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/classes/templates/jira/issue/field/date-columnview.vm:



  • Note that you are simply changing "${value}" to become "${title}"

Procedure for JIRA 4.2 and Before

Edit the file JIRA_INSTALL_DIR/atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/classes/templates/jira/issue/field/created-columnview.vm to always use the extended formatDMYHMS rather than formatDMY.
For example, the following macro fragment should be changed:

Original - short data format
Edited - full time-stamp


  1. It seems that in JIRA 4.4.4 the file created-columnview.vm does not exist anymore. Could you please update the recipe? Thank you!

  2. Columns are changing in JIRA 6.1 EAP. This page may need to be updated.

  3. Susan Griffin [Atlassian] - Is there any update on this documentation for JIRA 6.1?

    1. Hi Paul,

      Just ran a quick test and it seems that the changes still work fine.  Have you tested it and found that it's not working?

  4. Hi Paul, thanks for bringing this back to my attention. I will check with Support and see what I can find out.